zomgah! new theme!

Following the tech frustrations I blogged about awhile ago, one of my supporters/viewers, Allan, contacted me to offer help. Allan has been super helpful & enjoyable to work with on cleaning up, simplifying, and securing my site. We are also working on new features like a forum, a live chat function, etc.

I M SEW GRAYTFUL for Allan’s help! I strongly recommend him to any peeps who need some friendly support with websites, servers, hosting, etc. You can contact him for services here.

So. Here we are. You, me, and our fresh air, baby.

I hope you will all enjoy the new layout as much as I do. I am currently updating the Sex+ Toolbox & other resource pages. Sooo…check em out in a few days, yeah?

If you’re a “regular” in these parts, you will notice that the comments will be easier to chat in now. It should be a little more conducive to fighting discussion.

In addition to reorganizing the Sex+ stuff, you may also notice a new category: “Other Ish”. This will house posts pertaining to my other interests. I wasn’t sure what to call the other shit so…..for now it shall be called Other Ish.

I plan to post more frequently, using this more for a running dialogue than for static topical articles (though I will definitely post those, too). The whole “running dialogue” thing is basically why I’ve created the “Other Ish” section…

Why talk about the symptoms without talking about the cause?

cya soon ;D

9 thoughts on “BAM!

  1. The site looks amazing! So much cleaner (not to put it out of context ;D) than before. Keep doing what you’re doing Laci, you’re such an inspiration! <3

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