Onision the Slut Shamer

“Why is it that when you call people sluts….they try to convince you that they’re not sluts? Doesn’t that make their argument even worse?”

Meet Greg, aka “Onision”.

Many of you sent me this video this week alarmed at this douchebag’s overt slut shamin’.

I once made a video that went kind of viral about sluts. The arguments basically go like this:

1) There is no such thing as a slut. Not in life. Not in the dictionary. It’s a made up term for a made up concept…kind of like the n-word and other slurs.
2) “Slut” is a derogatory term used to degrade & shame an individual’s sexuality.
3) More often than not, the shaming is directed at WOMEN (by both men and women) and serves to keep her “in her place”.
4) The term “slut” contributes to rape culture. It is paired with the idea that some women don’t behave (“sluts”), and those women are pretty much asking for rape/harrassment/assault.
5) Though the mechanism does not operate fully consciously, the term “slut” is often used in response to perceived threat. Threatened by a woman taking control of her sexuality, jealousy, threatened by having less experience than her, feeling less desired than her, etc. It is an expression of discomfort with female sexuality on the whole.
6) Some women have responded to this oppression by reclaiming the term…takin that shiet back. I *personally* think it’s better left behind us. It is not worth reclaiming because it comes from a place of hatred for female sexuality.

But I’m still in solidarity with my fellow wimminz who prefer the former.

So, Greg decides that it would be a good idea to tell his viewers that having sex with more than 10 people before you’re 30 makes you a slut. A nice, positive message for his young audience.

Oh…and don’t come crying to HIM about being called a slut! It’s a dictionary definition, bitch. Not his fault for stating the truth! Maybe you shouldn’t have been such an enormous whore.

Or maybe….

Greg shouldn’t be such an enormous fuckwad ignoramus.

*ahem* Bad laci. Name calling isn’t the answer!

It’s obvious to me (and many of you) that Greg is full of shit. He decides some arbitrary definition that sounds good to him & shames viewers who don’t fit his whacko framework. My favorite part is when he turns around and abuses to viewers who respond with hurt & disgust. Summa that “you had it comin” rhetoric we rarely hear. Wow, what a cool guy! I love it when people impose their made-up holier-than-thou “morale” on my sex life.

When this stuff happens, the best we can do is inform the ignorant as to why slut shaming is not okay. Educate them and hope that they don’t continue to perpetuate more of this sexist bologna.

When it comes to Greg, however, we’re talking about a guy who is obsessed with telling people how to live (here and here), who perpetuates sexist stereotypes, and excuses rape and abuse…so….

this one may be a lost cause.

93 thoughts on “Onision the Slut Shamer

  1. I know from my own experience, that a lot of name calling around this subject comes from jealousy. I’m a guy, I’m 20, and I’ve not had that much sexual experience (like I’m alone, right? =P). I look ok, I’m friendly with good morals, but I’m introvert and like being in my own little world, which makes my chances on finding a nice lady friend in say a club, quite slim. Because my lack of ‘getting any’, I tend to have an intolerable attitude towards my friends who do have a vibrant sex life, because I’m jealous. Think about it like this: if your friend’s got an awesome car, but you don’t even have a tenth of the cash to buy it as well, you pick out the flaws so you don’t feel as crappy for not owning one too. This whole name calling stuff is, I think, mostly cause by the same emotion… Jealousy is not bad per se, it’s only bad if you don’t realize it. I’m very aware of my flaws (and strengths) and I’ve learned to deal with them. Don’t suppress your emotions, but don’t let them out in a negative manner. Talk to someone about your jealousy (or other stuff), that on it’s own is usually enough to get some of the pressure off. Don’t let your suppressed love for women/men come out in the form of hate. One day…

    • Thanks for the interesting commentary Rubz. I have had a similar dialogues with myself about jealousy & expressing emotions effectively.

      • although what greg is saying is wrong in another video he uses the term slut for men and women universally. so even though the term slut is wrong . a person can be with as many people as they want. he wasn’t bashing women. he uses the term for men and women . as a whole he is saying a person who sleeps with more then 10 people is a slut. not a woman who sleeps with more then 10 men is a slut. so although he isnt correct he is not regarding women or insulting women. we so often think the term is for women only and he is using it for both genders equally.

  2. Him wondering why people don’t like being insulted It is pretty illogical , but fairly common among people who are this way because he’s told that’s what being a man is about, being decisive, agressive and proving your bravery and so claiming your potency by being offensive. When he gets older, maturity might mellow him, allow him to express joy, and enable him to listen to other people. and also enable him to be nice while at the same time being secure in his masculinity. But your right that may take a long time :)

    • WAIT… I think it needs to be said that this is NOT a child making these statements. This is a nearly 30-year old MAN who has young female followers. This is a man with a BAD case of shooting off his mouth, and then name calling on very public videos, and when people don’t like what he says, he makes public videos crying about why people don’t like him. The truth of the matter is this, Onision is a grown man who clearly is trying very hard to be “cool” so he makes poo-poo, pee-pee, humping videos on the internet and backs it with his own “video game sounding” music, and has another channel where he gives his teenage followers “advice” on how HE thinks they should live. For someone with such a closed mind, he should keep his fat mouth closed. Or go cry about how he never really made it as a ‘youtube sooperstaaaar’.

      My favorite part is that his video is about calling girls sluts and that he believes when someone “says they’re not a slut, that just proves [his] point even more”. Well, Greg, your followers have been calling you a douchetard for quite some time and you just continue to name call them and lose them daily. But, don’t cry to us when you have one follower and you don’t know why. Possibly because your stupid mouth got you into even more hot water.

      ugh… /end rant.
      laci- I LOVE what you’ve said here. Keep preaching it, girl!!

    • Man, piss off. The world smacks of way too much pussification. I say props to him. He’s putting forth an intelligent argument of his opinion, which was the first step in the right direction. He doesn’t shy away from challenges and doesn’t deteriorate emotional reactions. I’m completely on his side. About the screwing around = slut thing because I’d like to think there are a few chicks out there whose vaginas I won’t fall into if I try to have sex with them.

  3. I love semantics. Words have meaning because we grant them such. I vote we change the meaning.

    I am a SLUT.
    I am a Super Lovable Understanding Tellurian, and I am proud of it.

  4. Well… I don’t really use the phrase “slut” unless its a VERY extreme case.

    A friend of mine wanted to “get rid of” her virginity when she was 18. She would’ve even been with me (I’m not really a prime choice, just average imo) but wouldn’t care about emotional attachment. Looking back though, I probably should’ve, it would’ve made her more emotionally stable to have a steady guy.

    But anyway. After losing her virginity, in a 2 year time frame she went from 0 experience to having gone through 11 guys. After that I stopped keeping track, and we just kept talking about it. She apparently didn’t have any boundaries on the acts themselves.

    Some time later, she contracted a minor STD. It was treatable and she got it taken care of, but it gave her a real wake-up call. Sadly this ended up wrecking a lot of her friendships, and now she just has the few people she really trusts. I’m one of them, and while that makes me happy it also makes me wanna say “Do you see now, for the unteenth time, why you should really follow my advice?” (I gave her advice many times that she regretted not taking over everyone else’s.)

    All that, an I’ve still never called her a Slut. Because she actually cares about who it is she sleeps with, and where they do it. It has nothing to do with numbers.

    • Uh okay. Are we supposed to sympathize with that exactly? I’ve known some pretty “extreme” cases too, but I refrain from degrading these people because it’s NONE OF MY BUSINESS. But honestly, coming up with your own definition of what a “slut” is does not make you any more tolerant. I knew a girl who slept around with like 20 guys in Middle School, even fucked a random guy in a tree, I’m sure you would consider that extreme, but guess what? When she was later raped by her uncle, nobody believed her, and continued to call her a “slut.” Another rapist that got off the hook because the girl he raped was called a “slut.” The word hurts, please stop trying to justify using it. I don’t call black people niggers “only if theyre acting like really like niggers, you know?” It’s the same concept.

  5. We had a nice talk about onision at the london meet up.
    I stand by what i said, That he needs to withdraw a lot of his opinions and keep some of the things he says to a personal level. It seems as soon as he is in a position to judge someone on something he truly beliefs as wrong, he will attack in full force. He hates getting negative comments and messages, yet he asks for them in almost every video he posts about a subject that he thinks he is a winner in.

    • ^^THIS. all day.

      I find it very interesting that he thinks he can make a statement like this on a public channel, but then not allow comments.
      He did, however, make a video calling all of his haters “disgusting human beings”.

      Ah, a very ignorant, and childish logic.

    • And then he makes apology videos that go along the lines of… “oh poor me..” “I didn’t know any better…” ” I admit to being wrong and that makes me mature…” Or, he could differentiate personal opinion from public opinion and actually think about what he says. I’m not trying to hinder his opinion… but since he is in the public eye and has the ability to influence young people, he should think deeply about what he wants to tell his viewers before he actually says it.

  6. I was a fan of Onision for a while. But then he started making some really offensive OnisionSpeaks videos, and I cannot handle listening to him anymore. He’s so hateful! And the whole relationship thing with Shiloh was clearly not a healthy relationship. I think he needs to sort out his own problems before he starts casting judgments on vast amounts of people he doesn’t even know.

    Plus, 10 people before the age of 30? That’s not a lot. Let’s say you start having sex at age 20, that’s still only one person a year. That’s not a large number. If you start before that, it’s even less. He’s being ridiculous.

    • Yeah, I think breaking it down by year is a particularly powerful way to address the fact that it’s not only an arbitrary standard…it’s a silly one, too.

  7. Hi Laci! I’m a huge fan of your videos and blog. I just thought it might be helpful to point out that Onision clearly has a lot of things he needs to work through personally. I’ve only heard of him through you and watched 3 videos, and already it’s clear to me how full of rage and self-hatred he is. Obviously he’s also very judgemental and “black and white” in terms of morals, but honestly I think it comes from a place of serious pain. His most recent video even describes how he essentially places his worth, not in himself, but in having a person who loves him. Honestly I think the whole “high horse” attitude comes out because he feels like he has no value. All I am saying through this is that perhaps some compassion may be called for. This guy clearly is already so hateful of himself that he has to try to make others hate themselves. Maybe seeing him from this perspective might help to understand why he says the things he does. Obviously I am not excusing his words or actions, merely pointing out that they may come more from an inverted stand-point than a real idea of what the world should be. One can hope that he isn’t a lost cause however, that he just needs to be honest with himself and try being miles more loving, both to himself and others.

      • Laci- I’m sorry that I am jumping in randomly all over your comments and page here, but I HAVE to throw in my voice.

        re:Julia- Ok, so If you watch more of his videos you will see that this is a man-child who cheated on his wife and made a very public mess with his UNDERAGED mistress. ALL ON YOUTUBE. There are websites devoted to the fact that he’s a pathological liar, and a down-right weirdo.

        Now, before I get called a stalker or weirdo myself… let me just say this. I am a normal, albeit “super slutty” (by Onision’s standards) 35-yr old woman. I have a penchant for LOL-ing at hinterweb drama. I was drawn into Greg Onision’s drama by a friend of a friend at my workplace who was absolutely riddled with guilt about “knowing” via the interbewbz that G.O. was “having an affair with a child. Agreeing with many other posters here is an understatement of how much I loathe that this dude has any followers.

        I STRONGLY disagree with the sentiment that “we should be compassionate because he’s opening his mouth publicly and offending people because he has low-self esteem”. Gerg Onision MAKES his FALSE low-self esteem public so that people will feel sorry for him, while acting like an immoral, immature idiot.
        This is the behavior of a sociopath. Not someone with a clear, or even remotely normal mind.
        (He and his girlfriend, Shiloh, posted pictures of a baby that was about six months old on their respective websites, who had passed away, saying it was their baby. Then when called out on the picture, by the mother of the baby who was ACTUALLY still living, G.O. claimed that he was a victim of the girlfriends’ lies. You can google this information.)

        I disagree with the sentiment that we need to “just unsubscribe and be done with it” as well, because people who make youtube videos are in a position of power, just like any other form of media. People like Laci and other v-loggers have the right and, imho- the responsibility, to SAY SOMETHING about this travesty that CONTINUES going on. Furthermore, they have the ability to put their own opinions out and have followers agree with them. (Just like this G.O. does.)
        The problem is, apparently this guy is MAKING MONEY off his twisted videos. Which is why I WILL be signing the petition. And, I hope you will too.

        ugh, again, I’m sorry for monopolizing your comments section, Laci- but I am glad you wrote this, and I hope that like your video, this post goes viral.

        Mad love.

  8. So, I wasted about an hour watching his videos looking for some kind of redeeming quality about this Onision guy…he doesn’t seem to have any. He’s exactly the sort of pretentious and arrogant pseudo-intellectual hypocrite that disgusts me most. He seems to think that anyone that isn’t just like him are “horrible human beings”, and has the same level of bigotry and intolerance as the worst of the people he claims to be better than (like those that have a religion for example).
    I don’t understand why guy has any subscribers…

  9. While not phrased well, I consider the advice of “not dressing like a slut” (when in situations where you think you are not safe anyway) is similar to the advice “don’t wave around wads of cash”.

    I think you aren’t morally bad for being sexual, looking sexy, or the like, but it could get you unwanted attention (and, obviously, wanted attention too but no one really worries about that).

    With the example of the police officer who said it, I wasn’t there so my idea is biased with my love for the badge more than actual information, but I prefer to imagine the cop was saying it because he (she?) thought it was good advice.

    I don’t think it was the right way to say it though, but that’s why the grunts aren’t representatives. We’re supposed to keep our mouths shut.

    I suppose that’s mostly what I thought of when reading and viewing the above.

    Also, that it’s crazy that nudity is a crime.

    Oh, and someone was saying someone about men being manly men in the comments. I think I find it kind of funny that most men who are “brave” are basically behaving the way they do out of fear of being ostracized for being different from what men are ‘supposed to be’.

    Then I watched his videos which were linked in this article (sort of). I didn’t get past the first 20 seconds for most them because I usually can’t be bothered with hateful shit, but I did manage to watch most of the video about smokers and other addicts where his basic contention is “you are weak, therefore you are lesser/unworthy”.

    I don’t want to keep rambling on in this comment like some boring loser (I try to keep it a secret that I am a boring loser!) so I’ll finish this thought and stop.

    Anyway, in short, I just find the idea that people who are in need of help are therefore unworthy of help so tragically ironic.
    In other words, yes, I am stupid.

    • I totally get how you feel about that dressing slutty stuff. A woman should be able to dress how she pleases, and I should be able to not lock my door when I go to work, but society is a lil f’ed like that and stuff is just not that simple (sadly). I wish as much as the next guy that we could all just walk around naked with our doors unlocked and for us to all just get along, but that’s just not going to happen. I think law enforcement telling young girls to try to not dress provocatively, that is perfectly fine (but with that phrasing). Because trust me, they just want these girls to be safe.

      • Exactly.

        A girl who dresses “provocatively” (how do you even quantify that? Laci’s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22gvc1ysAK4&feature=BFa&list=UUJm5yR1KFcysl_0I3x-iReg&lf=plcp video makes it clear that some people think she is too provocative!). Even as I say that the pragmatic decision is to dress “modestly” to reduce the chance of unwanted attention, I find myself suppressing my irritation and anger at the apparent demonization of the human body. This is a relatively recent thing for me. I’ve managed to avoid believing quite a bit of dogma and bullshit growing up, but how did I get caught in the retarded idea that nudity is morally wrong? I feel stupid-er than usual.

        Anyway… what was I saying?

        Oh, yes, a girl who dresses “provocatively” and is then assaulted, harassed, or otherwise is no more at fault than someone who does not lock their door and is then robbed.

        People who are laying the blame on the victims are essentially saying that might makes right.

        So either they are just downright supporting an evil ideology… or they are dumb and believe things because they rhyme. (Which I am convinced is actually a powerful influence on people.)

        My PhD is in mouth breathing.

        • Your reply came through… ;)

          That video was one of the first ones I’ve watched of her (luckily I’m a guy who can multi-task: I can be ‘distracted’ and listen to her words of wisdom at the same time, it doesn’t bother me at all, hell I love being ‘distracted’ (do the creep, haah, do the creep =D)). And clearly she is just plain right (such a girl, always needs to be right… =P).

          Aaanyway, in the case of assault, it’s madness (madness I tell you!) to blame it on the victim or to excuse the attacker because of how the victim dressed. No discussion. It’s just that ignoring the horrible facts of living in a society is not the solution either.

          Example: if I’m going to a club (most clubs are 16+ here in the Netherlands), and I see 14-15 year old girls sneaking in with clothes that leave nothing to the imagination, then… As a 14-15 year old you are purposefully putting yourself out there as someone who wants to be sexualy desired. That’s fine, but it comes with dangers (like leaving your door unlocked).

          And another sometime, there is a difference, how illogical it might be to some, between a 5$ t-shirt from K-Mart and a miniskirt in combo with a tube-top that is so small your bra is showing from all sides. If you are a strong 20 something woman, than ok, I can respect that a lil better, and I will assume you know the dangers. But if you are a kid…

          In every society there is a certain sense of what is normal and accepted, differing from that group is totally OK, but do realize that putting yourself in that position (or simply being in that position), makes you vulnerable (it’s sad but true \m/). And I think what Laci pointed to in that video you linked, was that it’s wrong when someone who has an differing view of something, bothers someone who is perfectly normal, without good reason (put differently: don’t make your problem, my problem…).

          I guess what I’m trying to say is this: how the world should be, is usually just not how it is. And ignoring that won’t change it. You don’t have to go all Steve Jobs© on yourself to hide your cleavage from that one strictly religious person who has never learned to accept the blessing of Mother Nature that we on the Internets call boobies. But by simply being a woman in a modern day society, you are vulnerable to the insane behaviors of wicked men (as in: peoples with penisses). Again it’s sad but true. It could change, but I don’t think it ever will. I guess the best solution is to surround yourself with people who can contain themselves, so that you can dress however you like.

          My PhD is in typing… =D

          • Men rape because they can’t handle rejection not because they see a “provocatively” dressd woman. Women are raped in the winter while wearing their coats. Simply looking attractive is enough and women get raped and violently abused the most in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. The best advice is to teach people to be aware of situations that provide criminal oportunities and to teach the wider world that looking attractive or being naked isn’t an invitation.

              • @Jake Lara
                It’s also a myth that abuse of women is exclusively in foreign countries. So maybe you should read a bit about America’s problems before you get on the bandwagon that those damn dirty foreigners need to be invaded because they just won’t stop raping their women and burning down democracy.
                I know that wasn’t exactly what you said and forgive me if I have leaped to a conclusion far from what you were thinking, but that was certainly what was put into my mind when I read your post.

                And my point wasn’t really that dressing “modestly” was going to stop sexual assault. My point was more that it isn’t only jackasses like Onision who blame victims that give that advice. Plenty of people say it because they are just trying to think of obvious ways that women can protect themselves (regardless of how accurate the information turns out to be).

                Or, in other words, I don’t think that cop was trying to hurt those girls. I just think he tried to help them, but did it wrong.

    • Well, for me I think it’s because it is important to spread good will, information, and peace.

      I don’t think ignoring hatred and evil makes either of them go away.

    • Because his audience is impressionable young people (thousands of them) who may be likely to adopt his hurtful mindset. Removing him from the public eye will stop the perpetuation of such awful ideas.

  10. To be fair to Greg, he thinks ANYONE is a slut, regardless of gender, male or female. I completely disagree with him and a lot of things he says. But, I agree with Julia, it is obvious that there are some deep psychological scars that have impacted him in his life and he chooses to see the world in black/white terms. I too think this is detrimental and I agree that he participates in “slut shaming” but I think you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. Obviously, I don’t believe that if you have sex with 10 people by the age of 30 that you are a “slut,” I mean that’s laughable and I also don’t think I’m a murderer because I choose to eat meat.

    I think this is just Greg and I just get the sense that he’s been through A LOT of fucked up shit in his life that has left him in this “All-or-nothing” complex that humans are either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on qualities HE decides are reasonable.

    Just take him for what he is..entertainment.

    • it’s definitely towards women actually if you look at all the disgusting facebook status he posted
      ‎”I’ve slept with 14 men & I’m not a whore…”
      assuming he’s not talking about a gay guy. And I don’t think he is! The reason for that is that no one EVER calls guys sluts. Kind of for the same reason they never call guys “bitches”
      It’s assigned according to your gender.

      either way it’s still disgusting.

  11. Hah, i wouldnt be surprised if he was the one who flagged your latest video. He is such a dick, at first watching his videos i thought he had a good point, but as his storys on his channel got freakier and freakier, and his opinions got scarier and scarier… I realized he really isn’t a good guy, at least en la head. Did you know he tired to make up a religon? It was like Scicesca where he said anyone who didnt follow his “religion” should pretty much die or is worthless. Whatt a screw up. GO LACIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Remember the “I’m so Newsworthy” thing awhile back? It was obvious back then that you were the better of you 2. plus your fans actually have their own opinion.

    -Rob (Aka Hockeyman)

  13. I watched the videos you posted, Laci, and they are biased, douchebaggy videos. But some of his other opinions make sense… I don’t agree with much of what he says, but at least he is honest. Everyone is allowed their own opinion. His differs greatly most of the time to the opinions of those who read your blog, but I don’t think he’s all bad… A product of his culture, his own views, maybe his own history. Nonetheless, it is people like you we have to thank for fighting against negative stereotypes like the ones Onision perpetuates.

    For the record, I have had sex with 7 men and 2 women, and do not consider myself a slut in any regard. Gee, wonder what will happen when I reach partner 10? lol

  14. I kept trying to respond to Rubz, but I never saw anything post. I still can’t see any.

    And now when I tried again it told me that my post was deleted because I had a duplicate? I guess that means I did successfully post it but I can’t see it?

    I hope I am not clogging anything up. I am going to just stop now.

  15. Honestly, Greg is a super hormonally charged guy. He needs to stop speaking out for a while and just calm down. When I get riled up about something, I mostly vent in writing or drawing. There are lots of ways to let out what you want to get out without shaming other people in the process.

    Is he allowed his freedom of speech? Sure. Doesn’t mean we have to agree with it.

    • I don’t think “hormonally charged” is the right word.
      The dude has major MAJOR issues, but hormones are not one of them.
      Honestly, he probably has some sort of personality disorder.

  16. Oh my god, thank you for doing this. I have been subscribed to you for a while and respect you and your videos so much. I used to be subscribed to Onision, finding his openness refreshing and fairly harmless early on. He used to contain his videos to “his opinion” (except for with vegetarianism) and didn’t spew so much hate. Once the drama with his ex-girlfriends/wife started, and he started demanding complete and total obedience of his audience, I unsubbed and have pretty much been in shock of his increasingly vile and disturbing behavior ever since. The fact that you have seen this guy for what he is and called him out on it is like an act of YouTube heroism. I expect that he will be retaliating against you soon. I hope that you do not get too sucked into his crazy, but at the same time I would love to see him even try to stand up to a woman as powerful and intelligence as you. Best wishes!

  17. What scares me the most is the unwavering support he gets from his subscribers… These brainwashed people are completely detached from reality, but what is worst is that they do not present any signs of empathy towards other human beings and that is very, very scary to me.

  18. My first impulse when I saw his videos was to punch him in the face… then I realized it was just an image on my computer and I didn’t want to break the screen… and then I realized I’m against violence…
    I just “love” how he claims that there’s a certain quota of sex-partners you can fill and then you are a slut. I wonder how many it takes to apgrade to superslut? Perhaps 2/year? Anyway, I’m way behind any of those numbers… This guy says you can only be upset with him if you’re ashamed of yourself and the fact that you’ve had sex with a lot of people. Well, it so happens that I’m a virgin, and I still think he’s stupid for saying those things. But hey, what do I know? According to him I’m a weak, disgusting and completely immoral human being (I smoke and I eat meat!! How can I stand to be such a terrible person?) :P
    Great post, Laci. Keep up the good work!

    • Hehe, quota indeed.

      I’m nineteen, I’ve had fifteen girlfriends… or wait… sixteen? Whatever- the point is that I never slept with any of them.

      Does that just make me a failslut or does it not apply? Also, did he say only sex or like… sexy acts?
      My PhD is in Failology.

  19. how does this guy have 150 000 subs?
    Everything laci just wrote basically got rebuked in that video. but i agree with a lot of the posts above me. it often has something to do with jealousy, or with the social rules that other people lay on our lives…. oh, the idiots of the social world….

  20. The problem is, is that he isn’t honest. Before making this rebound video, he made a video prior saying he would never attack a girl for their hygiene. After he made these 5 plus videos attacking this girl, shaming her for her actions, and going into great detail about their sexual meetings, he went on to make videos about respecting women, saying that he is a huge advocate for women’s rights. He simply pretends to know fact, when his opinions change with the passing wind. While his militant attitude towards vegetarianism has stuck, his videos on religion, women’s rights, rape, and so forth all contradict themselves.

  21. Absolutely agreed, Laci. It shouldn’t matter worth two flying FUCKS whether or not you’ve had sex with a lot of people as long as everything’s legal and consensual. This is one of the reasons I’m no longer an Onision fan — aside, of course, from all the drama he’s started (much of which I’m fairly certain is fabricated for the sole purpose of getting hits) — the fact that he feels he can get away with shaming large groups of people with his asinine and ill-researched statements, and making multiple videos about said group, and then apologizing half-assedly a couple days later in order to save face (with comment approval on, of course, so the only comments that show up are the ones giving him a verbal blowjob and making him look awesome for being “so wise and humble and loving and caring and amazing and perfect”). It’s absolutely pathetic. Very good post here, Laci.

  22. I unsubscribed before this whole “slut shaming” business went down, but somebody linked his latest video of him apologizing for his supposed implication that rape victims who also happened to sleep around deserve what they get.

    I get a slight feeling that it could be crocodile tears, but I can’t be sure either, so don’t take my word for it.

    Oi… I really don’t hate the guy, but at the same time, he’s not really a good champion of his various causes. He’s exactly the kind of vegetarian that somehow makes me not even care about animals. He’s the kind of agnostic that doesn’t seem like he cares so much about the truth as much as he does trolling christians. And again, his offensive behavior towards women just contradicts his earlier claims of being for their rights.

    Anyway, since I’m not subbed, following, liking or whatever… this does not concern me any further. All I hope is that the man finally gets some professional help.

  23. I like how Onision goes about slut shaming but he, himself, has slept with his ex and then his new gf and then RETURNED to his ex.

    Is he excused from this argument because it was only two?

    I say you just let him spiral in his own little world, some people are too far gone to try and change their opinions and we can only exert our time on those who are salvageable.

    Onision.. or “Greg”, is not.

  24. Okie, so… After reading this, I went to merriam-webster.com to see if “slut” was in the dictionary… Not sure if anyone made this comment yet, but I’ll post anyways… And it turns out, “slut” really is in the dictionary- however it is defined as a promiscuous woman. So, luckily the dictionary hasn’t totally f-ed us over. And luckily it hasn’t put any biased view upon the word thus far. This means we just need to promote sex positivity and acceptance of different types of lifestyles (sexual and not).

    Bad news… just with anything, idiots can take a definition and twist it to their own liking… somewhat like religious people and the bible- lol. So, I figure that the only thing we can do is to promote acceptance towards safe and healthy lifestyles.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Laci :) As I am not subscribed to this guy, I never would have seen this atrocity.

    Much love <3

  25. (I’m going to stop using the reply to comment feature because it squishes posts)

    @ Kate

    Why did you put the word ‘advice’ in quotations? I didn’t understand.

    And yes, I think the problem is with the person committing the crime, and that the way to solve problems is to address the source and causes rather than the effects, victims, and symptoms. (Not that I mean to say that one shouldn’t consider those things, but that looking at those things when you are trying to prevent something isn’t going to have the desired effect.)

    I also think that it’s a lot more complicated and that none of this is absolute.
    My PhD is in shamanism.

  26. listen to his video about cheaters (beautifully entitled “caveman wants to screw”). he fully states that sex is purely a physical desire, and therefore if youre in a relationship it is weak and unintelligent of you to give in to your physical desires rather than listen to your emotions. that is a complete contradiction!! i believe his hatred for “sluts” is from a possible cheater. which he is marginally correct about. but he then applies the same moral obligations to singles. the proof is in the pudding!

  27. so, i just discovered that he got a girl pregnant.i read that she was his fiancee, but i watched a few videos and he just called her his girlfriend. and that really confuses me. he shames women for having sex before marriage, but he goes and gets his girlfriend pregnant. so why can he have sex before marriage, but i can’t? hypocrite.

  28. And now he’s publicly dragging his ex-wife’s good name through the mud, manipulating information by giving a very one-sided account of the divorce, turning his many fans against her (to the point of them going to her YouTube channel and telling her how she should die/get raped/etc) and all the while he justifies it by saying he shouldn’t have to pay alimony to someone who doesn’t have dependants.

    If you knew his ex-wife and how good of a person she is, you’d know that most everything he is saying is very much a lie.

  29. THANK you! Finally, someone else sees what a prick this guy is. I was appalled when I saw some of his videos on eating disorders. It’s good to see other people speaking up about this, as well. I’m really glad you made this post, Laci. :)

  30. Who the fuck is anyone else to make a judgement call about a part of anyone else’s life, particularly a part as personal as that? And fuck dictionary definitions. You can’t let a word derived from a retarted social construct in a stupid book define you, especially one that’s for the most part specific to derailing female empowerment. Liking sex doesn’t make anyone a slut. Fuck that. I love how people think that thier made-up definitions and opinions are the be-all-end-all of a situation…SMDH…

  31. Well; his standard isn’t really that bad, the average women only sleeps with what 7 men in her life time?

    So 10 before thirty means the vast majority of women in his mind aren’t actually sluts.

    And considering that the ol’ standby of “if a women sleeps with more men than she can count on one hand” than she’s a slut is abit more hardcore than that statement.

    That aside; yeah Onision is a lying, dramaqueen, nigh sociopathic ex-cult leader kind of person. Though; I guess considering how Youtube is and how having fans can be, he’s probably not that far from being a cult leader now, so “ex-” might be a slight exaggeration.

    Whats interesting is the difference between the common usage of slut and the dictionary version of slut/promiscious woman.

    In the dictionary; promiscious involves not just number but casualness and lack of standards for selection.

    Whereas slut is usually applied fairly liberally, take a women who bangs a NFL football team.

    Sure she slept with alot of guys, but its not exactly a easy or common standard to live up to. So its not casual or lacking standards.

  32. Slut is in the dictionary and its an old term not modern. Also do you know the origins of nigger and where it comes from in history? Most likely not.

    Slut is in the webster dictionary:

    Also it is a term comes around around 1300 and 1400 with some base origins about men an have lots of sex and later slut was derived a bit. Just like nigger in the south comes to commonly mention only blacks but in the times before civil rights it was also use for low class whites.

    The term nigger is from Shakespeare’s Hamlet where nigger means “to bother.” Hamlets servent bothered him and told him to nigger off. This is basic high school knowledge.

  33. Also last but not least if you are one of those silly people who think we need to teach men not to rape then you need to understand the mentality of a rapist and understand they aren’t playing with a full deck.

    Mentally the person suffers from a wrong set of morals you can’t “teach out of them.” It’s like telling a schizophrenic that they should be normal when they can’t help but want to take out their eyes or want to kill themselves. Prime example is the girl opera sponsored.

    I am not saying don’t treat a Rapist like a mental patient. The need to be treated like a Pedophile who is also mentally ill. The first step to understanding a criminal mind set like that is to understand the functions and chemical imbalances with in the mind.

    You expect people who are mentally fucked up who think what they are doing is wrong when to them their thinking is so skewed they think they are not wrong in what they are doing.

    They TEACH defense classes because it is better proven to have a woman protect herself against such things from happening. Statistically it works. A girl didn’t lock her sorority house one night after coming back home drunk. A homeless guy walked in and wondered around the house and ended up in her room. Want to know why he walked in… She left the door WIDE OPEN.

    She was worried she was going to be raped but took no responsibility she left her sorority house door wide open unlocked and everything.

    The issues I have with most of this slut shaming bull crap. (That is what I think it is and I am a woman.) Is because your focusing on the wrong things. Why are you all fighting systems that work. Had these girls taken courses on how to avoid manipulative men and abusers. The signs of abusers do you think they would fall for these things? The rate in which woman get abused might drop.

    I am in no way defending Onision but you act like you know shit about what you are talking about. What kind of idiot says “Slut” isn’t in the dictionary but doesn’t even know the origins or the connotations to which it evolved from. It is not a modern term where it magically happened over night.

    A girl is a damn slut if she sleeps around because she lacks self respect and responsibility. Most girls fall into horrible traps emotionally from sleeping with the wrong guys. Most women equate sex to love and others use it because they are ADDICTED TO IT. They hide behind the words “slut-shaming” because they don’t want to feel guilty for there addiction or inability to develop attachment.

    Plenty of women don’t know what PROTECTION IS! That should be raved about plan parenting in schools so women are saddled with a pregnancy that didn’t know they could help prevent if they wanted to. There are plenty of kids born in this world unwanted because someone didn’t play it safe. Most people DON’T always use protection for trivial reasons like “it feels good without” or ” they make me dry out.” Not every girl can take birth control based on weight.

    I am not saying out law sex or you shouldn’t have a healthy appetite for it but dear god double digits? You sleep with every person you get with or to fuck over someone else? I think my parents put it best that most of the time multiple partners screw up relationships and cause you to not focus on what matters and leaves false sense of reality.

    We should be treated equally but at the same time its women who put the sexuality in today’s society and want men not to fap to it because they say so even though they want the fucking attention or allure but not even being classy about it.

    I think when you have a kid or reality check where you sit down with a few guys and learn how they think then you might understand a lot. They don’t see things always the same way do or pick up on crap we do.

    I think women need to focus on more important crap like our birth control rights, abortion rights, and getting woman into office rather than what people think of them. I was called a slut when I was virgin in middle school (because I wouldn’t put my hand down the boys pants when he told me to) and bullied so badly I had a mental break down. You know what I learned? To keep going because people will say nasty things and you can’t stop them. Just know what you do and how people know your integrity. Do the damn classes to protect yourself from evil people because they will always be there in life.

  34. I’ve just become aware of this 30 year old man who has a following of girls who (even though he would have had to be about 15 to do it, but that is still very feasible) he could have fathered. I say this, not to emphasize that he has fathered anyone, but to make clear the age gap and psychological difference in maturity that lays between that age gap. That 10 -20 year age gap is one that disturbed me when I first learned about him. The fact that he has prepubescent girls defending his ego is just plain sick. My mind first ran to the parents of these girls, homosexual/bi males that are blindly worshiping what to in anyone’s observation, is a narcissistic sociopath with the capacity to influence young people to do harmful things to others or to themselves.
    My mind wondered who should be held accountable for the content tat this disturbed individual is feeding to children. YouTube is actually paying this man because his videos, though disgusting, (and I don’t used this word unless it is apt), EVIL in the later portion of his film work. YouTube needs to be brought to court by the parents and sued in order to keep in check the policy that they have concerning YouTube partners (people who make money simply by making videos which are viewed often).
    I actually had a nightmare about my computer being bombarded by Onision’s hate filled messages and i had to throw the machine away. That is how violated I felt about these videos circulating.

  35. How about you get a life and stop ranting on the internet about someone who you obviously don’t know. Or you could do the standard and I can quote this monster aka my killer “KILL YOUSELF” kthanksbye and don’t actually kill yourself. I don’t think satan would much enjoy you ;) this isn’t mean at all by the way because this is exactly what you did to Greg

  36. I am not even going to attempt to read this. Douche bag? How about you express your opinions? Stop hiding behind your computer. You are horribly wrong and I hope one day you realize how much of a monster you are. I truley hope I can see the day you won’t be able to live with youself. Shame on you. He is my hero for putting up with the bullshit of people like you. You make me physically sick you distasteful scum of the earth

  37. Today, I went to the beach front with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to
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    LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to
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  39. Are you freaking kidding me? Do you honestly think that you are doing anything positive by writing this? You disgust me, and all you are accomplishing is spreading hate. If you consider yourself a slut and dislike what he says unsubscribe and move on. He gives literal no shits of what you think of him. Slut is a word and has meaning-
    1.a woman who has many casual sexual partners.
    synonyms: promiscuous woman, prostitute, whore
    2.a woman with low standards of cleanliness.
    Like seriously if you want to spread hate, then I’m sorry, but you are a disgusting person. It may be a hateful word but you are calling him a douchebag. All you are is a walking contradiction > . >

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