A Crash Course on Anorexia

In today’s sex+ I covered some thoughts on the anorexia, including:
I. Pro-anorexia blogging communities
II. The spiral into anorexia
III. The difference between dieting & an eating disorder
IV. What’s behind an eating disorder: more than weight
V. What causes anorexia – personal characteristics of anorexics
VI. Why anorexia affects more women than men – cultural theories

This article will fill in the gaps to give a fuller understanding of anorexia, including:
I. Defining and classifying anorexia
II. Anorexia statistics
III. Identifying anorexia in someone else
IV. Could you be anorexic?
V. What anorexia does to your body
VI. How anorexia is treated
VII. How to help someone with anorexia

What is anorexia?
Anorexia Nervosa is referred to as an eating disorder and a mental disorder and is socially transmitted. It is defined as:
-Refusal to maintain a healthy body weight
-Fear of gaining weight
-Distorted body image

The life and thoughts of an anorexic revolve around their weight and eating habits. Mealtimes are points of stress in the endless pursuit of losing more weight. No matter how skinny someone with anorexia becomes, they never feel it is good enough. Those with anorexia will, in general, adamantly deny that they need intervention.
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How To Find the Clitoris

Do you know what your clitoris looks like?

Rip out your mirror and explore your vulva! Here’s a guide to help you find what you’re looking for.

Look out for another video on the clitoris this week!
I will be discussing common clitoris questions and offer some tips for clitoral stimulation during oral sex and self pleasure/masturbation. Feel free to send in any additional questions you have & I’ll do my best to offer some help.

Lol, yeahhh… I forgot to move the vibrator. It’s there for the aforementioned follow-up vid that’ll be up later this week. XD

Prostate Stimulation!

On this week’s Sex+ we talked about some causes and solutions to the issue of not being able to get off during sex:

At the end of the video I brought up the possibility of using other kinds of pleasure to supplement your experience, including (drumroll please) prostate stimulation! Here’s some sex+ addendum on getting started with prostate pleasure.

You can expect to hear more about different types of anal play on sex+ in the (hopefully near) future. :)

Asexuality Chat w/ David Jay

On this Saturday’s Sex+ we talked about asexuality. If you missed it, check it out!

Here’s a continuation of the interview I had with asexual activist David Jay, founder of http://www.asexuality.org.

For more on asexuality, visit the video description for the first video. I put a bunch of links that I found helpful for yall to check out.

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Marriage Rights & Responsibilities

Hey all! I am finally stepping back into the blogosphere after a mini break. I have lots of new topics planned, so check back for extra videos and posts every week! :)

Being surrounded by lots of folks in their late teens/early twenties getting married, I decided that this week on my YouTube I would vlog about marriage and the question of getting married young:

In the video, I talk about the legal implications of marriage in the United States. Here is a more comprehensive list of the rights and responsibilities, compiled from the Partner’s Task Force for Gay and Lesbian Couples, Wikipedia, and the General Accounting Office (GAO). You can find a full original list with all 1,138 rights (written by the GAO) here!

Typical Rights Granted by the State:

Assumption of Spouse’s Pension
Automatic Inheritance
Automatic Housing Lease Transfer
Bereavement Leave
Burial Determination
Child Custody
Crime Victim’s Recovery Benefits
Divorce Protections
Domestic Violence Protection
Exemption from Property Tax on Partner’s Death
Immunity from Testifying Against Spouse
Insurance Breaks
Joint Adoption and Foster Care
Joint Bankruptcy
Joint Parenting (Insurance Coverage, School Records)
Medical Decisions on Behalf of Partner
Certain Property Rights
Reduced Rate Memberships
Sick Leave to Care for Partner
Visitation of Partner’s Children
Visitation of Partner in Hospital or Prison
Wrongful Death (Loss of Consort) Benefits

Federal Rights

Access to Military Stores
Assumption of Spouse’s Pension
Bereavement Leave
Insurance Breaks
Medical Decisions on Behalf of Partner
Sick Leave to Care for Partner
Social Security Survivor Benefits
Sick Leave to Care for Partner
Tax Breaks
Veteran’s Discounts
Visitation of Partner in Hospital or Prison

Some things to think about when considering these rights:

-The rights are applied in a heterosexist fashion. Only “straight” couples (in most places) qualify.
-Marriage includes a legal contract; these rights will not fix/maintain/insure the social aspects of your relationship.
-If you need to break the contract, you will need to file for divorce. More on that here.

I’ll see you all later this week! <3