Period Blood Smells Like Metal

I get email.

Hi laci! I started my period last week. I noticed it is smelling weird like a metal and looks very brow and clumps. Please help me know what is normal with my period, I don’t want anything to be wrong!

Awww. Congratulations on getting your period! Menarche is so exciting.

Everything you’re experiencing is 100% normal. That metallic smell is the iron in your blood. That’s a good thing! Keep in mind, the smell may also change.

Blood which is older turns brownish, also normal. Newer blood will be bright red. I notice that the beginning of my period tends to be bright red and it gets darker toward the end, when the blood is older.

As for the clumps, this tends to happen during the heaviest part of your period. When your uterus is shedding its lining, your body will also release a chemical to make the blood stay thin to help it come out of the vagina. When you’re at the heaviest part of your period and expelling a lot at once, sometimes there’s not enough of that chemical to thin the blood out. It’s nothing to worry about.

Happy period-ing. You got this. :)

18 thoughts on “Period Blood Smells Like Metal

  1. First thing I thought was: it also tastes like metal! Which might be a lil disturbing in this particular setting… =P

    Everyone who put their finger in their mouth after hurting themselves will tell you; it’s just like sucking on a piece of metal. Maybe I’m weird, but I like to nibble on things (ladies? =D), so I found out the tastes of lots of objects (mainly pencils and pen parts…). So yeah, blood smells and tastes like metal because of the iron in blood. Blood caries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body with the use of hemoglobin molecules, and they are made up in parts of iron atoms. I wish I could tell you more, but Wikipedia is being annoyingly precise and complex. =P Biology never was my strong suit.

    Good luck developing yourself further as a lady person!

  2. Thanks Laci, some info there I didn’t know. you’ve not only helped the emailer but helped me empathise a little more with people who have periods. before the net menses were “womens problems” with men excluded. It’s great now with Dods and Ross and you putting out so much great information. <3

  3. As the uterine lining is shed the cells die, and the hemoglobin in them doesn’t take up oxygen as well; thus the browner colour.

    And as Rubz mentioned, the person’s flavor IS different during menstruation, and menstrual blood does also taste different from other blood. I like to think of it as an example of variety being the spice of life. :)

    My GF seems to be glad of this – apparently her ex was squeamish. Or as I like to phrase it – he is a flipping idiot.

  4. I got my period a lot earlier than other people my age. I got it when I was 10 in 5th grade. MAN. That was a doozy.

    I was actually more scared of tampons than I was of bleeding. Silly 10-year-old me -w-

    But really, I thought I was getting it waaaay too early, but I know now that we’re all different and that’s okay :)

  5. Hey Laci, got any ways for us guys to deal with that smell? I’m accustomed to the smell of regular blood, but period blood smells completely different to me and I just can’t stand it! I even have to wait a while after a woman goes to the bathroom on her period because of it.

    • Lol… I think waiting is a fair enough way to deal with it.

      I don’t know about you, but I don’t suck in farts either. I wait.

      Having said that, I personally don’t have an issue with period smells. Just saying that if it does bother you then waiting is a perfectly fair response.

    • No but I mean, if you need to take a shit, and as you walk up to the bathroom someone walks out with their head still red because they just spend some good quality time reading the paper, do you wait, or do you think fuck it? =P I mean, not everything in this world smells like roses, grow a pair and deal with it. But hey, if you wanna wait, be my guest, just don’t make it my problem (or anyone else’s).

    • Silly rabbit. Air freshener. Most bathrooms have it, and if not .. they should.

      I’m female and I don’t care for this smell at all either!

  6. Speaking of Mentstrual Blood… how is the menstrual cup working out? You did a video on it a longg time ago, maybe an update in a blog post? I feel like not a lot of people know about it, I bought a Yuuki cup and it leaks on my heavy flow days no matter what i do, does yours ever leak on heavy flow days?? Thankss

  7. I dated a girl in high school who regularly had ‘chunky’ periods. She said she would pull out stuff that was the consistency of canned beets.

    • Well blood clots so… I’ve seen what I sometimes fire out of my nose after a good nosebleed, so hearing that periods can be chunky, doesn’t sound weird to me. However, I don’t think I will be eating beets any time soon, thanks… =D

  8. I must say ya blood from that time of the cycle is metallic more so then blood from other parts like sucking on a cut to shooth the pain right after chopping your finger with the sharp what ever you fucked up your self with! I know cus I was with my favorite ex for like 6 years and I would end up going down on her like a lot way way to much I love that dam thang not like bloody but just a pause in the flow that still left me with the taste of iron It seems it was then that she was crazy in the mood for what I do and that’s the first thing I got good at as a kid so I used that as much as possable to keep her wanting me for more it worked saved us from breaking up a few times that was my entire secret to keeping her round for that 7 years ! S he was a great chick I’ll never regret a thing except not treating better at the very end I never guessed she would dich me but I was wrong I took her for a given never do that with a lover you care for FYI for me more then anyone

  9. ok just saying but its a little weird that 50ish% of comment were from men im not trying to be mean but no one wants to hear about the one that got away your high school GF chunky peirod or what it taste like none of this was helpful if your comment was helpful i thank you but really mainly the guys there are younger girls on here so keep some stuff to your self you know what im talking about and once again sorry for my rant fest but really

  10. For a few days I was spotting it wasn’t that bad. Two days after tha continued it all of a sudden blood started gushing out heavily. Everytime I sit up it keeps flowing out and when I go to the restroom clumps go out and it hurts… help?

  11. I think involving men in the conversation is important. If they know what kinds of things girls are going though they know when to be considerate etc. it’s a positive thing. I never understood why at school it was all hush hush when all the girls had to go off and have their talk about puberty and all the boys did too. Educating both men and women on this front is a good thing and you should never be ashamed to talk about it.

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