Laci Green – 3 Years of Videos!?

It’s my 3 year “YouTube anniversary” this month. Even though the first months worth of videos that I ever made and uploaded are now banned from YouTube (LOL), I still consider this a point of celebration.

In the past 3 years I have:

1. Gotten a reputation for being a firey-mouthed liberal.
2. Gotten more attention for my body than ever before in my entire life, particularly my breasts.
3. Felt validated in my thoughts and much less alone.
4. Feared for real-life safety because of online threats.
5. Gained connections & support from awesome people (The Shures, Phillip DeFranco, ZJemptv, Householdhacker, PZ Meyers, Kiscie, Planned Parenthood, Sexual Futurist, EdenFantasys, Female Sexuality program @ my uni, etc).
6. Gained access to thousands of new perspectives and stories.
7. Started integrating my online experience with my real life goals for the future.
8. Experienced being used as a means for others’ success.
9. Expanded my initial goal of having 20 viewers to having 125,000 viewers.
10. Felt like I could actually help people.
11. Met sweet lovers and lasting friends online.

I wanted to share this quote about when I first started posting videos from a 2008 journal entry:

I was satiated because of this new kind of expression I had found. I had finally found a place where I could indulge in the part of my personality that was usually trapped behind my lips. On the internet, I could let it flow freely. The intense parts of me that were forbidden in my 3-D reality were suddenly unleashed. It didn’t take long for me to realize my possibilities were endless.

Thanks for everything, everyone…your support is a bigger compliment than I could ever put into words. Cheers to the next year :)