Pervertible (n.) : An everyday object which can be used for sexual pleasure.

So, why is a make up brush a pervertible? Well….. :)

Accessibility: All, under $10
Body served: Male and female bodied
Main function: Penetration & sensation play

The Handle
Make-up brushes can be found for cheap, or you may already have them lying around the house. Make-up brushes with the fluffy tips usually have thicker handles which can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. The handle is a great for intro & beginners because they are thinner than most dildos, span only 4-5 inches long, *and* they usually get thicker toward the tip. Nice! However, to make your experience more enjoyable:
-Make sure that if you’re using a wooden handle, that it is sealed off like mine is (splinters in vaj=OMGWTF OUCH).
-If it is plastic, make sure it does not have any plastic cracking off.
-Make sure the brush is new or thoroughly washed.
-If you’re buying a brush, make sure the handle doesn’t have any unpleasant bumps when you rub it.

Otherwise, pleasure is yours!*

The brush-y part
Erm…okay so I’m kind of a n00b when it comes to terminology, but the part of the brush where the hair is can be used for all kinds of sensation play. Nips and clits come to mind especially ;). For an extra twist, use a blindfold–it will heighten the sensation!

>>Want more pervertibles posts? Have your own favorite pervertible? See more usages for the make up brush? Let me know in the comments.

*As always, you alone are responsible for how you use your body and what you put in it. Always make sure that the materials composing your toys are safe for your body and that you are using them in a safe manner. :)