5 Tips for Relationship WIN

1: Respect

Mutual respect is one of the most important foundations for a strong, healthy relationship. Respect means seeing each other as equals, treating them with dignity–even in conflict, empathizing with their needs, trusting them, and giving validation. This should be afforded to both partners.

2: Communicate

I CAN’T SAY THIS ENOUGH! Communicate about what you’re experiencing and what you need. Listen as your partner does the same. A calm, rational approach to communication can eliminate a shitload of fighting and drama. Practice non-threatening behavior, negotiation, and fairness. Keep each other on the same page and create an open environment to talk about issues as they come up.

3: Moderation

I see a tendency in younger relationships to become isolated from the world once you have a relationship. The two spend every hour together and many sacrifice fulfillment in other parts of their lives because it has been replaced by a new love. Alternatively, try to keep a level head. Don’t cut off your friends and family–your partner isn’t going anywhere! Having a strong support system in life comes from a myriad of people you love, not just a single one. Moving at a steady, healthy pace will help you to savor each milestone of increasing intimacy and connection. There is no rush.

4: Support

Provide support for each other’s ambitions, goals, endeavors, and day to day challenges. This is an important form of validation and generates positive esteem cycles in your relationship. Being a supportive lover helps to ward off (though won’t eliminate) negative emotions like jealousy and entitlement.

5: Enjoy

Have FUN! Relationships can bring love, wonder, and new learning experiences into your life for you to enjoy. Savor them! No relationship will be without challenge, however. There will be struggle, there will be conflict. Take time to work through rough periods, but overall, your take away from relationships should be primarily positive. If you are more frequently hurt, confused, or upset, reflect upon whether or not this is the relationship for you.

What tips do YOU have for strong, healthy relationships? Check out what others have to say & leave yours below :)


When I visited my parents over the break I saw about a bunch of ads on TV for a product called “Lipozene”.

“This product is only those who need SERIOUS weightloss” the thin blonde woman on the television pandered at me. She continued to say, “You don’t have to change a thing, just take 2 pills before 3 meals a day and watch the pounds melt off.”

ORLY? So I take 6 pills a day and I can eat crap? Sounds like a deal to me. I mean, it’s only 30 bucks for a 10 day supply1–a total bargain!

One of the main things that caught my attention about the ad is that Lipozene attempts to sell itself like a PRESCRIPTION, when other diet pills hold color-based aesthetic:


In the ad, their words are chosen very carefully2 as not to get into legal trouble. Nice one, lipozene.

Lipozene is not FDA approved to support serious weight loss…or any weight loss at all, for that matter.

If you look at the ingredients in Lipozene, it’s just a pimped out fiber pill.3 The main ingredient is glucomannan, a soluble fiber that comes from konjac root. 30 bucks for 10 day supply of….konjac root? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

The blatant scam comes as no surprise. The makers of Lipozene and the operators of the so-called “Obesity Institute” that produced Lipozene4 are Henny Den Uijl and Bryan Corlett. This same duo was fined $1.5 MILLION by the FTC in 2005 for lying about the weight loss abilities of some other fiber pills that they were pushing back then (called Propolene and FiberThin). Henny and Bryan are clearly winners. Especially since nowhere on their site do they cite the studies which support their “clinically proven weight loss”.5

But hey, maybe Henny and Bryan ARE the winners. After all, over 10 million bottles of this shit has been sold. People are such dumbasses.