“Hiding” – Viewer Submission

Here is a poem sent to me by Ari, a Sex+ viewer. I thought I would share!


A smile can hide pain
Laughter can hide a sob
Fake can hide a lifetime of hurt
Make-up can hide every scar
“Happy” can hide how you really feel,
but when do we become real?
When we strike the blade for the first time?
When we break down in a million tears?
When you become everyone’s rock
but can barely hold yourself up?
When the tag reads one, but your eyes see one hundred?
When last night’s dinner is being flushed with your pride?
When no one sees past a forced smile,
an un-sincere laugh, a half hearted
“I’m fine”
What do we do then?
We mask it more?
We let ourselves get to the point
Where a gun to the head, a handful of pills,
Anything, is better then this life
Little 12 year old girls walk around the mall
Makeup caked to their face, hair bleached and fried straight
So skinny you can see almost every bone
How has this become our vision of perfect, pretty, even beautiful?
Its none of those things, its sad
So don’t fall for it
Don’t fall for the trap they call the “in-crowd”
Because every person is beautiful and perfect
just the way they are.

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