Moving to Tumblr!

It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it?

I’ve decided to integrate with my Tumblr. Tumblr has proven to be a great platform for Sex+; in the 6 weeks since I joined Tumblr, I’ve garnered as much traffic there as I do in 6 months here! I also like the community aspect of Tumblr, it is easier to respond to readers, to share other peoples’ work, and for people to share mine. It seems like an obvious next step. I am currently trying to find a way to:

>host independently (don’t want to rely on tumblr’s shaky hosting)
>not to lose all the posts I’ve put here
>not lose all the resource pages I have here
>while also posting exclusively from my Tumblr account.

I’ve seen some cool integrations and am looking into how to do it successfully. If you’ve done this before and have some time to offer, send me a tweet to exchange contact info and I’ll love ya forever.

Just wanted to post a heads up for the blog followers so you know what’s goin awn!


Why I Don’t Support “KONY 2012″

Off topic. I have been getting a shit-ton of email about “Kony 2012″. In 3 days, “KONY 2012“, a production of Invisible Children, has gained nearly 40M views on YouTube.

I heard about Invisible Children a long time ago when it became popular amongst my friends in high school. Something felt strange about IC, and while I couldn’t really articulate it then, I didn’t get into their cause. It felt uncomfortable that they commercialized poverty to sell wristbands & t-shirts. It seemed strange to send culturally ignorant people with cameras out to invade the lives of struggling people in the name of “helping” them. While Invisible Children appeared “trendy”, I couldn’t get into it.

When this viral video came out, it had FISHY written all over it. I was like – woah, since when do people actually care about social ills? Imagine if people always became so passionate OVER NIGHT about widespread problems! Lol.

Since it hit, I have been investigating Invisible Children, the film, and all the resources around it. The debate around it is confusing. Using the facts, trustworthy sources, some Ugandan history 101, and my own social analysis, I am going to give you my current thoughts on the matter.

By my current research, Invisible Children and “Kony 2012″ are doing more harm than good. I do not support the Kony “campaign”. Here are my reasons.

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new sex+ setting :)

Off topic: this week I painted my apartment. I also got a sofa. Now my guests and I don’t have to pow wow on my bed anymore (!)….plus, a new setting to film sex+. you’ll have to call me laci orange now.

thanks to @richwhillock on Twitter for buying my hiking pack off me. helped with the upgrade. <3