How To Find the Clitoris

Do you know what your clitoris looks like?

Rip out your mirror and explore your vulva! Here’s a guide to help you find what you’re looking for.

Look out for another video on the clitoris this week!
I will be discussing common clitoris questions and offer some tips for clitoral stimulation during oral sex and self pleasure/masturbation. Feel free to send in any additional questions you have & I’ll do my best to offer some help.

Lol, yeahhh… I forgot to move the vibrator. It’s there for the aforementioned follow-up vid that’ll be up later this week. XD

5 Tips for Stronger Orgasm

Hey peeps…want to cum harder? Here are some quick tips.

1. Take your time

Orgasm is about the build up. Instead of spending 10 minutes (the average) on foreplay, try spending at least a half hour. Foreplay ideas: kissing, caressing, manual stimulation, oral sex, body worship (work your way up or down their body giving explicit attention to various erogenous zones – including neck, breasts, upper and lower back, hips, booty, inner thighs, calves, and feet), back/body/head massage, strip teases, sexy talk, etc. Take time to savor every sensation!

2. Stop at the edge

If you feel like you’re about to cum, try to bring yourself back down. Repeat a few times before allowing yourself to go, and when you do, the sensation will be much more intense.

3. Masturbate -> Communicate

This is a 2 step formula that starts with knowing what you like. Use masturbation as a guide to figure out what really gets you going. What areas feel good to be touched? How do you like them touched? What rhythm feels good to you? What fantasies do you have while you are masturbating? These are all things you can take away from masturbation and communicate with your partner. There’s no shame in giving them some guidance, it will help both of you out!

4. Abstain

Running with our theme of delay, which is one of the quickest and most efficient approaches to orgasm strengthening, try holding off from sex/masturbation for awhile. Try waiting a few days or–if you’re brave–a week. The release of the tension is unmatched when it has been a long time. Because of the fullness in the pelvis and the lack of fluid release, ejaculation will take on a heightened intensity. Some male bodied people get more pleasure out of a higher volume of fluid shooting through the urethra. For female bodies, the clitoris will have heightened sensitivity and lighter strokes will go further.

5. Kegels

For male and female bodies, strengthening the PC muscles has an array of benefits, including more control over your orgasms and a path to stronger, earth-shattering types of orgasms. To strengthen your PC muscles, practice stopping your stream of pee. Those muscles that you contract to do so are called your PC muscles and they can be exercised anywhere! (My favorite is during a particularly boring lecture.) Another way for female bodies to strengthen their PC muscles is to use ben wa balls. I will be making a ben wa tutorial video soon. Over time, you will be able to contract your PC muscles very quickly during the act- think butterfly wings – which will bring a new dimension to your orgasms. Even without contracting, strong PC muscles still increase the strength of the orgasm.

have fun :)

How To: Female Ejaculate

Here is a follow up to today’s sex+ about squirting. While there is no exact formula to learn to fejac, these are some tips that will make it much easier!

Remember folks, this is alllllll about the g-spot!

Here are my top favs when it comes to g-spot toys:
From lowest to highest quality/price
1. Dream Massager
2. Harmonia
3. Gigi G-Spot
4. Jopen Vanity Vr6 (To see my review on this one, click here!)

Happy fejaculating! <3

PS: in regards to answering questions, please limit it to this topic on this post. thank you! :)

PERVERTIBLE 3: Electric Toothbrush


Oh yeah, baby. We all know you’ve thought about getting off with an electric toothbrush. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Cheap ($5-15)
Easily accessible
Inconspicuous (that is, nobody will know you’re getting off with it)
Easy to clean

Not very powerful, only provides a mild sensation

Tips for Usage
-Use the back (or front, if you’re into it!) of the brush and hold gently over your clit. Trying moving it around and alternating pressure patterns.

-If the base shape is right, you could alternate clitoral with vaginal stimulation by enveloping it 2-3 inches. Don’t expect vibration at the base — it’s more like a dildo than a vibrator. I would also advise not to insert the base if there are any seams. See how mine is smooth and round for 3 inches on the bottom before the seam?

This is perfect if you wanna test the waters. Don’t get crazy though, because seams harbor bacteria.

-Do not insert the brush head into the vagina. Not only will it likely be painful, those bristles are a breeding ground for bacteria.

-Yes, you *can* use the brush for both teeth and clit. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re going to, I would advise using only the BACK of the brush head. Because it’s plastic, it’s easier to clean and easier to stay sanitary. The back of the brush head is what will most likely feel the best any way.

-Clean well with hot water and soap (use a soap that won’t leave residue) when you’re done!

Finding the Right Brush

When you’re buying your multi-use brush (if you don’t already have one) pay attention to the brush head and the battery compartment at the bottom. Look for a wider brush head for more surface area. If you want to use the base at all for insertion–and you definitely don’t have to–find one with a seam that’s high up on the toothbrush and a rounded bottom. In my experience, electric toothbrushes are all loud, even the very expensive ones, so there’s not much of a way around that.

Here’s the one shown in the picture: Oral B CrossAction
Here’s another I’ve owned. The base isn’t ideal, but the vibrations from the brush head are more intense: Crest SpinBrush

Been there, done that? Share your tips or experiences below. Happy exploring ;D

Great tip below from Jeremy: “The best way is to remove the bristles and put a dab of silicone sealant where they were. Interchangeable heads. One your teeth, one for fun.”