YouTube Defends SEX+!

If you were around yesterday, you may have witnessed my fit of rage when I found out my “CLIT-ICAL THINKING!” video had been flagged.

The clitoral guide was, for a few hours, restricted to only those 18+. Meanwhile, my prostate guide stayed up for the world to see after months of being up. Keep in mind, 60% of my audience is registered in the 13-17 age category.

This clear disparity between the sexes access to information is particularly troublesome. It affirms the fact that people are more comfortable with male sexuality than female sexuality, and that many think pleasure-based sex ed is for “adults” only. It keeps teens, and especially teen women, in the dark about sexuality and forces kids to stumble their way through. It doesn’t have to be this way.



It will be the death of me, I tell you.

Here in the US, the sex positive fight is AWN. BIG TIEM.
There are attacks every fucking day on sex ed, sexuality, and peoples’ right to their own bodies.

Here on the internet, many of us find a retreat. We find the answers we’ve been denied. We find community. We share experiences & information. We help each other to grow & to build strong identities and relationships.

You know, everything sex ed is *not* in most of the world.

Following the flag notice, Allan (my tech partner in crime) and I worked to restore access to those who were being denied. I contacted YouTube directly and started the appeals process while Allan got an unrestricted version up on the site. I received tons and tons of support from everyone yesterday, and I am so grateful for it. Y’all are the best SEX+ warriors teh internets has known!

Today, I received a notice that the video would return to its unrestricted state. HO00RRRRRAAAYYYY!!

Not gonna lie….I’m shocked!

I’ve had a bout or 2 (or 5…or 10….) with YouTube since I’ve been uploading, and usually the result isn’t so positive. I’ve had a handful of videos outright removed. What gives?

Last October, I visited the YouTube Headquarters. On my 22nd birthday, no less!

I met with the peeps from YouTube about my channel, trajectory, and….boundaries for uploads.


They were legitimately cool about it. No doubt I had villainized them because of our history & framed them as a sort of “conservative” company who would meet me with resistance. But, not in the slightest!

They encouraged me to do what I do & told me they valued my contribution to the spectrum of resources available on YouTube…made me feel happeh inside ^-^. They told me how they handle flagging & basically not to worry about it (I’m still skeptical). They also offered to hook me up with Dr. Ruth sometime in the future.


I can’t say with certainty that this is what has given me some extra mobility in terms of keeping things accessible for yall, but….

I’m sure it didn’t hurt. :)

Thanks again for all your voices of support & encouragement. Sending you mega-over9000 hugs. ♥

Here’s more on the attacks on the clitoris:
Clitoris talk removed from Anne Frank’s Diary
Female Genital Mutilation in Africa: over 92 million young females mutilated so far

20 thoughts on “YouTube Defends SEX+!

  1. Zomgg! Yayy! I was afraid for a lil bit! That’s soo amazing that they unflagged it! <3 <3 <3 I also found that Anne Frank article interesting… its crazy how people see simple facts about the human body as "sexual" any girl can look down and realize what was written… such sillyness.

  2. VICTORY FOR SEXY TIME!!!!!!!! this is a huge victory. THEY CANNOT SURPRESS OUR RIGHT TO KNOWLEDGE! Im getting tired of people thinking that they can decide other peoples lives and how they learn about things. GO LACI

  3. Hi Laci,

    Wow – so sorry to hear that’s happened to your channel. However, on the bright side you do have the ear of some of the staff at YT which definitely goes in your favour and I hope that your videos get re-instated quickly.

    You’ve come a really long way since your early days on YT, don’t let the bastards grind you down and keep on doin’ what you’re doing :)

    All the best,


  4. Hi
    great the video is up again.
    Have you noticed that in the link by the WHO the detrimental consequences of female genital mutilation lack something important? THE POSSIBLE IMPAIRMENT ON THE ABILITY TO EXPERIENCE SEXUAL PLEASURE?
    What the hell WHO? Can anyone explain that to me?

  5. i’m so glad youtube backed the non-restriction of clit-ical thinking. as it should. i grew up in a very strict religious environment where “sex ed” was always presented as this sort of dirty conspiracy to spread promiscuity and further the “gay agenda”. it’s sad how much ignorance exists in the place of tolerance. i find your vlog to be educational, funny, and full of awesome. keep up the good work and we, your loyal watchers, will always have your back. :)

  6. We, Laci’s Cunt Warriors, have struck a major victory (can a man be a cunt warrior?). It is very good news indeed and we are all happy for you Laci :D


  7. Just goes to show that when people work together, they can accomplish great change. That, and a lot of your supporters are as feisty and determined as you are ;P


  8. Excellent, another victory, however small, for Sex+!

    “It affirms the fact that people are more comfortable with male sexuality than female sexuality”

    That part reminded me of something I have been thinking about for awhile. It troubles me that most men -and even women!- that I know seem to view sex as very elaborate masturbation for men.

    I actually got into an argument a short while ago with a guy about it. He had said that he expected a girl to give him a blow job very early on, but was uncomfortable chowing on her. I said that it was ridiculously hypocritical of him and he went on to say that it’s “different”. To which I responded that it was bullshit.

    I said that sex isn’t just elaborate masturbation and that women aren’t just really complicated sex toys and that it was selfish plain and simple to consider your own wants and needs important but not those of the person you are sexing.

    Then he called me gay. Because what could be gayer than loving women? Anyway, then we punched each other.
    My PhD is in communication.

  9. I’ve been following you for awhile now, and I really appreciate what you did for us. Making that video accessible again could help a lot of people, and I just want to thank you for that..

    …Sorry if my grammar is bad, I just woke up in the middle of the night..

  10. It’s awesome that you got your video back up! :) A similar thing happened to Alex Day (nerimon) a while ago when he put up a video about how women shouldn’t have to rely solely on men for their sexual pleasure. I’m under 18 and I watched the video before it got flagged and I don’t think anything in it was too racy, but sure enough it soon got restricted to only people who were 18 or older, and I’m pretty sure it still is.

  11. I had no idea! I’m glad to hear things are looking up and that YouTube is being so supportive of everything you to! Here’s to many more! :D

  12. kudos to everything that you do for helping those understand human sexuality and to the elimination of the the stigma on female sexuality.

    this is completely irrelevant but do you watch dragon ball z? every time you say something is over 9000 i think of an episode from it haha :p

  13. This is why I got a account. There were a couple of videos on youtube that I wanted to see (they had the word fuck in them and were flagged). Therefore I got an account were I lied about my age.

  14. To Laci Green: I am a (much) older guy. I discovered your videos by accident today, and must say that I was blown away by your intelligence, sensitivity and wit. You are a breath of badly needed fresh air on the internet. When I first got into the net about fifteen years ago I started visiting chat rooms, but after about three or four months I quit even reading anything posted in them because I couldn’t stand the level of ignorance, callousness, shortsightedness and sheer stupidity! People who couldn’t put a coherent sentence or intelligent thought together with a nail gun and a roll of duct tape were getting as much or more exposure on the net as someone who actually had something to say that was worth listening to. You have made me realize that there are a few people out there whose educations were not a complete waste of time and money. Thanks for being there for all the people who need you.
    But I have ranted enough.

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