How Oppression Works

We talk about sexism, racism, heterosexism (homophobia), ageism, cissexism, and other systems of oppression a lot around these parts. However, there is occasionally some confusion about what oppression is and how it works in the context of social justice. Oppression is a complex topic. This blog will serve as a basic overview, or a starting point, to related conversations.

Oppression typically operates as a system. This means that there are multiple forces taking away someone’s power based on a part of their identity (their sex, sexual orientation, skin color, etc). All of these forces work together to marginalize, subordinate, dehumanize, or otherwise devalue groups of people.

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+1 for Jessica Alhquist, -1 for Humanity

Just wanted to send some love to Jessica Alhquist, a high school Junior in Rhode Island. Jessica recently sued her high school for a flagrant violation of the separation of church and state. She represented all non-Christians not included in the “School Prayer” mural, which implied a blanket belief in “Heavenly Father”.

Best of all…she WON! Hoorah! Freedom of/from belief is an imperative right afforded to us in the US of A. Regardless of what a person believes, it is important to keep our government secular so as to respect the beliefs of all people, not just some.

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), Jessica has come up against violent threats in response to her win. She has also been dealing with a shitload of Christian Loveā„¢ online.

The abuse goes on and on.


The bullying is seriously disheartening. As for Jessica, maybe yall could send her some love on her Twitter or her website. You may also wish to donate to her scholarship fund.

As for said “Christians”…

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