Why I Oppose Circumcision

I joined tumblr last week.
And omg it’s so awesome. Don’t forget to come along and hang out with me there! If you have a blog about food, fitness, sexuality, gender, sex positivity, body positivity, nature, or humanism stuff lmk so I can follow you!

I have since received several messages asking how I feel about circumcision. This post will focus on the widespread practice of male circumcision in the US (but I would make many of the same arguments about FGM abroad). Once upon a time, I made a video outlining both sides of the circumcision debate. I’ll forewarn you: infant circumcision is something I feel preeeeeetty strongly about. In this post, I will outline why I oppose circumcision and shed some light on why I think routine infant circumcision is an unethical practice.
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