30 thoughts on “Butterfly Kiss – Cheap Beginner’s Vibrator

  1. Bought this, it broke completely within a month. Within two weeks, the second setting stopped working so my choices were too low, or much too high.
    By about a month and a half, the vibe completely stopped. It was as if the button used to turn it on had sunk into the plastic part, so I could no longer push it in to turn it on. Had to throw it away at this point.

    Also, it gobbles up batteries. I even bought rechargeable batteries, which I would go through about 4 batteries a week. I was highly disappointed with this toy because the vibe was very powerful, it was simply made with shitty materials.

    • Good to know, thank you for posting! I did not have this experience myself, but with cheap toys it is often hit and miss. I also have not used it extensively, so perhaps this is why it has lasted me 6 weeks so far.

  2. Yet another torture device looking thing.

    This one is almost as scary looking as that period block tool you showed us on a BlogTV cast.

    Yeah . . .


    No actually I think it’s pretty creative and the fact that it’s pink makes it look a little less harmless. :3

  3. OH MY GOD, Men don’t have chance ;)

    Can you make a video for why men can’t have toys and admit it, because not many know about FleshLight or will admit they have it

    • It depends on the person’s situation and maturity level. For example, I think that wanting a vibrator so she could seem mature or sexy to other people means that she would probably do herself better by waiting a little longer. :)

  4. Thnks for the review, here were i live those arent so easy to acces, but still good to learn about it, this is the first time i see a video u made and you were so … shy? ashamed? (sorry for my english i have a lack of practice), keep doing all of the videos you do, i like them a lot and learn a few stuff.

    • Haha, no problem! I’m not sure why I seem shy! I guess I can be kind of quiet sometimes. Not ashamed though, this would be the wrong hobby for that.

  5. How is this as far as noise? Is it more of the quieter ones, and if not could you recommend one that is especially quiet?

    • The first setting is relatively quiet, the second is like a cell phone vibration and the third is…pretty loud, I think. Something worth noting here is that price and noise level are usually linked when it comes to sex toys. One of my favorite toys is a really quiet but powerful vibrator called the Lelo Liv. It is, however, a gspot vibrator. If you’re looking for clitoral stimulation and/or something more budget-friendly, you might try the Mini Dolphin Wand or Short & Sweet Spice.

  6. This was my first vibrator when I turned 18! I’m a few months away from turning 20 now, and it’s still a toy that works very well for me. The antennae did break off about two months ago, but the ridges of the butterfly’s “body” still do the job. :) It does go through batteries very, very quickly, but for a girl’s first vibe, I agree that it’s a great option.

  7. So, I received this vibe as a present from a friend of mine a couple weeks ago, and I love it so far. It is my first vibe/sex toy, so I think that it would be perfect for beginners. Before I had it, I never masturbated, but now I do it all the time. And that is where my question comes in: is there a healthy limit to masturbation? Can one masturbate too much? I heard that if one masturbates a lot, they can overstimulate the clitoris and it has less feeling over time. Is this true?
    Also, I love all of your videos. I’ve been watching for quite some time and you have made me feel so much better about myself and taught me a lot. Keep up the good work. <3

    • That’s awesome Mellie. To answer your question, you can tell you’re masturbating when it starts to interfere with your daily life. Are you skipping out on social events or school to masturbate? If not, you’re fine! :)

      For most, clitoral numbness from a vibrator can occur temporarily (for about 5-30 minutes afterward) if you use something with too intense of a vibration for you. However, this is not permanent and will not make you lose sensitivity. If you use the intense vibrations very often, however, your temporary numbness may go from 30 minutes of numbness to a couple of days of numbness. But, my understanding is that this is something you will catch before you get to that point and generally isn’t something to sweat over!

  8. Oh, Laci. I simply adore your videos. I’m 18, and I haven’t chosen my first vibe yet, but I’m definitely thinking about one that’s quiet and rechargeable. Any suggestions?

    • I’m glad you like the videos kat! What is your budget for your first? Quiet and rechargeable vibrators are typically features of higher quality toys, so they tend to be more expensive.

  9. My Butterfly Kiss is made from TPR – it said so on the package and the vibe didn’t smell or turn yellowish, or sting my girl bits (like jelly does) so I believe it.

    I have many toys but I like it very much. It’s strong and very versatile – you can use it for just the clit stim and the shaft will bend out of the way. Or you can try penetration – it’s so soft you can really put your back into it without worrying you’ll end up with a bruised cervix the next day. Mine is over a year old, was used 30+ times.

    As for batteries – buy a charger. I’d have bankrupted myself if I hadn’t bought mine all those years ago. In my country rechargables cost 3-9x the cost of ordinary batteries.

  10. Hey Laci!
    This looks like a great beginners toy. Might try it out! I’m only fifteen and have never had sex. I’ve had clitoral orgasms, but I’d love to try a g-spot! But I’m way too tight.. I just don’t know!
    My other problem is, I masturbate the normal way I guess on my clitoris. It works and all. But I find my clit just not as sensitive as it was like four months ago? Thanks Laci! xx

  11. I bought this today and it doesn’t even work on the first try :-( Any thoughts? I’ve even bought new batteries, thinking mine were deffective. The button seems hard to press, so it makes me wonder if it’s just defective.

  12. Thanks for this review Laci! I saw it when you posted it and have been thinking about getting it ever since. Well I finally did. I don’t have the batteries yet so I tried to stimulate my g-spot and it worked BUT I can’t do both at the same time. It’s just not built THAT great and I have to hold the bottom of the shaft with my thumb to help keep it from bending away from my g-spot too much, but mostly, it’s great! Can’t wait to get the batteries and try out the clit performance! Thanks again for all you share.

  13. Hey laci love your videos so so much … Wondering if you could give some tips on purchasing a vibrator or getting someone to purchase it for you if your not old enough and how to bring the topic up with parents … Thanx

  14. This was very informative. I actually just bought this product today and awaiting its arrival lol. It is actually the first sex toy I have ever bought so hope it works and last for me lol. :)

  15. 18. Used my neutrogena wave as a makeshift vibe for many a happy year (thanks neutrogena!). Went off to college. Bought vanity vr3 off of amazon for $90 (an arm and a leg for a broke college student). After a very impatient week I finally receive vanity vr3. Will not unlock. Try charging. Red charging light comes on. Charge for four hours. Still won’t unlock. Charge for 8. Nope. Charge for 12. Nada. After 24 hours I contact customer service, they say I need to send it in for a replacement. Will take three weeks. THREE WEEKS. Not sure how discreet Jopen is. Worried about them shipping it to my school. THREE WEEKS. Order butterfly kiss to “tide me over” if you will while waiting for the replacement. So angry. So angry. Will report back and tell how butterfly kiss is.

  16. About 3days ago, I tried holding the button down to turn it off and it stayed stuck in the setting so I untwisted the battery cap and left it off for a bit. I tried using it today and it just won’t turn on. I’m pretty ticked off =(

  17. Hi Lacie! I really want a vibrator and i thought this one would be a good place to start. I found it on a site that takes paypal (i dont have a credit card), but I’m only 17 and still live with my parents. I would have no issue hiding it because my parents dont go through my stuff (and even if they did id just bring up the fact that my mom has toys and ive seen them by accident whilst looking for makeup in my moms room), but my real problem is having it shipped. While i trust them not to go into my room, idk if i trust them not to open up a package adressed to me. And seeing as the sites claim you must be 18 to order a sex toy, does that mean ill have to get someone who is 18 to sign for me?

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