PERVERTIBLE 3: Electric Toothbrush


Oh yeah, baby. We all know you’ve thought about getting off with an electric toothbrush. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Cheap ($5-15)
Easily accessible
Inconspicuous (that is, nobody will know you’re getting off with it)
Easy to clean

Not very powerful, only provides a mild sensation

Tips for Usage
-Use the back (or front, if you’re into it!) of the brush and hold gently over your clit. Trying moving it around and alternating pressure patterns.

-If the base shape is right, you could alternate clitoral with vaginal stimulation by enveloping it 2-3 inches. Don’t expect vibration at the base — it’s more like a dildo than a vibrator. I would also advise not to insert the base if there are any seams. See how mine is smooth and round for 3 inches on the bottom before the seam?

This is perfect if you wanna test the waters. Don’t get crazy though, because seams harbor bacteria.

-Do not insert the brush head into the vagina. Not only will it likely be painful, those bristles are a breeding ground for bacteria.

-Yes, you *can* use the brush for both teeth and clit. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re going to, I would advise using only the BACK of the brush head. Because it’s plastic, it’s easier to clean and easier to stay sanitary. The back of the brush head is what will most likely feel the best any way.

-Clean well with hot water and soap (use a soap that won’t leave residue) when you’re done!

Finding the Right Brush

When you’re buying your multi-use brush (if you don’t already have one) pay attention to the brush head and the battery compartment at the bottom. Look for a wider brush head for more surface area. If you want to use the base at all for insertion–and you definitely don’t have to–find one with a seam that’s high up on the toothbrush and a rounded bottom. In my experience, electric toothbrushes are all loud, even the very expensive ones, so there’s not much of a way around that.

Here’s the one shown in the picture: Oral B CrossAction
Here’s another I’ve owned. The base isn’t ideal, but the vibrations from the brush head are more intense: Crest SpinBrush

Been there, done that? Share your tips or experiences below. Happy exploring ;D

Great tip below from Jeremy: “The best way is to remove the bristles and put a dab of silicone sealant where they were. Interchangeable heads. One your teeth, one for fun.”


Pervertible (n.) : An everyday object which can be used for sexual pleasure.

Accessibility: All, free(ish)
Body served: Male and female bodied
Main function: Sensation play, especially during warm weather


1. Use ice to make chilly trails along your partner’s skin. Follow up with warmth from your skin or tongue.
2. Trace her breasts with ice cubes, making circular motions as your move inward toward her nipples.
3. Put an ice cube in your mouth while giving your partner oral sex. The alternating sensations will make them feel amazing.
4. Exchange an ice cube while kissing to add a new sensation to a familiar routine. If you’re the silly type, you could make a game out of it.
5. Use ice on typically ignored parts of the body. Body parts with thin skin will bring goosebumps of pleasure! (i.e. back of the knees, crease of elbows, behind ears)

For most people, it helps to avoid holding ice directly on sensitive body parts (penis, clitoris, nipples, etc) for too long. Ice causes the blood vessels to constrict, and too much constriction will result in a temporary numbing sensation. However, for individuals that are hypersensitive, exposure to ice may help dull the intensity to make sensations more pleasurable. Note that extreme exposure, which generally requires more than just an ice cube, could result in frost bite.

have fun… :)


Pervertible (n.) : An everyday object which can be used for sexual pleasure.

So, why is a make up brush a pervertible? Well….. :)

Accessibility: All, under $10
Body served: Male and female bodied
Main function: Penetration & sensation play

The Handle
Make-up brushes can be found for cheap, or you may already have them lying around the house. Make-up brushes with the fluffy tips usually have thicker handles which can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. The handle is a great for intro & beginners because they are thinner than most dildos, span only 4-5 inches long, *and* they usually get thicker toward the tip. Nice! However, to make your experience more enjoyable:
-Make sure that if you’re using a wooden handle, that it is sealed off like mine is (splinters in vaj=OMGWTF OUCH).
-If it is plastic, make sure it does not have any plastic cracking off.
-Make sure the brush is new or thoroughly washed.
-If you’re buying a brush, make sure the handle doesn’t have any unpleasant bumps when you rub it.

Otherwise, pleasure is yours!*

The brush-y part
Erm…okay so I’m kind of a n00b when it comes to terminology, but the part of the brush where the hair is can be used for all kinds of sensation play. Nips and clits come to mind especially ;). For an extra twist, use a blindfold–it will heighten the sensation!

>>Want more pervertibles posts? Have your own favorite pervertible? See more usages for the make up brush? Let me know in the comments.

*As always, you alone are responsible for how you use your body and what you put in it. Always make sure that the materials composing your toys are safe for your body and that you are using them in a safe manner. :)