Ask Me Anything: I am starting to get worried.

I get email.

Hey, so my girlfriend and I are starting to get worried a little
bit, she should be on her period right now but, nothing is happening. For
the past few nights she has felt sick and I am wondering if it just sounds
like her period is running late or if it is what I think it is.

Eek. I’ve had 2 scares myself and I don’t look back upon them fondly. Both in my teens. Both unnecessarily traumatic. Part of the trauma was self-inflicted, so if you’re stressing out hellahellahella right now: woosah, baby. Wooooooosah.

First, let’s think about how likely it is that you could be pregnant. Generally speaking…

A. If you are having sex without birth control or condoms, your risk of getting pregnant is higher.
B. If you are having sex with birth control/condoms that you sometimes forget to take or put on, your risk of getting pregnant is low-moderate.
C. If you are having sex with birth control (taken on time as directed) or condoms (used every time), your risk of getting pregnant is low.
D. Having sex about 2 weeks after your period (during ovulation) increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

What else could cause a skipped period?
A skipped period can happen when you’re stressed, if you’ve changed your diet/exercise patterns, if you’ve gained or lost a lot of weight in a short period, if you’ve started taking certain medications (like, say, birth control!), or if you have been battling illness.

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Pregnant, Now What? – FOLLOW UP

In this video:
-The results of the voting
-My reaction
-What I would do in this situation
-What Jessie actually did.

The original video this is a follow to can be found here.

Whatever you voted for, your decision is valid.

PS: About the demographics, it was wayyyy to scattered too identify any obvious patterns. Forgot to mention this in the vid :)