“Boycott Girl Scout Cookies!” said the Girl Scout.

If you’ve been keeping up with your viral videos lately, you may have come across the 14 year old Girl Scout named Taylor.

Taylor posted a video advocating for this year’s Girl Scout cookie fundraiser to be boycotted because Girl Scouts allows transgender girls to participate in the program.

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Are you bisexual? Be in my vid!

Hey all, happy Wednesday :)

Sometime in the next few weeks I will have a video up about bisexuality and I would like a few cameos from sex+ community members who identify as bi and are comfortable talking about it publicly.

What I’m looking for
A few clips of people saying their name, that they identify as bi, and why they identify that way. Remember, this is an educational video, so each clip should be as clear and concise as possible :)

I encourage all ages, genders, races, and English-speaking abilities to submit!

If I use your clip I will plug your channel/website/etc in the video.

How to submit
Just upload a video to YouTube sometime before June 15th (1 week). I’d love to see your full out videos talking about your sexuality (!), but if you want to be included, please make sure that you include what I’m looking for in the section above at the beginning. To send me the video, use my contact form and send me the link. I will plug the channel that the video is on unless otherwise noted in your description.

Thanks folks & look forward to hearing from you. When I post the final video, you should set your bisexuality vlogs as a video response so that people can learn more from you!