13 thoughts on “Bitches aint shit.

  1. Look at the guys face in the end. He seems to be thinking: “Oh shit, have they all heard me pumping that Dr. Dre shit when I drove in here.”

    On a serious note though, cool stuff.

  2. Ooooh that’s good!! If society trained men to sexually enjoy female desire for them instead of seeing it as permission to do what they desire to her, Kai wouldn’t need to write her poem. Men need to be allowed to enjoy a healthy balance between desiring and being desired. When you value someones desire you even subconsciously sexually value them.

    • couldnt have put it better. your comment just summed up my abusive relationship and made me feel good about my decision to end it. thankyou dearly

  3. Yeah, I’m tired of the sexism. I admire her directness. Especially since the only thing I’m more tired of than sexism is people who jump on women who point it out as some sort of gender-supremacist, entitled, bitches.

    Really, they make me just think “fuck you”.

  4. Wow… Another reason to be thankful that i don’t live in the USA. Mainly because i have no idea what this was meant to be about. I can only assume its some sort of American thing.

  5. I got out of the slam scene after high school. (My creative writing teacher was on the Baltimore/DC slam team) I really miss it. I’m always so glad when you post stuff. Andrea Gibson actually came to my HS once. She’s so awesome, and this woman seems like she is too. Man I miss slam a lot.

  6. So glad I have my boyfriend, he honestly is the best thing to happen to me, cares that I am “taken care of” and truely enjoys when I do rather than just taking it as the steps he most go through before he can do what he wants to satisfy his own desire. Honestly his great turn on is when I am truly enjoying myself, no matter which of us is more in control of any particular encounter.

  7. I don’t really get it all… was hard too understand so fast…
    Has anyone the text?
    cause some things i can’t sort out. :)

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