The “Pro-Life” Movement: Dangerous, Selfish, Lazy

So…362 anti-abortion bills were proposed in 2011, and over 350 have been proposed so far for 2012.

Anybody else getting nervous?

You’ve probably noticed that Planned Parenthood, a sexual health services provider for millions of people living in the USA, has come under an extreme political attack. Major threats to defund the organization, straw-man sting operations, and multiple bombings of clinics are just a few recent events in this chaotic spiral.

Planned Parenthood provides a much needed service in the United States: birth control, family planning, pregnancy testing, cancer screenings, STI prevention, HIV/AIDS services, and various other vital reproductive health services that a healthy country desperately needs access to. So why all the violence?

Because 3% of Planned Parenthood’s funds go toward abortion for accidental pregnancies.

Extremist Christian groups, under the dishonest banner of “Pro-Life”, have thus made it their top priority to shut down the entire organization that is Planned Parenthood in order to stop the abortion care. The debate about this Planned Parenthood/abortion/pro life stuff typically revolves around how we should feel about abortion.

But I think invested time and resources in that debate is futile.

Humans will never have universal feelings about abortion. We just won’t – it’s a personal issue that examines how humans feel about their own existence. Tough stuff. The sooner we become okay with having different feelings about it, the sooner we can take a look at the practical side of things….that is, the scary amounts of terrorism surrounding access to abortion. I know the word “terrorism” sounds extreme and dramatic in itself, but if we’re going by dictionary definitions, this one fits the bill. There has been:

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Susan G. Komen Cuts Funding for Planned Parenthood’s Breast Health Services

The attacks on sexual health really don’t seem to end. Even from so called “reproductive health” organizations.

You’ve probably heard of Susan G. Komen.

For years they have provided money to Planned Parenthood to help provide women and men with breast cancer screenings, breast cancer education, and mammogram referrals. Now they have a new pro-lifer forced-birther who also happens to be a dumbass for VP of Public Policy. Karen Handel says that she can’t support Planned Parenthood’s mission.

Wait…what? You can’t support a company who’s goal is to promote the sexual health & wellbeing of people? An organization that has loud & clear ties with yours in the fight to end breast cancer?

I believe that each and every unborn child has inherent dignity, that every abortion is a tragedy, and that government has a role, along with the faith community, in encouraging women to choose life in even the most difficult of circumstances.

Ohhh, right. Pre-occupation with abortion. Forgive me for having higher expectations of a longstanding pro-woman organization.

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