5 Tips for Stronger Orgasm

Hey peeps…want to cum harder? Here are some quick tips.

1. Take your time

Orgasm is about the build up. Instead of spending 10 minutes (the average) on foreplay, try spending at least a half hour. Foreplay ideas: kissing, caressing, manual stimulation, oral sex, body worship (work your way up or down their body giving explicit attention to various erogenous zones – including neck, breasts, upper and lower back, hips, booty, inner thighs, calves, and feet), back/body/head massage, strip teases, sexy talk, etc. Take time to savor every sensation!

2. Stop at the edge

If you feel like you’re about to cum, try to bring yourself back down. Repeat a few times before allowing yourself to go, and when you do, the sensation will be much more intense.

3. Masturbate -> Communicate

This is a 2 step formula that starts with knowing what you like. Use masturbation as a guide to figure out what really gets you going. What areas feel good to be touched? How do you like them touched? What rhythm feels good to you? What fantasies do you have while you are masturbating? These are all things you can take away from masturbation and communicate with your partner. There’s no shame in giving them some guidance, it will help both of you out!

4. Abstain

Running with our theme of delay, which is one of the quickest and most efficient approaches to orgasm strengthening, try holding off from sex/masturbation for awhile. Try waiting a few days or–if you’re brave–a week. The release of the tension is unmatched when it has been a long time. Because of the fullness in the pelvis and the lack of fluid release, ejaculation will take on a heightened intensity. Some male bodied people get more pleasure out of a higher volume of fluid shooting through the urethra. For female bodies, the clitoris will have heightened sensitivity and lighter strokes will go further.

5. Kegels

For male and female bodies, strengthening the PC muscles has an array of benefits, including more control over your orgasms and a path to stronger, earth-shattering types of orgasms. To strengthen your PC muscles, practice stopping your stream of pee. Those muscles that you contract to do so are called your PC muscles and they can be exercised anywhere! (My favorite is during a particularly boring lecture.) Another way for female bodies to strengthen their PC muscles is to use ben wa balls. I will be making a ben wa tutorial video soon. Over time, you will be able to contract your PC muscles very quickly during the act- think butterfly wings – which will bring a new dimension to your orgasms. Even without contracting, strong PC muscles still increase the strength of the orgasm.

have fun :)

22 thoughts on “5 Tips for Stronger Orgasm

  1. Point 2 doesnt work for me.
    If I want to orgasm, I need to continue. When I stop (at the edge or just somewhere else), I reset my level of arousement to zero.

    works for boys tho!

  2. Combine two and four. I did once on accident, we were having sex, and right before we finished we were forced to stop, and it was another day before we could continue. You’d have though our bodies would have “reset” but we didnt. it was pretty amazing for both of us. not just because the orgasms, but the aggravation of stopping cause more passion the next time

  3. I cast a vote for living out your fantasies. Not that this particular scenario is a fantasy, but it made for some awesome sex and an amazing orgasm.

    I got home from a long day of work and she had off, so after I got out of the shower, I thought how funny it would be to come out drying myself off with a towell and at full capacity. I presented myself in front of her, and we got right to work. During our actions, I did instruct her on things I wanted from her, I.E. her dressing up in certain attire, positions I wanted to see her in, and my personal favorite: servicing her to the edge. When we combined our efforts in one of our favorite positions, it was extreme and intense, in all the good ways. And it didn’t stop there. Good luck everyone!!

  4. They say that orgasm is 40% physical 80% mental for a reason. I think the mental aspect is far more important because you can be fully physically aroused and have a sad little orgasm. Watching a woman masturbate can be a religious experience… I agree that communication is of the utmost importance as well as experimenting with positions. Same thing when you’re flying solo, although you’re only communicating with yourself. Controlling your breathing is also very effective, but just don’t go full on autoerotic asphyxiation because even the best orgasms aren’t usually worth dying for.

    I was also watching one of those doctor shows and they also made it a point that foreplay for women is far different than foreplay for men. For men the expert said it’s anything within an hour or so of orgasm whereas for women it’s anything within 24 hours and even more. So understanding how your partner’s body differs from your own, besides just the obviously physical differences, is extremely important.

  5. For me 4 works in reverse. I’ve had my best orgasms when I was ending the Masturbation May challenge (I had to have at least one orgasm per day – my average was about 2,5 – and I couldn’t force a quick orgasm – it had to have at least some build-up – normally I’m a 3-minute wonder).
    About a week after completing the challenge the frequency of my wanking dropped to twice a week. The orgasm intensity went down with it. Even when I was using the best toys and using the same rules as during the challenge.

  6. You are generalizing and sound very sexist and I, as a respectful man, don’t appreciate it. Don’t form an opinion of an entire gender based solely upon what a few idiots say to you as you walk down the street. Also, you act like men are never raped, and that women are never rapists. You sound very misled, and next time maybe you should actually consider doing research before you form an incorrect opinion.

  7. great tips, actually.

    I think kegels and the edging technique are GREAT, and are almost like “training” you can do on your own to improve your sex life.

    Edging is a great way to prolong the good feelings leading up to orgasm as well. Plus, when mastered, you can actually hover right at the brink of orgasm for long periods of time with very little stimulation. It’s incredibly powerful, and when you finally cum it’s unlike anything else. Worth exploring, for SURE.

  8. Ahh. My boyfriend didn’t do anything for 5 days.. And we really don’t have sex yet. But I was giving him head…and it was crazy how much he came. It was very messy though O.o He said it felt really good though…soooo..yeah.

  9. I love forcing myself to wait…I’ve abstained for a week many times, even though I’m usually a once-a-day kind of girl. It can be a real challenge, but the fantastic series of orgasms at the end makes it all worth it. I do the edging thing sometimes too, but I’m really not equipped with the willpower needed to be good at that. I cave way too easily… Just can’t help it when I’m really close, no matter what I tell myself leading up to it. I’m still practicing though!

  10. Laci i literally cant orgasm. it used to not bother me at all but now i have started to get really upset about it because it upsets my boyfriend and im really woryed about never being able to do so and shearing that experience with someone i love. masturbation dose literally nothing for me… i sometimes get a good sensation when my boyfriend is stimulating me with his hands but even if i do the exact same thing it dosent work.

  11. Wait a week without masturbating? My god! I haven’t gone a week since I was a teenager. I think my clit would explode. lol. Ok I will try it.

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