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  1. I’m so impressed that you would make a video like this. Most women feel the need to say they don’t masturbate, and the few who do admit it only do so in whispered voices behind closed doors. I’m always looking for cheapie vibrators to recommend to my more adventurous friends (I’m a Lelo girl through and through) and I certainly appreciate your candid honesty here. Love you Laci!

  2. Maybe get a guy friend to do reviews on toys for men. It would really help out. Another suggestion, it help out a lot of the guys if you would do a more vivid review of a toy and put it up on youporn or something, just an idea.

    • Just speak for yourself please. Not every man following Laci is as sexually frustrated as you appear to be. There is plenty of porn on the web where you can see vibrators being inserted into a vagina and its not like seeing Laci do this would add anything to the review at all.

      Laci, again, quality review. Like someone already said here, i appreciate your honesty when a toy isn’t up to par like this one.

    • I would recommand going to a sex store like Christine Le Duc (or some other woman-friendly store, you know, a story with lots of light and that looks very clean) and if you’re comfortable with it, ask the ladies who work there.
      If you don’t want to ask, in that case buy a rabbit that is relatively cheap. Personally I bought three vibrators (a basic Durex one that sucked, a very cheap rabbit that rocket but I wasn’t sure whether or not the fabric was safe, and a g-spot one that sucked) before I knew what I wanted in a vibrator. Takes a little while.

  3. I tried lots of rabbits in my masturbation career and my conclusion is not to search for a good mid-price/cheap rabbit. They either don’t fit me (you can either position them for good clit stim or g-spotting; I have average proportions), have the rotation so weak that sometimes I don’t even have to clench my muscles to stop them or contain smelly-stingy-jelly. You’re better off buying a cheapo hard plastic clit stimulator and either a silicone or glass dildo. The dildo will last and last and last. The clit vibe will have to be replaced – but since it’s cheap… The only drawback is that you’ll need both hands to play with this set up.

  4. Can I ask how the hell you can afford so many vibrators? Do companies send them to you to review, or do you use your own money? That shit’s expensive.

  5. It seems you’ve been spoiled by the Jopen. :P
    It’s really nice that you give negative reviews, tho. It shows that you’re not just selling products, but that you’re legitimately reviewing them.

  6. Hey Laci,

    You should do a review for a different Lucid Dream vibrator. It’s not a dual stimulating vibe, but it’s Doc Johnson’s best selling g-spot vibe. It’s Lucid Dream #14 and when I worked in a sex store for 15 months, this a very popular toy. We even had a Doc Johnson rep who visited confirm this was their best selling g-spot vibe.

    Also, I’m surprised you don’t really like Doc Johnson toys because Doc Johnson toys usually last longer than other companies like Pipedream, Nasstoys, and sometimes even California Exotic Novelties.

    The Lucid Dream #12 by Doc Johnson automatically made me think of Satin Dreams “G” Dream by California Exotic Novelties except Doc Johnson’s toy has two bullets versus one in the Cal Exotic toy. I think if anyone does have the Satin Dreams “G” Dream by Cal Exotic, they would really like Lucid Dream #12 by Doc Johnson.

  7. I was in a an area with a bunch of sex toy shops while on vacation and was very sad that I didn’t see anything that you’ve reviewed :c I did get a whole bunch of California Exotics and love them. Where I got them they were pretty cheap too. I’d love to hear your opinion on the brand since I’ve fallen in love with the toys I got.

  8. Hey, will you please do a review on the LELO Ina? I’m trying to decide between the Ina and the Jopen Vr3, and I’d like some input. I already have a LELO GiGi, which is awesome, but I’m just trying to decide if I should stick to the brand I know and love, or if the Jopen is really worth it? I’ve heard that the Ina’s clitoral arm is quite stiff, so I find that worrisome since I haven’t had a rabbit vibrator before, so is that true? Just how stiff is it, really?

  9. These reviews are very helpful. :) Pink Cherry is more organized and seems to have more search options for the types of vibrators that I like, but not as much information as Eden Fantasies. A quirk about me involving vibrators/dildos is that I’m ONLY attracted to neon orange and neon green. Nothing else turns me on than a neon orange or neon green vibrator or dildo. A brand I’m somewhat interested in is Pipeline. What do you feel about that brand, if you’re familiar with it?

    I’m considering the Neon Luv Touch vibrators, from Pipeline. Luckily, they are pthalate free and waterproof.

  10. I bought one G-spot vibrator by Lucid Dreams/DocJohnson and I was disappointed as well. The fabric isn’t great, it is way too large (big bulb at the beginning, so you have to be very very aroused to put it in) and it doesn’t hit my g-spot at all. It’s more a nice thing if you just want something big.
    The only plus – it’s yellow. And I like yellow.

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