How To Find the Clitoris

Do you know what your clitoris looks like?

Rip out your mirror and explore your vulva! Here’s a guide to help you find what you’re looking for.

Look out for another video on the clitoris this week!
I will be discussing common clitoris questions and offer some tips for clitoral stimulation during oral sex and self pleasure/masturbation. Feel free to send in any additional questions you have & I’ll do my best to offer some help.

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Oh, mysterious clitoris. Responsible for those body-shaking, holy-shit-what-was-that orgasms that put you in a daze a few minutes afterward.

How I love thee….

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5 Tips for Stronger Orgasm

Hey peeps…want to cum harder? Here are some quick tips.

1. Take your time

Orgasm is about the build up. Instead of spending 10 minutes (the average) on foreplay, try spending at least a half hour. Foreplay ideas: kissing, caressing, manual stimulation, oral sex, body worship (work your way up or down their body giving explicit attention to various erogenous zones – including neck, breasts, upper and lower back, hips, booty, inner thighs, calves, and feet), back/body/head massage, strip teases, sexy talk, etc. Take time to savor every sensation!

2. Stop at the edge

If you feel like you’re about to cum, try to bring yourself back down. Repeat a few times before allowing yourself to go, and when you do, the sensation will be much more intense.

3. Masturbate -> Communicate

This is a 2 step formula that starts with knowing what you like. Use masturbation as a guide to figure out what really gets you going. What areas feel good to be touched? How do you like them touched? What rhythm feels good to you? What fantasies do you have while you are masturbating? These are all things you can take away from masturbation and communicate with your partner. There’s no shame in giving them some guidance, it will help both of you out!

4. Abstain

Running with our theme of delay, which is one of the quickest and most efficient approaches to orgasm strengthening, try holding off from sex/masturbation for awhile. Try waiting a few days or–if you’re brave–a week. The release of the tension is unmatched when it has been a long time. Because of the fullness in the pelvis and the lack of fluid release, ejaculation will take on a heightened intensity. Some male bodied people get more pleasure out of a higher volume of fluid shooting through the urethra. For female bodies, the clitoris will have heightened sensitivity and lighter strokes will go further.

5. Kegels

For male and female bodies, strengthening the PC muscles has an array of benefits, including more control over your orgasms and a path to stronger, earth-shattering types of orgasms. To strengthen your PC muscles, practice stopping your stream of pee. Those muscles that you contract to do so are called your PC muscles and they can be exercised anywhere! (My favorite is during a particularly boring lecture.) Another way for female bodies to strengthen their PC muscles is to use ben wa balls. I will be making a ben wa tutorial video soon. Over time, you will be able to contract your PC muscles very quickly during the act- think butterfly wings – which will bring a new dimension to your orgasms. Even without contracting, strong PC muscles still increase the strength of the orgasm.

have fun :)

Is the G-Spot a Myth? WHO CARES?

The G-Spot. Heard of it? It’s a collection of nerves on the front wall of the vagina. By doing a “come here” motion with your finger, 2-3 inches inside, you will hit this particularly pleasurable spot.

Brought to medical light by Ernst Gräfenberg, a gynecologist, this spot is thought to produce extra powerful sexual stimulation and to be responsible for female ejaculation. There are sex positions, vibrators, and masturbation techniques all aimed at tapping into the pleasure of this magical, spongey tissue. Hallelujah.

However, since it has made its way into popular culture, there has been a hot controversy around whether or not the G-Spot actually exists. Some medical critics say there is no consistent form of proof in all women, and individual critics say: “I don’t feel it! So stfu!” If you take a look at the studies conducted to determine whether or not there is a G-Spot, the consensus is typically that the majority of women obtain greater pleasure from this spot and a minority report no such thing. The distribution ranges from 60 yes/40 no to about 90 yes/10 no.

So what’s the truth? Is there a “G-Spot”?

I think it’s pretty obvious that, no matter what we decide to call it, some, but not all, women have a particularly sensitive spot on the front wall of their vagina. There is no doubt that when I hit this spot in my own body, it’s quite different from other forms of vaginal stimulation. Obviously, there are many women who are with me on that. However, there are also some that are not. And that’s fine, because just like some women have more sensitive nipples than others, I suspect it’s likely that some women have more sensitive “G-Spots” than others. All of our bodies are different. Does the fact that some women don’t experience the same pleasure from this spot mean that it’s a farce? No, it doesn’t. It simply means that we are all wired differently. Good thing there are plenty of erogenous zones to choose from.

That said, I think that these studies about G-Spots are a waste of time and money. They keep repeating pretty much the same findings and then arguing about whether or not their study means it exists. I mean, really? We already know that some people have a pleasure spot there, and we already know that some people don’t have the same feeling. So what? That distribution is not going to change whether the medical community decides it exists or that it doesn’t. There are more pressing issues in the realm of female sexuality that need the funding, particularly breast and cervical cancer. Cancers that pertain only to women are chronically behind in our overall understanding. Instead of arguing about whether or not the pleasure I feel from certain positions is all in my head, let’s start putting our money where it matters.

Over and out.