YouTube Defends SEX+!

If you were around yesterday, you may have witnessed my fit of rage when I found out my “CLIT-ICAL THINKING!” video had been flagged.

The clitoral guide was, for a few hours, restricted to only those 18+. Meanwhile, my prostate guide stayed up for the world to see after months of being up. Keep in mind, 60% of my audience is registered in the 13-17 age category.

This clear disparity between the sexes access to information is particularly troublesome. It affirms the fact that people are more comfortable with male sexuality than female sexuality, and that many think pleasure-based sex ed is for “adults” only. It keeps teens, and especially teen women, in the dark about sexuality and forces kids to stumble their way through. It doesn’t have to be this way.



It will be the death of me, I tell you.

Here in the US, the sex positive fight is AWN. BIG TIEM.
There are attacks every fucking day on sex ed, sexuality, and peoples’ right to their own bodies.

Here on the internet, many of us find a retreat. We find the answers we’ve been denied. We find community. We share experiences & information. We help each other to grow & to build strong identities and relationships.

You know, everything sex ed is *not* in most of the world.

Following the flag notice, Allan (my tech partner in crime) and I worked to restore access to those who were being denied. I contacted YouTube directly and started the appeals process while Allan got an unrestricted version up on the site. I received tons and tons of support from everyone yesterday, and I am so grateful for it. Y’all are the best SEX+ warriors teh internets has known!

Today, I received a notice that the video would return to its unrestricted state. HO00RRRRRAAAYYYY!!

Not gonna lie….I’m shocked!

I’ve had a bout or 2 (or 5…or 10….) with YouTube since I’ve been uploading, and usually the result isn’t so positive. I’ve had a handful of videos outright removed. What gives?

Last October, I visited the YouTube Headquarters. On my 22nd birthday, no less!

I met with the peeps from YouTube about my channel, trajectory, and….boundaries for uploads.

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