Advice: They Think I’m Gay

This site is the perfect place to address some emails that aren’t video material publicly. You can request advice using the “Contact” page, and if you click the “advice” tag, you can see all the emails I throw up! :] (Erm…post up, I’m not really into digital vomiting.)

I’m a straight male and for some reason I get really upset over homophobes. Well, there’s a problem when I do this: I come off as gay. Ok so what do I do? I don’t want to be thought of around school as gay because then my chances with girls are gone haha.

Please how do I support the gay community and stand up for homosexuals without coming off as gay myself?

I commend your reaction to bigotry despite the fact that you yourself are not directly affected by it. Kudos! In your case, I’m going to propose that you change how you’re thinking and maybe how you’re defending yourself. To do that, what I am wondering is: how do you know you come off gay? Is this an assumption you’re making or did somebody tell you that it makes you look “gay”?

If it’s an assumption you’re making: you know what they say, “Don’t assume, it only makes an ASS of U and ME.” :D Honestly though, unless someone is telling you outright, it might be a little paranoid to assume that standing up for gay rights make you look gay. Would standing up against sexism make people think you’re a woman? Of course not. It’s not just homosexuals that are for gay rights, and anybody with half a brain knows this.

However, not everyone has half a brain (unfortunately, ugh).

If someone is calling you gay for standing up against homophobia: like I said before, you are dealing with a dimwit. Chances are, the women at your school aren’t all dimwits (I hope) and the good ones will probably be turned on by a straight guy against hate……okay, maybe that’s just me. Further, the person is obviously retaliating emotionally and trying to shut you down by attacking your sexuality. By calling you gay, the person successfully switches the focus of the argument from gay rights to arguing about whether or not you’re gay. Tricky, huh? Don’t let them do this! If someone pulls that shit on you, kindly remind them that supporting gay rights has nothing to do with being gay, it has to do with being a tolerant, loving human being.

Go get em tiger. Rawr!