Laci Graduates! …Now what?

I don’t often do personal posts, but in light of my latest achievement and its close ties to my internet work, I feel this is a good opportunity for personal/public reflection.

If you haven’t heard, I graduated from UC Berkeley last week. Proudly, I sport honors status from the university and a top 5 distinction in my department. This was a big landmark for me because 1) I worked my ASS off! and 2) learning and knowledge acquisition are huge values in my life. I spent 4 years at community college (I know…INSANELY LONG! Cut me some slack though, I started college at 15) followed by 2 years as a transfer at the university studying law, social science, and issues in education.

My college experience was INCREDIBLE. I attribute this to the high quality education I was offered and fantastic professors I got to work with. My rich involvements and exciting projects topped it off. Amongst my favorites were: philosophy club, SANE @ Berkeley, teaching Female Sexuality, starting up peer sex ed programs at failing high schools, crisis counseling abuse survivors, and of course…all my YouTube stuff!

But now, that’s over. I’ve got degrees in hand. Some of you have been following me since I was just starting my education (AMAZING) and now ask: so…what’s next? And my viewers are not alone. Indeed this is the question of my supervisor, professors, parents, family, and friends. What what what is next?

As I said, lifelong learning is one of my biggest values. So…next up, more learning! Learning doesn’t have to happen at a university. I will be taking a year off from school to do some learning on my own.

Goals & Trajectory before July 2012:

-Language Acquisition: Begin learning Spanish. Also, begin studying and practicing Farsi at home so I can speak to my grandparents.

-Travel: Backpacking through Europe July/August 2011 with Adam (he’s the one on the right). Studying history, architecture, and art.

-New social services project: GET PAID! Make money to pay off student loans, to save for grad school, and hopefully to travel again someday. Job possibilities: LGBT suicide counseling, Planned Parenthood, Child Protective Services

-Continue YouTube project: Post more, interact more, learn more!

-Book List: Pick up those titles I have been waiting to have time to read.

-Apply to graduate school: Current plans are to apply to UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, USC, and SF State. Tentatively for a MSW.

-Spend time with loved ones

After That?

2012-2014: Graduate school

2014-2017: Work as LCSW (therapy) for 3-5 years, likely with abuse victims.

2017: Doctoral degree (PhD or JD, to be decided)

But more importantly than all this, I plan to keep learning what it means to live wholly, to live with eyes/mind/heart wide open, to continue developing my relationships, to keep learning about who I am, and to push my own boundaries. Thanks for all of your unending support in the pursuit of my goals and social justice. You folks are the best cheerleading team a random nerd on the internet could ask for.

95 thoughts on “Laci Graduates! …Now what?

  1. Congratulations on your achievements!
    I just finished my first year at college and I aspire to hopefully attain what you have if but a little :)
    Have fun, you certainly deserve every minute :)

  2. Congratulations Laci! May your life be even more wonderful and exciting. Keep in touch with your friends and fans on YouTube, you are an inspiration to us all!

  3. Congrats Laci – props to you for knowing what you want to do within the next ten years or so, I wish I was that planned with my life, haha.

    Also, do you plan on becoming a professor eventually with those degrees?

  4. I’d wish you good luck with all of this. But honestly. You don’t even need it.
    So instead, I look froward to watching you rocking this world.

      • If you go through England and anywhere near the city of Winchester you will meet one of you’re biggest fans an supporter…! love you so much Laci! x

      • Hey Laci,

        First of all, congrats on your graduation!
        I see that you are visiting the Netherlands in July / August. I would love to meet you! I’ll even buy you and Adam a beer…or 2… or 3! :-)

      • I forgot! I’m studying Master Social Work and I could show you and Adam the school I go to and help you get in touch with teachers that focus on internationalisation of the profession.

  5. Congratulations Laci!! i hope you will come to Malta on your European tour! It would be so awesome if I got a chance to meet you and show you round :D

    • Thanks so much! Wish I could visit Malta! Would love to go further south, but had to keep things close together to save some money. Next time :)

  6. Congratulations, Laci, on all of your achievements thus far! I wish you luck with all that you want to do. You are an inspiration :)

  7. Congratulations, Laci! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; You’re absolutely awesome, Laci! Keep up the great work, and I wish you the very best in everything you do!

  8. Congratulations, Laci! You’re on track to change the world for the better, I think. :) We’re lucky to have people like you in this world who work so hard!

  9. wow..congrats!!!…i’lll be expecting to see u in Romania, eastern Europe…it might be a small country but trust me it’s beautiful (ppl kind of dumb…but u’ll get passed that :D )…anyways…good luck with everything

  10. Hey Laci! I’m so happy for you. Good for you, for accomplishing your goals. This post has actually helped me in being clear and defining my goals, to see that I’m progressing in what I want in my life. Thanks for that. And, congrats again :):)xoxo

  11. awesome AWESOME work Laci!

    I hope you’ll keep doing the sex-positive videos you do.. it’s such an invaluable service for teenagers.. and our society as a whole! It’s not even JUST teenagers.. it’s adults and everyone who is starting to question the way our culture promotes some pretty negative things, and wonders if there is a better way.

    Know that we value you!

    I think your long-term goals are also really impressive! Congrats on this step along the way.. it’s definitely momentous! :D Celebrate!!

  12. congrats! :3 awwe Laci your so smart :( im freakin dumb as a rock and am still only considering jr college.<——*jealous* lol V_V i wish i could be as smart as you lol you got beauty to! :3

  13. Well done! I’m in my last 2 weeks of college! Its hellish busy but still got time to catch up on your progresses :) Come to London!!

  14. Congratz Laci on ur achievements. And i wish u a great stay in Europe, its lovely this time a year.

    And thanx for all your videos, its been very interesting and educational. So again Thank You.

    Love: Jonas from sweden

  15. hmmm too bad there isn’t the Americorps program to work under anymore. I do Crisis Counseling for DV and SA and at the end of my 1 year term they put $5000 towards my student loans…plus I get a living wage…
    It gave me some time but now I may need to start to figure out to do with my BAs in psych and soc. I wish I had the drive and positivity you do Laci!

  16. You should learn something from everyone you meet, if you do, you will be wise indeed! I believe that you are not just a ‘random nerd on the internet’. We attain knowledge by absorbing information; but to be able to also project knowledge is a spectacular thing. All this coming from another random nerd on the internet. kudos

  17. Congratulations! That’s so exciting that you get to go travel all over! For the future I saw choose extremely carefully if you’re thinking child services. It can be depressing work & frustrating to work with the system. Plus the kids & families are not always appreciative of the “help” they recieve.
    I hope you choose well, and enjoy your future endeavors!

  18. Congrats on everything Laci! I hope You meet your goals for the years to come! I say you should go to USC! I am currently an undergrad there. It’s an awesome school and you will LOVE IT! Don’t go to UCLA. Just don’t do it. Naw, that’s a good school too ( I guess). But good luck with everything and I can’t wait to see what you will do next! :)

  19. Congrats at the graduation! That’s awesomecookies. If you need any tips on the Netherlands/Belgium on awesome stuff, just let me know and I’ll put a little something together.

  20. Farsi? I had to Google it just to make sure I was understanding you correctly. Because your parents are Mormon, I assumed you had an all-American lineage subconsciously. Awwwwwwks.

  21. congrats Laci. Glad you’re taking a break for a bit, that way you don’t burn yourself out. have fun in Europe

  22. I want to congratulate you so much for graduating because you’re the kind of person who I think seriously deserves good things to happen to them. I can’t even begin to tell you how open minded your videos have made me – not only with sexuality but also with religion.
    Every time I watch you I always think of how intelligent and dedicated you are, and it amazes me. I’m still young, but I decided I want to end up like you (and I’m serious! xD)
    And also, when you said you want to learn Farsi I had a little mega squeal attack xD. My mom’s side of the family is Persian, and I used to be fluent in it when I was younger…but when I went to school I unfortunately lost the ability to speak it. However, I can still understand it pretty well (I also know some pretty sick curse words….) I hardly know any one who speaks it/knows what it is/WANTS to speak it, so this made me so happy.
    …so I wish you the best of luck with everything. Know that you have changed me a lot (:

  23. Hey Laci, I want to say congrats on your accomplishments! That is so awesome. But I need some advice if you’re not too busy? After high school I took a year off to save some money (this year). And now one year is turning into two. I want to go to college but with a bunch of family stuff going on, I feel like I’m going to get stuck here. Any advice on how to pull myself out of this rut and get moving? I really appreciate it if you would respond, but if not, that’s okay too. Just thought I’d try!

    Again, congrats!

  24. Congratulations on getting the first stage of your life long plans. Have you consider going to School in the south for your stage of school? The USC here in SC is a great school. Plus wear one of the few school that you can say Goooo Cocks!!! Which no one has a problem with.

    Keep up the good word on your site, plus the youtube videos.

    Scooby :0D

  25. I just finished my 1st year at community college. That’s great that you have all of those goals already set for yourself. Hope you enjoy your time off! From doing all of that plus Youtube videos, you deserve it.

  26. Hi Laci,

    Congratulations! I’m also graduating from a University in Dublin, Ireland. Pretty scary/exciting…I’m feeling a very big mixture of emotions to be honest! Similarly to yourself, I plan to further my education (I’m going to be 80 and learning how to speak Macedonian for the first time if I have my way :P)…and more specifically I would like to study psychology asap in the hopes of pursuing a career in that field. My Undergrad was a science and a language.

    Quick question – can you please explain what “honours” is? Over here, we do have a system for that kind of thing, but it sounds different just from your mention of it.

    Also, I see you’re planning to come to Dublin! That’s fantastic. I might PM you some spots I’d recommend visiting – and some cheap accommodation (if you’d like)!! :) x

  27. Laci! So many congrats on graduating. Hanging out in so many of your blogtv shows has definitely given me a lot of perspective on how hard you worked for it and I have so much respect for that! I am excited to see all the things you do next. You’re inspiring in many many ways! Yay Laci! x

  28. Laci, I am really proud of you, well done! You and I share the same passion for learning and self-improvement – it’s really refreshing to see it. I hope you achieve everything you wish to – you’re a fabulous young woman who has so much power to teach and inspire. Brilliant. XXX

  29. Hi Laci,

    Congratulations on your achievements. If you and Adam need a guide in Belgium, you can contact me. :-).


  30. Congratulations Laci! Keep up the great work! And I wish you success and hapiness! I love your 6 year plan! I think you should eventually plan on publishing some books, get on the radion or on a tv show, something to get your voice accross to as many people as possible to help fight off ignorance!

  31. Hi Laci!!

    Well done on your graduation, and on all your achievements! It is wonderful to see someone with such drive and ambition to achieve their goals. Keep up all the good work!

    PS Come to London!!

  32. Hey Laci,
    Thanks so much for this post and the change of perspective that you are so humorously trying to achieve. I appreciate your honesty and candidness in your videos. Good luck, choose the JD !!!
    Best of Luck

  33. Just wanted to give my Congratulations and hope life goes well for you which im confident it will with how much love you share <3

  34. Wow, you’re so ambitious! That’s so good. You know what you want and you’re a very smart person and I wish you the best of luck in your life :)

  35. Hi Laci,

    Congratulations on graduating from such a prestigious institution, with honors and distinction at that! Seeing such a courageous, intelligent and ambitious woman achieve so much and help so many people in such a short period of time is awe inspiring! I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and I hope you will continue to share your opinions and experiences!

    Keep up the amazing work.

  36. Congrats girl!

    As far as grad schools go, have you ever thought about the University of Michigan? It has one of the best MSW programs in the nation. Not to mention, the town Ann Arbor is like a mini Berkeley. Very liberal, very intelligent, very fun.

    I wish you luck on all your endeavors

  37. Congratulations Lacy! I’m an 18 year old student from Ireland, and I’ll be finishing secondary school next week (big BIG terminal exams in about 2-ish weeks then!) I’d love to get into counselling or community development work in the future, but I have to get through the next few weeks first *cracks knuckles and puts head back in book* :)

    I just wanted to say that your dedication and determination is really inspiring, and I wish you all the luck in the future :)

  38. Laci, you’re such an amazing girl – and an honest inspiration!
    I’m seriously proud of all your hard work.
    And if you ever plan to go to Austria during your Europe backpacking trip – drop me a line. I would be glad to show you around ;)
    Congrats on everything.
    Lots of love, Nina

  39. Congratulations on Graduating! Have a good year “off”. :D

    I’ve felt kind of lost lately as I know what I want to do with my life I just don’t have a written out plan for when and how. Your list of goals has inspired me to write mine out. I didn’t really think about it before but I think now it’s exactly what I need.

    Thank you for being an amazing inspiration.

  40. Congrats Laci!

    You are a amazing woman and a inspiration to many!
    Enjoy this milestone in your life and see you around in Europe!

  41. Dear Laci,

    You fucking kick ass.
    You are a wonderful person and I am glad I have been able to find out about Sex+. You motivate me to continuously kick ass in my life and for this I thank you. I’m really proud of you for graduating and wish you the best!

  42. Dear Laci,

    congratulations on graduating and good luck with your future! I also think its great that you speak your mind regardless of what the consequences are. Thats a great quality to have because why you might shock some people, it shows that your honest. I’m also think its wonderful that you know what u wanna do. I’m guessing I’m arround your age n I still have no idea haha.

    I may bump into you on the streets of London if ur heading to the UK during ur Euro trip.

    have a good one!


  43. I’m 21, still in college, depressed, hating school, not knowing what to do with my life … glad to see ppl really keep their head up and pushing the limits; i wish u the best, ur too dope to handle!

  44. Congratulation!
    If you come to Belgium and you need anything you can contact me and I will be happy to show you around and find something fun to do :)

  45. Congratulations! Smart, Talented, and Beautiful! Wow, so very impressive. I think you should pursue getting your YouTube show picked up by something like, Getting Paid to do something that you obviously enjoy and something the world needs, Sex Education!

  46. Congratulations Laci! I’ve never met you and yet I’m so proud of you! You are such an amazing individual and are truly a blessing on this earth. I can’t even imagine how many lives you’ve affected and quite possibly saved. I am so excited for you on your next adventures! Love you, Laci! =D

  47. Congrats Laci!!! I just graduated from USC as a gender studies major, and I think you’d love it there for graduate school :D The department is small, but after changing my major 5 times, I couldn’t be more happy with gender studies!! I love your video!! Good luck, and congrats again!

    USC Class of 2011 :D

  48. Hey Laci!
    Congratiolations! Berkeley, wow, nice! I tried to get in there for exchange but I didn’t manage-I’m going to Santa Cruz instead:) Which is also nice.
    About your summer: Have heaps of fun! And if you happen to pass by the Netherlands, feel free to pop by! I’ll be around in June and July (in August I’m leaving for Canada:P). I don’t live in Amsterdam but in 2 other cool cities (Nijmegen and Maastricht). Nijmegen has a pretty awesome free festival from the 16th-22th of july, so you and your friend should definitely consider it if you read this and you happen to be around:) And Maastricht is also really beautiful.
    Keep up the wonderful work

  49. LACI! I’m so insanely happy for you :)
    I want to go to UC Berkeley for college, that’s so amazing that you graduated and have all these fantabulous things you want to do later!!!!!!!!!

    You’re an amazing person, thanks for sharing some smarts from that lovely brain of yours.


  50. “Also, begin studying and practicing Farsi at home so I can speak to my grandparents.”

    Holy… and here I thought you were lily white. Are you’re grandparents Iranian or Afghan? I’m Afghan and got really excited when I read that. Anyways, CONGRATS ON YOUR GRADUATION!!!

    I hope you’re enjoying your summer, you deserve. I’m 17 and you’ve really opened up my eyes and made me feel less afraid to be open about my sexuality. So thank you!!!

  51. Congratulations Laci, I’m really happy for and proud of you :) I’ve been following you for years now and it is really great to see the wonderful and productive things you have been doing. I really admire the great work you do and how giving you are of your time and energy to helping others, the world needs more people like you in it. All the best of luck for the future and may you find happiness in everything you do. Oh and if you backpacking takes you anywhere near Cambridge in the UK feel free to give me a yell and I will happily show you around. Take care and once again congratulations.

  52. Laci, your not just a random nerd on the internet, your the best nerd on the internet ;) you’ve inspired me, helped me through difficult parts of life and taught me the values of social relationships and about opening my mind and htinking outside of what society tells us to and for this i want to thank you. Congrats on the degree btw and good luck with whatever the future holds!

  53. maybe it’s cause im new but thats pretty awesome you started college at 15 did you start early or just a natural fast learner?

  54. Hey Laci!! Could you do a video on how you got into Berkeley?…and how you got the money? :S I’d really like to know what the college looks for, what you have to do to show you care, small things I could do that would boost my chances etc… Thanks! :)

  55. Hey Laci! Could you do a video on how you got into Berkeley?.. and how you paid for it :S? I would find it helpful if you told me what things I should do to show I care, what did you do to catch the colleges attention in your application letter, etc. I would also find it really helpful if you told me what things the college looked for in a student. Thanks!

  56. Dear Ms. Green,

    I was wondering where you went to community college if you’re up to sharing that publically. I’m currently 18 and I’ll be gradutating from high school soon, and I’ve been wanting to go to community college to get a certificate for rape and dating violence counceling, but I’m not sure where to go. Please help? :) thank you!

    Sincerely, Samantha

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