How To: Female Ejaculate

Here is a follow up to today’s sex+ about squirting. While there is no exact formula to learn to fejac, these are some tips that will make it much easier!

Remember folks, this is alllllll about the g-spot!

Here are my top favs when it comes to g-spot toys:
From lowest to highest quality/price
1. Dream Massager
2. Harmonia
3. Gigi G-Spot
4. Jopen Vanity Vr6 (To see my review on this one, click here!)

Happy fejaculating! <3

PS: in regards to answering questions, please limit it to this topic on this post. thank you! :)

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  1. Thank you Laci! This explains soo much! I always thought I was weird for feeling like I had to pee when I made sure to pee beforehand. Can’t wait to try it out. :D

  2. I figured out I was a squirted during masturbation while I still wasn’t sexually active, and it really embarrassed me. I was terrified of what would happen when I did start having sex, to the point of actually holding back orgasm with my current (and first!) sexual partner.

    Then one day, I finally confessed to him I was a squirter, and you know what he did? He looked at me and said, “Oh my god… That is soooo hot, can you really do that?!” Haha, my embarrassment was gone in an instant. XD

    Thanks for bringing up this really important topic, Laci. I hope other girls like me see it and AREN’T embarrassed of the amazing things their bodies can do. :)

    • Your experience sounds similar to mine. I’m actually still a virgin (22 years old) and during my first experience masturbating, I thought that I had peed on my hand. Totally turned me off from anything sexual. It was incredibly embarrassing and not one of those things I wanted to explain. So, curiosity peeked and I found some info on it. Turns out to be very interesting info on squirting but still kind of freaks me out. Glad to know some people aren’t totally off-put by it.

      • The girl above, whose boyfriend was turned on by it, I would say that is definitely typical. Men like to know we are making are partner feel good. Basically, it would appear to us as a big, sensual, “dramatic” thing displaying how aroused she is. There’s nothing not to like about that.

  3. How do I make sex last longer without wearing my wife out with orgasms? I love foreplay and sex is really just the grand finale for me, but I usuallt wear her out after awhile. I almost feel like she needs a little help desensitizing, but maybe I need to enjoy foreplay less? If we come to the end too quickly I tend to feel a little unsatisfied. I guess I should just calm down. Especially since she can’t exactly just stop enjoying it so much.

    • Training makes you last longer, thats true for both males and females. The more you make her come, the more resilient she becomes to the negative fatigue that follows. Its the same as any physical activity in this respect, really – The more you run, the faster and further you can go, with time.

    • With regards to your message I would say do some research into a couple of things.
      1) I suggest the Book : Way of the Superior Man by David Deida.
      He explains the reasons why men and women treat sex differently and why men just want to get off.
      2) If you really want to give her a crazy experience (like a 15 minute orgasm) try the Doing method. This can be found in the Tim Ferriss Book “The 4 Hour Body” or with some research online. This is like a meditation for both so will help you generate more interest from her so that she is likely to reciprocate.
      3) youtube the welcomed method
      Check it out and see what you think!
      Good luck and have fun!

    • I have the same problem. (But I must say sex is GREAT!) but last a lil to long. Sure woman can come a lot… but there is a stopping point. My boyfriend does the edging thing but to much and last to long. Then i kinda start begging him to come so we can stop. So maybe is our Case Safe words should come in handy.

  4. Laci, My boy friends been asking about anal and I don’t no if its safe, or what I should do to prevent a mess. Can you help.

    • Use a warm water enema to clean your anus before having anal. Then apply lube and let your partner insert 1 finger, and when you get comfortable with that then 2 fingers, then when you get comfortable with that have your partner insert a 3rd finger. Continue foreplay until you’re ready and relaxed. Foreplay should take awhile. Don’t forget about condoms.

    • I don’t know the particulars with enemas, but I’d suggesting take a crap first.

      There are plenty of things online with plenty of excellent recommendations and such.

    • There’s some debate about whether lots and lots of it over the course of many decades can increase risk of this or that, but doing it once won’t hurt anything, IF you do it correctly. If you do it incorrectly, there’s the risk of tearing and infection after tearing, so make sure you have lots of information before you do.

      Number one rule: It should not hurt. If it hurts, you need to go slower. Like with everything else: pain is helpful in that it tells you what is harming your body, and that you shouldn’t do it.

      He shouldn’t pressure you about it, because anxiety makes your sphincter tighten. Relaxation is the key. Someone gave me this advice: Your sphincter is a bit like your eye, in that if you come straight at it, your reflex kicks in and it snaps shut. But if you come at it slow and easy from the side, the reflex isn’t as strong.

      And everything the other person said.

      Also: if anal sex doesn’t interest you, you can always tell him to fuck off. Anal sex could hurt you more than it hurts him, and if he’s the one getting all the fun out of it, that’s hardly fair.



  5. I’ve seen a whole movie on how to make a girl squirt and the guy just had to finger the girl’s g-spot and she squirted

    • A lot of these things are exaggerated, especially in porn. When you have sex with a woman, don’t expect her to squirt the second you hit the g-spot. Only 6% of women do this regularly.

  6. The first time I had sex, I ejaculated. I had no idea what happened, freaked out, and started yelling at my boyfriend, thinking that he had already cum all over me. LMAO. I love that you are covering topics and concerns that people don’t normally talk about openly. Providing this information to us is really helpful. And certainly if I had known then what I know now, that night would have ended differently. LOL. Thank you, Laci.

  7. I love you sooo much, Laci! I swear you make all of these videos right when I need them. I was talking to my boyfriend about this the other day and he asked me about it and I was like “I really don’t know.” Lol, love your videos!

  8. Squirting is fantastic so kudos for helping people become comfortable with it and enjoy it. You’re the best Laci!

  9. I have a question Miss Green. It is logical and of course the correct action to cater to the majority of your audience. It is for obvious reasons. You of then must agree that your content revolves around one side of scale. You have always come across as the kind of person that fights for the little guy and yet I find it strange that you have yet to cover this particular topic. The topic I am referring to is that of the asexual. The ones that exist on what one might call the 0 point on the number-line of sex. They are a community of people that society ignores and considers a joke. The “this cannot be, you must be sick” mentality takes a strong hold when it comes to them. Before I ask why you have not made a video or mentioned asexuality aside from your definitions page, I would like to ask something less related. Why is it that humans today are so reckless with their sexuality, and do you think that in comparison to the more controlled conditions of the past, that today’s exposure of sexuality is more damaging or beneficial to the species.

    • Laci’s messages are Sex+(positive). While asexuality(no sex), isn’t necessarily negative, it is not positive either. It seems that sexuality is more natural than asexuality. It begs the question, why asexual? And when you write, “reckless with their sexuality”, does that mean, enjoying their sexuality? I am sincerely concerned. Peace.

      • Why asexual?
        I’m going to have to make some assumptions here. If you are referring to sexual behavior as a norm as apposed to it. There is no relevance in your question. It is like talking about corrosion resistant steel and then saying why make creep resistant steel? No matter how small an occurrence is to the majority of the fact, does not mean it is to be ignored. You do not ignore the 0 on your number line just because it has no quantitative value.

        Human natality is at it’s highest in history. More particularly the majority of this count lies in adolescents. The disease rate is also at a historic high. again in the young population. Today’s media and social general in command dictate and teach people to be more sexual. You can sit and pretend like it is not as bad as it sounds because you personally and perhaps the people around you may practice safe sex, but you cannot deny the overwhelming majority of people that clearly are not following protocol. So if you are saying that the high disease count and natality levels are simply a product of people having fun. Then you should be concerned

        • Hello Zero One.
          And first of all I ask you to pardon my non-native english.
          Sexuality or Asexuality? Might be a double edged sword. It’s getting easier and easier to taste the “forbidden fruit” at a younger age, specially when the adults say “don’t do it”; on the other hand, if you live in a more open minded community, you’ll still want to try it because it “is freaking awesome!!”. The idea here is : Everything sells sex AND the idea of sex (and furthermore, what sex should be or feel like), as if we are being peer-pressured to reach that part of “adulthood”. Unfortunately this brings issues as natality and disease spread, as you refered.
          As for assexuality, I suppose it might be a healthy practice not to rush things and play it safe. Although, we humans act a lot on instinct(I think it is still a fundamental part of our “programming”, be it right or wrong), and some of our psychological issues come from denying ourselves the chance to indulge, and of course the sexual instinct plays a great part on all this. I think the big issue here is the boundary between sexuality and assexuality itself, and also believe this boundary is unique in each person. How to draw it? It’s a mystery, to me.
          All I can say is this comment reflects my sexual experience. As a heterossexual man, I lost my virginity at 17 and the sexual experiences that followed lacked a lot of insight and maturity, as I yearned for something which was not quite yet formulated in my mind. A few years later, I met a girl with whom I had a deep relationship and our first physical experiences gave birth to my “real” sexual instinct(my own feelings towards sex and willingness to perform, my feelings about my partner’s pleasure, my boundaries, etc…). So to me, this sexual boundary was drawn as a mix between my age, previous experiences and “right” partners. As I already know this won’t enlight the conversation, I hope I made my story clear and that maybe other people feel the same. Kind regards

          • After considering what you’ve said. I can compare it to the thoughts of many individuals in that your thought pattern is not unique. I do know that it is part of human programming to be incredibly selfish. You made a claim about wanting to please your partner and a connection, but take things a step back. The core focus of doing something for your partner is to get something back no matter how you sugar coat it. If your lover offered you pleasure after you had pleasured her it is extremely unlikely that you’d respond by saying “no thanks, that was for you. I’m going to go do other things now”.

            you talk about how its easier to taste the forbidden fruit, especially when more experienced humans instruct their the youth not to.The simple drawn conclusion is that clearly something is wrong, there is no discipline or acknowledgement of the advise of the elders. Such behavior should not be tolerated. The human race did not progress because of its defiance and lack of discipline. It progressed because it was humbled by the supremacy and shear awesomeness of the world around them. for beings at this stage of their technological capacity, yielding to primal urges is greatly insulting to what they’ve become.
            The world currently as you said is more focused on selling sex than advancing as a species. I may be focusing on sex now, but there are other things in human behavior that are great hindrances. I ask when will humans grow up and take a step to work for their existence as a species and not as individuals. Divided they shall fall.

            As for asexuality, my point of discussing it is merely to present a view point that is not explored or ever talked about. it is like speaking of Buddha in a church. There are other stories to be told when it comes to sexuality, why must we be so biased?

            • To Zero One:
              I know making assumptions is usually a bad course of action, but judging by our passion on the subject of asexuality, I’m guessing that either you, yourself, identify as asexual or someone very close to you is.
              Reading through both your comments and the replies of others, it seems like the major debate is whether being sexual or asexual is better- as if one is superior to the other. I am not asexual, so I would not try to speak for those who identify as such. Instead, I will speak for myself: a sexual being in a monogamous relationship. Now, I want to address this perceived debate.
              I cannot argue that the rate of STDs is the highest it’s ever been among young people. In fact, I recently heard that number of young people and teens with AIDS has suddenly risen in this country. Would that not be the case were more people asexual? Well, yes, it probably would. However, I don’t think that it is wrong to identify as a sexual person. Really, I believe that it is our country’s obsession with making children grow up while simultaneously glorifying overly promiscuous behavior that is the real problem. Combine this with a sexual education system that in no way attempts to actually relate to the young people of today, and you get the result we see all around us. And, while yes, sex “sells”, are we to blame the buyers who haven’t been taught to turn away, or the producers who know full-well what it is they do?
              I agree that the asexual community is largely-overlooked and stigmatized, and I will once again throw the blame on our education system. People fear that which they do not know or understand- a fact I’m sure you all too well. In following that same thread, perhaps that is why you seem to think so negatively of people who are not asexual. While I sympathize with you, I would caution against placing so much blame of our society’s problems on sexual beings. It is not human sexuality- which comes in so many forms- that is the problem, but our like of understanding and education.
              In regards to Laci’s videos, I will echo Alex by saying that I’m sure that asexuality is a topic that she will cover once she can. As it stands, she seems to be going through a rough time now (based on her last post), so I think this situation calls for a little faith in her and patience on your part.

              • This is hands down one of the best trollings I have ever seen in my life! While I support the message of the channel/blog, god these followers are some of the most desperately politically correct people in the world. “Sorry, I don’t really know what you’re talking about biologically, but I’m sure you consider yourself asexual.” Wow! I simply applaud this well conceived act of trolling. Bravo sir, BRAVO!

    • I don’t think Laci has done every video that she has ever planned on doing yet. I’m sure she has a video or blog post in mind for everything she can think of, but she is only one person so give her a bit of slack. She doesn’t have to make these videos for us.

    • While there is a popular view amongst conservative Christians that all this open sexuality is destroying society the only real change is that the sexuality is OPEN which means there is more information more readily available than ever. This means that more people are practicing safer and more enjoyable sex which can only be a good thing.
      Despite what the right-wingers would like us to believe the amount of sexual activity really has changed much and the rate of teen pregnancy is actually falling quite steadily due to more effective use of contraceptives.
      As far as being more beneficial or damaging to the species; sex is how we reproduce, and the use of contraceptives aside more sex will generally produce more children, increasing genetic diversity as well as ensuring the survival of the species. It would be difficult if not impossible to argue that either of those outcomes is detrimental to the species.

      • Let us observe Chlamydia in the USA
        in 1997 the stats report about 500000 cases
        In 2009 the stats report about 1,2million cases
        It seems the safer sex claim has been debunked.
        In terms of teenage pregnancy, the rate is down a bit, but what they lost in pregnancy count they gained in disease count and then some.
        So…No people aren’t having safer sex now that it’s open. They’re doing the opposite.

        People who use the procreation argument generally don’t consider what happens after you have more people. Resources are spent fueling a growing population that the planet cannot sustain, it is becoming harder and harder to cater for the population count. So while you have a genetically diverse species, they’re rapidly running out of the means to sustain themselves. food, shelter and security provided to over 7 billion people on the planet. This was not possible when the population was as 3 billion. so what are the rest to do? If you consider the effects of overpopulation non-detrimental then every zoologist and biologist that has ever mentioned this as a negative factor is an idiot and should be cast off the top of the mountain.

        • “Cases of chlamydia have increased every year bar one since reporting began in 1984. Much of this rise can be attributed to the expansion of chlamydia screening activities, use of more sensitive screening tests, and improvements in the reporting system. Yet despite such developments, many people who have chlamydia do not know they are infected. Increased availability of urine testing is hoped to increase the number of men tested for chlamydia. ”
          From Avert, an international AIDS charity. Get your facts straight.
          Also, from the same charity’s website: Gonorrhea rates between 1997 and 2009 have gone DOWN ~10.5%

          Also, quote your sources. Mine, for example:
          (If comments are not allowed to contain URLs, I apologize, but I don’t like to post facts without including where I got them from.)

  10. I love your videos! I found it took both g-spot and clitoris stimulation, and lots of it, to make me ejaculate. The attention and time it takes to get there is better then the ejaculation itself lol

  11. what helps me is sitting on top of him as he’s in the sitting position and grinding against him while he’s inside guaranteed to make me squirt. it’s just a recommendation if people are having trouble. maybe its just me who knows but it’s worth a try

  12. Does a condom have to be used in anal sex? If not, is there a procedure going from anal to vaginal sex without a condom?

    • in the case of multiple penetrations, it is always a good idea to use a condom for one of the two, it honestly doesnt matter which, but it is a good idea to use a condom in one of the two as the anus/bowels contain bacteria which can cause infections and health problems if transfered to the vagina, if you really dont want to use a condom for either anal or vaginal sex, have him wash himself thoroughly with an antibacterial soap or go from vaginal sex to anal sex and then wash afterwards

  13. You are exactly right Laci! My (now ex) boyfriend found out about this first and wanted to try it out. It took a lot of encouragement, an open mind, and I think the key was, like you said, to just relax and let go. It took us a couple tries because I thought it too embarrassing that I might pee and then it just got to such an amazing point that all thought / worry was gone and TADA! Mission accomplished haha We were both a little stunned at first, but he thought it was awesome and it felt sooo good for me. Personally, I find my orgasims way more intense when I ‘squirt’ both from the release but also because I’m so relaxed and blissed out. Other guys have also found this ‘trick’ to be amazing haha

    For me the key points are:
    - relaxation
    - stimulation of the clit
    - and more often then not, stimulation / pressure on my G-spot!

    Oh Laci, where were you 6 years ago! <3

  14. The first time that I ejaculated was around 2005/2006. I have had the life-long habit of holding my pee for a very long time. One day, I was focused on something very arousing. Even though I didn’t cum, I achieved ejaculation by arching my back and pushing my butt backward while having a full bladder. The orgasm was so intense that I blacked out. Fast forward to the next couple of years, and they just start to happen naturally. Sometimes I think I’ve peed myself, but I have a sensitive bladder and I leak often, so I think “Oh, what the hell”. Much to my surprise, I go to the bathroom to pee, then when I wipe, and **entire palm full** of a mucus-like substance ends up on the toilet paper. Sometimes there’s so much of it that I need to wipe three times. I typically ejaculate once or twice when I’m on my period. As far as whether or not it feels better than cumming, my experience DEFINITELY says yes because the sensation is warmer, smoother, and it leaves the skin around the G-spot **tingling for hours**.

    Just my experience.

  15. Quick question. Okay, so this has been going on for a while and idk if it’s normal or if it’s all in my head or what but the sensation described with squirting sounds very similar to the feeling I get when either someone or myself rubs my clitoris. I’ve never been able to really enjoy myself because of it and I was wondering if that kind of stimulation could also cause it? I have had some kind of liquid come out before that’s why I’m asking mainly…

  16. I did “this” by accident, to me, it was the most pleasurable feeling I have ever felt and my then boyfriend(now husband)was very understanding. As he said, was thrilled that he could pleasure me to the point that I “came” xD

  17. Thanks so much Laci. The first time it happened to me I was mortified, luckily my boyfriend knew instantly what had happened so I accepted it. I’m just worried men find it disgusting in future!

  18. Just if people don’t say it enough, I think it is great you educate people about things like this. One of the things I hate most about America is its horrendous sex education…which either strongly encourages abstinence or solely speaks about abstinence (source: wikipedia). The result is that USA has the highest teen birth rate in the industrialized world. Holland (country of free prostitution?) has such an open sex education and has one of the lowest teen birth rates in the world, and it’s sex education is used as a model for other European countries. So basically America’s “good, christian” nation is a bit backwards…and I think it’s great that you spread your healthy messages out every week :)

    BTW I actually don’t like squirting. It might be the fact that there’s a mess, or the “pee” sensation, but even the orgasm itself is less intense and more “weird” than when I don’t squirt. Maybe it’s just me.

  19. For the guys ( or girls ) out there.

    There is this great video floating around on various porn streaming websites called “How to make her squirt”.

    Opposite to the generally unrealistic material produced by the porn industry, this video is a genuine guide on how to get your partner ready to squirt. It’s starts with an extensive how-to on a relaxing message, followed by a tutorial of what kind of finger techique to use that is most effective.

    I saw this video a couple of years ago and it’s really useful, although I would like to point out that it’s not a generate that it will have to same results for your.

    Also, from my own experience it’s not only a great lesson on how to make a woman squirt. I’ve noticed that the finger technique used ( which is a little rough, but completely painless ) is also a great way to “loosen up” your partner if she is really tight or when you are really big. It will make it much easier to insert your penis afterwards.

    And as always, have fun! Sex is a 2 player game! ;)

    • The how to make her squirt video is actually a great video. Chicks take it from me not only can it possibly make you squirt but it feels so so good.

  20. Laci! i have a question it doesnt have to do with this vid tho!
    My problem is i have NEVER had a guy feel me cum! I’m pretty sure i do but they never feel me!!! Is this normal! How can i make this better for them? i just feel like i’m not giving them what they want out of it like its a one sided deal!
    Also after i “cum” my hips get REALLY bad cramps and i have to get off before im finished! What might that be?
    Thank you so much for making these videos!!! HUGS!!

    • Ok, so here’s the deal Taylor. There is this technique called “Kegles.” Basically its learning how to contract the muscles in the vagina. Like any other muscle, the more you work it out, the stronger it gets. Stronger vagina muscles means you can contract harder and the guy is more likely to feel you come. These muscles contract during orgasm, but you can also learn to contract them on your own. Basically all you have to to is tense up your anus and try to suck it in of sorts. You will definitely feel it if you’re doing it right. Then you repeat. The wonderful thing about this exercise is you can do it DURING intercourse before your orgasm (my ex-boyfriend always loved that a lot. I’m with a woman now so this skill really does me no good) But its not limited to intercourse. I’ve been known to sit at my desk and do this exercise. No one can tell what you’re doing, or than you’re doing anything, and you’re secretly improving your sex life. I hope this helps!

      • So i dont want to involve my anus in sex! i hate “butt sex” so thats WAY out of the question. and i know how to make myself cum it the fact that others dont feel me?

  21. Hey Laci, there is something about me and my girlfriend’s sexlife that I want to ask you about.
    Everyone else is of course welcome to add anything too.
    When my girlfriend and I have vaginal intercourse, she usually comes very early, long before I do.
    Now this wouldn’t be so bad, if she wanted to have multiple orgasms, but usually she just wants to stop after the first or second one, which leaves me frustrated in two ways. One, often times I don’t cum. Two, It doesn’t allow me to really pleasure her the way I want to, long, with a lot of foreplay and possibly in multiple positions.
    I often end up jerking off till orgasm in the shower afterwards, because I find handjobs in-erotic and she dislikes oral sex.

    I know that these might be symptoms of some underlying problem in our relationship, but I can’t figure out what that might be, so that’s why I’m asking you whether you happen to have some insight on this.

    I would strongly appreciate some advice or different perspectives on this.

    Thanks everyone XOXO


    • Without knowing anything else about your relationship, it sounds like you two may not be compatible sexually. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, and, from what you’ve said, having sex with her is not. Before you think I’m telling you to just call it quits, I think you should talk to her. Us girls usually like talking things out (a generalization I know, but one that typically holds true). You say she usually stops sexual activity after she orgasms, and besides that, she comes quite a while before you do. It sounds to me like she’s either extremely sensitive, or, unfortunately for you, that she just doesn’t like sex and has been faking to get out of it as quickly as possible. (The latter I’m basing off of you saying that she doesn’t like oral sex and that is is really quite rare for women to be as sensitive as you make her sound- although, of course, it could be the way you’re stimulating her that’s really throwing a wrench into things.) Whatever the case may be, you need to talk with her and tell her how you feel- but be sure to hear her side. This shouldn’t be about you letting off sexually-frustrated steam, but a discussion between the two of you. Anyway, good luck! :)

  22. Oh I forgot something, when she has cum, she tells me that everything is too sensitive and that she just can’t bear it, which I of course understand.
    Might there be something we can do about that?

    • My fiancee has complained about the same sensitivity. I think this was mentioned before in the comments already, but it’s just an issue of getting used to the feeling. Have patience with her and work her up to more and more orgasms without her getting too sensitive. Also, stop whatever odd thought process that is stopping you from enjoying handjobs, and I’d recommend helping her get over her problems with oral. Maybe I’m too bold, but I think it’s both unhealthy to view handjobs as non-erotic, or at least not liking them, as well as not being okay with oral. If she’s comfortable with your body then she should be comfortable with your genitals, and the same goes for you. I can’t advise you on how to do any of these things though sorry :S

  23. Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t like squirting. It makes me uncomfortable, its messy and makes it more difficult for me to orgasm. I can’t control it and it makes me hold back. It also makes me really uncomfortable particularly if it’s the first time with a person.
    This may be a silly question Laci, but is there anyway I can stop or control it so I can just enjoy my self.

  24. Literally was googling this before saying, “fuck it, it’s Saturday maybe Laci has a video”. Fucking awesome timing. Recently I was becoming self concious about the bladder sensations with my g-spot, like, fuck, is this normal? I found this video to address the g-spot/fem ejec. very helpful. As always, thanks Laci!

  25. Real quick…. I know, being a guy, if I’m about to cum, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to pee. Is that not true for a female? Further, if it is as well impossible for a female to cum and pee at the same time, wouldn’t “the exercise” be entirely safe from peeing all over the place?

    • It’s my understanding that the prostate gland closes off access from the bladder so that semen can go through the urethra alone. You could think of it like a switch on a train track. Pre-cum may even be nature’s way of rinsing it out first. But it’s the prostate that prevents urinating and ejaculating simultaneously. Since women don’t have a prostate, the same result can’t hold true unless they have something else performing the same function. As far as I’ve heard, they don’t.

    • While i was certainly surprised the first time i “squirted” and the feeling is somewhat similar to the feeling of having to pee (but much more INTENSE) I never mixed up peeing and ejaculation. For several reasons:
      1: peeing NEVER felt that damn good
      2: it doesn’t come out as a stream, more like an explosion/ burst of liquid
      3: I cannot pee just before or just after cumming… it feels like something is switched over or something, like I try to take a quick trip to the bathroom during sex if I can feel pressure on my bladder (from the guy laying on top) but it takes like several minutes of concentration and focus to get my body to release the urine, and i feel like i have to really push and force my bladder to empty like the pathway is constricted or something. Peeing right after sex is slightly less difficult but still requires me to breath and focus and sometimes in my head I actually TELL my body “come on, just…. peeeeee”

  26. My girlfriend has been in past relationships, and has done this before, but had no idea what it was called. When we had sex it happened and I was turned on by it, I guess her exs thought it was gross, but I can say it was fun for the both of us. Laci you are the best. Keep up the great work you do =)

  27. lol. If you look at the frozen picture before you click “play” and watch the video, it looks like Laci’s about to demonstrate how this fejaculating thing works herself. “LACI!” I thought, “Crossing the line! Crossing the line!”

  28. I tried this a few horus ago, ofcourse my bf is a BIT impatient but we learned to compramise a bit, xD;;

    But my bf wants to know about prejaculate. He has been asking some sexual health proffesionals around our area but I thought that maybe you could dabble into this. He seemes rather incapable of producing any and he and I are worried we’re getting something wrong >_>;

  29. When you do learn it, can you actually stop it the next time you orgasm or does it always happen once you’ve learned it? i can imagine being in orgasm-situations you don’t want to squirt fluid all around ^^”

    • Well, yes, I suppose so. Most women (as far as I know) can have multiple orgasms, and having an orgasm during foreplay can make a woman more sensitive during sex. Of course, there’s also something to be said about bringing her really, really close several times during foreplay that can have the same effect. With that, it’s really about knowing your partner and how her body works- and what she likes.

    • As a “requirement,” I would say no, female orgasm and/or ejaculation isn’t necessarily part of foreplay. However, I would recommend that any man should consider trying to make sure she comes during or shortly after foreplay, if for no reason other than to make sure she isn’t left unsatisfied if you’re the “come, then roll over and sleep” type. I haven’t finished reading it myself yet, but I recommend the book, “She Comes First: the Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman” by Ian Kerner, Ph.D.

  30. Thank you so much for covering this! I recently had sex with my boyfriend and a waterfall came out. lol And ever since, I’ve been looking up information on it just to find out what exactly happened with my body, and I really didn’t find too much. Thanks again Laci!

  31. This makes me feel SO much better. I’m one who gets SUPER embarrassed when I fejaculate. My fiancé manages to make me fejaculate during foreplay. But yeah, thankyou for clearing this up for me. Although he finds it really hot, I find it really weird, but yeah, cool. I’m normal! haha.

  32. Ah thanks Laci! I love how open you are about every subject, that’s very helpful!
    Gonna try it right now haha! :’)

  33. well for me squirting really just happens.i cant control it and I dont really know its going to happen until it does.i used to be really embarrassed about it but now that im with a stable partner who enjoys it,it is a lot more comfortable for me and actually helps out sex life and has really opened new doors.

  34. Yesterday me and my boyfriend were doing stuff in my car and it was a first time for me. With anything sexual, I mean. He found my g-spot (which was surprising) but I didn’t orgasm because it felt like I was gonna pee. I guess I know what that was now

  35. Great job with this couple of videos. There are few things i’ve seen that make a woman more uncomfortable about reaching orgasm than squirting. Because there’s so much fear that it could be pee. It doesn’t look, taste, or smell anything like pee but it’s that doubt born of being unaware of what their body is doing. I’ve also helped a couple of my partners be able to squirt and be comfortable with squirting. Once my partner was incredibly embarrassed, but after talking with her and everything once she understood what was happening she grew to be more comfortable with it.

    thanks for trying to dispel the ignorance and bestowing the knowledge.

  36. Thank you so much for covering this. I was always curious about this, as it happened once unexpectedly when I was with my first boyfriend.

    In your video you mentioned requiring stimulation of the g-spot, but I have never ‘squirted’ (I know its not sex-positive, but I am not the craziest about this term) from intercourse, only from clitoral stimulation.

    Thanks again, not just for this video, but for your consistently interesting and thought-provoking content!

  37. The reflexes necessary to trigger the release of urine are disabled during arousal in men and I believe (given the limited amount of research on the subject) that this is equally true of women.

    Every partner I’ve had that didn’t realize she could ejaculate was holding back what she thought was the urge to pee, and not once was that ever the case after convincing them that it was okay to let it happen. Once this mental block was overcome squirting became second nature to my partners and there has never been an “accident” involving urine no matter how strongly a partner was certain that she was going to pee, even with a very full bladder.

    As a note of precaution, I’ve had several partners new to squirting cause minor tears in their urethras from the force of gushing (literally) so much fluid at once, but this stopped being a problem once their bodies became accustomed to ejaculating. There was one time when the tear was enough to cause quite a bit of bleeding, but a trip to the doctor confirmed there was nothing to worry about and it never happened again, so try not to freak out if there’s a little bit of blood now and then after particularly intense orgasms/ejaculations.

    The issue then becomes a practical one as squirting even once, never mind several times per session, can easily soak through two towels, two sheets, a quilted mattress cover, all the way down to the mattress; thus a new mental block of not wanting to “ruin” the mattress develops that will also need to be addressed. (For the record, I don’t consider minor stains that no-one else is ever going to see to be “ruining” the mattress provided you give it enough time to air out properly.)

  38. Actually, finding the G-spot is very easy. It has a completely different texture than the rest of the interior vaginal walls. It’s almost “Ribbed” in feeling.

  39. i was sooo confused when it happend to me at first… i thought i´d have peed and was sooooo embarrased. but then i recogniced it wasnt pee :D:D couldnt stop laughing:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D my boyfriend too. very funny experience buut felt like peeing myself so i really dont need it once more :D
    but lets see what my body plans to do :D:D:D

  40. Omg Laci, it’s so great you’re informing everybody on this! When I first found out I was a gusher, it was not sexy and I felt weird and gross at the thought of me peeing all over. BUT I’ve come to terms with it, and emptying your bladder is KEY, AN ABSOLUTE MUST to enjoying this experience. Too many of us stop for fear that we’re gonna actually pee, just empty that bladder before hand girls and go to town! Well said!

  41. @KADC OMGosh YES!! After coming to terms with this newly found talent, comes a new fear and it’s that I’m going to soak through and “ruin” the clean sheets… This has stopped me (again) even after the liberating experience of allow myself to do this in the first place. Oy vey! Laci, any words on this?

  42. For partners trying to help a woman squirt, check out the White Tiger Tantra DVD. Even if you don’t make her squirt, the information within this DVD along with some practice, will make you hell of a lot better lover.

  43. I really want to have my first orgasm with my fingers, like you said is the better way, but I find that it’s an awkward position for my hand/fingers when i’m trying to find my g-spot and they get really sore really fast. Is there possibly a more comfortable way to do this?

    • It’s the more popular way, not necessarily the BETTER way. Something else might work better for you! It depends on why your fingers are sore. Are they sore because you can’t reach? In that case, I also have this problem, so I use a gspot toy. Or…are they sore because they’re tired? In this case, using them more will make them stronger ;). You might also check that you’re doing this in the most efficient position–entering from over your tummy.

  44. Thanks so much Lacy. I don’t think women get told the truth about this enough. For me I always assumed it was something that just happened in porn and I could never do it. Well my bf and I have a wonderful relationship and he has taught me about it. Personally I think talking about it the way you do(explaining what it is and what happens and how do do it) with him helps just as much as the physical work you do. For me, it was much more in my head and my fears and previously held beliefs that needed to be over come more than finding the right place. I think the fear of peeing all over the bed or a strange partner response to it really throws a lot of women off… I would encourage people to share this video with their partner! Knowledge can really help a woman know that its ok and normal and that you are interested. But like you said, pressure will prevent it from happening. I think if you TRY to do it, you tense the muscles or something and it wont’ happen! Lacy, do you have any tips for getting out of your head enough to be able to do this? Thats my personal issue… Oh and P.S. the bath is a GREAT and more comfortable place to practice this with your partner! No fear of mess!

    • Great tips, leslie! For me, getting out of my head about anything comes from complete trust in myself, or in this case, myself and my partner. Building trust requires time, communication, and of course…affirmation! When you really trust yourself, it’s more acceptable to be vulnerable to your fears, and you can let go. Same with a partner.

      Also, just being generally sex positive in life helps you relax about these things as they take a new light. :)

  45. I have one question.
    When I rub my g-spot it sweel and I gush an insane amaunt, but I don’t reach an orgasm. Why is that? It bothers me so much. Can you please replay.
    Thank you

  46. LOL!!! Oh my goodness. I was having sex with my boyfriend and I was freaking out because I kept thinking that I was going to pee on him and I kept telling him that I was gonna pee and he needed to stop. He thought it was funny but I didn’t I didn’t want to pee on him O_O So we took a break and I went pee…. Guess that wasn’t exactly what it was xD lmao
    Thanks Laci, you are awesome :)

  47. oooo?i be thinking i gotta go to the bathroom,lol. next time i’ma sock it to him,lol, he gonna be like what the fuck was tht, lmao! if it smells then oops… i pee’d, how confusing.

  48. laci, me and my gf have normal sex, and we both have been thinking about anal, we dont know anything about it, is it safe? should we use condoms? or not? she even asked if she can get pregnant for it, so just asking for tips

  49. This video should be required viewing for most men and probably almost forced on all women. The number of girls I’ve been with who have been just shocked when I hit the g-spot is astounding. Sadly this isn’t because they didn’t expect me to know how to find it but because THEY don’t know how to find it. That seems to me to be the equivalent of a man trying to reach an orgasm without knowing where his dick was.
    Seriously girls, if you haven’t had that wonderful little button pushed you have been robbed.

  50. Ok so here’s the deal…
    I consider myself still in the learning stage, I’m not sexually experienced, I’ve only ever been with one guy etc.
    I masterbate a lot and can always achieve clitorql orgasms by myself.
    The problem is a few things: (haha omg I’ve got a list)
    .I can’t have clitoral orgasms during sex
    .I absolutely cannot find the g spot, I’ve tried up, down, side to side! I even bought the GiGi trying to find it!
    .I can’t (and desperately want to) have vaginal orgasms (let alone squirt) during sex and masterbation.

    What the hell is wrong. It’s incredibly frustrating. Any advice?

    • It sounds like the stress of all of that might be getting in the way.

      Try not to think about and focus on having an orgasm like it’s some kind of goal. Instead, just focus on the how you feel. If something feels good to you, do it. And don’t be afraid to try new and different things. There are so many places on the human body that are sensitive besides your genitals themselves. For example, I’ve found that lightly running my fingertips over my sides is really erotic.

      I think women can also feel pressured to be these highly-sexual beings that can come and squirt all over the place just from a finger in their vagina, which obviously isn’t true for the majority. Just try different touches or even different environments (i.e. a soft washcloth in a steamy bath) with the idea that it’s “you time”: a time just to relax and enjoy your body.

      Hope this was helpful.

  51. This explains SO much!
    one question though, would you suggest having sex in the bathroom or shower? Because my gf tends to soak the sheets and the mattress as well

  52. Sounds like Laci is a squirter!!
    All jokes aside, my wife and I learned about hitting that spot 7 years ago. I am so glad we did, I lvoe it when she does it. Make me feel like I’m actually doing something right when she cums. I feel bad for girls that haven’t experienced the real deal even if they do not squirt. #LaciGreen!!!

  53. I tried to do this with my husband, I made sure to pee beforehand so when I felt like I needed to I just let it go. And I ended up accidentally peeing on my husband! It was so embarrassing. And he wants to try again! Sigh.

  54. Ugh! I’ve really been trying to learn how to do this and I have gotten very close to where I felt like I needed to pee and I did empty out my blatter beforehand. But when I tried to push nothing came out. :( what am I doing wrong? I’ll be so sad if I’m just not a squirter. My bf really wants to see me squirt! And I do to!

    • JENI! Do NOT put all this pressure on yourself to squirt, and don’t let your boyfriend do it either. :)

      I never really understand when people say it feels like they need to be.. because i get a whole ‘nother feeling, entirely. It’s much, much more pleasurable than pissing, for me. But any who. Do NOT feel like you’re doing something wrong, either! One thing that could be preventing you from cumming/squirting, is you may be waiting too long to push. As soon as you start to climax, push, and make sure to stimulate your clit; always helps. But, be open to the possibility that you may not be a squirter! You can still cum. :) Just takes practice. Don’t make that the goal and the only point of having sex though, let it /cum/ naturally! ;D

      Pun. ^-^

  55. I love seeing what everyone has to say, but i feel so bad for the women who don’t know about female ejaculation.. It’s in my opinion, the most pleasureable physical feeling one can have. Like Laci said, it’s different for all women, but if i orgasm without cumming, which isn’t very often, i feel disappointed. You still get the sensation from the orgasm, but cumming is like icing on the cake. Having never had sex, i don’t feel pressured in any way when i don’t cum, it’s just SO much better for me when i do. This definitely needs to get taught to women more.. those who don’t find some way to educate themselves are often left clueless, embarassed, etc. When in fact, they should be proud of the ability and they should be embracing their sexuality. I feel iv had a very lucky experience with all of this, iv never had to be confused or embarassed about it. :) Good luck, girlies.

  56. Ok so whenever i get done with sex i always end up having to pee but if i’ve been more aroused then usual i end up peeing wayy longer then i normally would. Does this mean that i could have squirted during sex and it was stuck there until i peed?

  57. Dear Laci, I have recently realized I am a squirter at first I wasn’t sure what was happening until I started watching your videos. It happens to me a lot even when I am doing non sexual things I will just squirt. :/ I don’t know how to control it any thoughts?

  58. So. I am a squirter. And my boyfriend likes it and so do it. lol. But my problem in lies here: My clit is super UN sensitive. and it takes A LOT of pressure to make me climax. G spot is way different that is super sensitive. But sometimes it would be nice to not have to use the shower head to orgasm when I masterbate. Idk what i can do to make my clit more sensitive or if that’s just how my body is. I’ve tried arousal creams but that hasn’t worked. And most vibrators don’t work for me. it has to be really strong and with a lot of pressure. So idk what to do. Any suggestions?

    • Has your boyfriend tried sucking on your clitoris? Doing so causes blood to rush into it and thus makes it more sensitive. Also, being blindfolded ca heighten your sense of touch.

      Bottom line, though, do what works for you. Don’t feel like you’re “abnormal” or that you “should” have a more sensitive clitoris. Everyone’s body is different.

    • Maybe it’s just how your body works, because everyone is different. Personally I’ve only once had a g-spot orgasm because, like your clitoris, I need A LOT of pressure, for quite a long time.So I only come clitorally…

      But from what I’ve read you can come with your g-spot and clitoris? In that case – many women are jealous of you…

  59. I never really get much pleasure out of my gspot, pretty much all of it comes from my clitoris. However when I get close I often squirt. Even though its just clitoral stimulation. This actually annoys me because if I’m outside of the shower I have to put down towels otherwise it makes a mess. But I can’t seem to orgasm without it happening. And I’m worried how my partner will react once I start doing things with him. Even though I know I shouldn’t be… :\

    • I have the same thing! When I’m mastubating clitorally and I’m super aroused or going for my 3rd orgasm or something, I squirt as well. Only for me it’s just a little bit of fluid, but I do feel it and it’s when I’m orgasming. It’s also when my muscles are very tight (these days I prefer a sitting position), so maybe you will be less likely to squirt when you’re laying down? I don’t know?

      I hope you don’t worry too much about squirting when someone is with you. I guess he’ll probably be totally fine with it. One of my roommates hung out with this girl who squirted as well, and he was totally in love with it. Also – personally I think that it’s always nice to see someone orgasm, especially if I made that person orgasm! So don’t worry hunny.

  60. I had a couple of partners that could relax enough to squirt, however, the first partner that could squirt had a problem with squirting on my face during oral sex. She always felt she was going to pee, which she never did.

    My advice to all females, just relax.

  61. i’ve squirted for years and i never knew what it was. i thought i was just peeing or something. my boyfriend told me and i thought i was weird but hes super excited about it. he absolutely loves it. the only downside is the bed gets soaked a lot!

  62. Female Ejaculate is hot! There should be no shame for the ladies in this. Partners who don’t appreciate might need some education, or left.

  63. thank you SO much, Laci! you are the most badass feminist ever. I’m totally one of those females who never comes during sex from “holding back”…having ejaculated accidentally now a couple of times, i realize that it’s totally the key to knowing my body and trusting it, even enough to come during sex!

  64. Thank you so much for explaining this! I’ve been so embarrassed every time I’ve squirted. I always thought is was pee, especially when sooo much of it came out! Now I can be proud and stand up for my body!

  65. Hi, my boyfriend always gets me REALLY close to squirting but when I feel like I’m about to pee I start to feel a lot of presure and it hurts so much we have to stop… anyone know what I’m talking about and why it happens/how to help or stop it?

  66. I read somewhere, that it’s physiologically impossible to pee while you are having an orgasm, so I think that that isn’t a problem.

  67. So that’s the feeling I get when I masturbate LoL, I always pull back because I think I’m going to pee….so I may be a “squirter”. I may have to see the release all the way through next time. By the way, you’re amazing thanks for all the great info!!

  68. Oh my gosh… I think this may have happened to me…

    I was so embarrassed that I didn’t want to tell anybody. I thought I had actually peed on him and I freaked out and ran from the room and wouldn’t come out of the bathroom. I didn’t realize that female ejaculation came from the same hole as pee… This makes so much sense and is so much less embarrassing.

    The more you know, right?

    I do have a question though… if anybody still reads over these…
    How can you tell the difference? Can you tell the difference when it’s coming out? I’m guessing it’s still warm since it was inside your body. So how you can tell? Or can you, without ruling out pee because you went to the bathroom first?

  69. Oh. My. Gosh. I finally understand! Whenever I masturbate and I hit the spot that (getting graphic here) makes my legs twitch and makes my moans just THAT much louder, I always stop because I feel like I’m gunna pee, and I end up unsatisfied. O-O I always make my boyfriend stop too, even though I’m careful to use the bathroom beforehand. I finally understand! Thank you so so so much!

  70. I am single after nearly 20 years of marriage, and the first woman I had sex with after my ex- squirted a lot the first time we were together. It was during oral, and it was incredible. I assumed that “squirting” was fictitious; boy, was I wrong.

    We dated for about four months, and I know you said not to put this on a pedestal, but the experience was terrific for me and for her. It was not something we tried to achieve ever; it just seemed to happen.

    I am not your typical contributor. I am a bit older, and I also am a little more selective. I don’t date much anymore because it seems that sex is expected on the third date . . . and I think that is just too predictable. Loved your videos, though. Very professional and thoughtful.

  71. Um…I could do this for some time now. When I am by myself, and I have to pee…if I let it go untill just before it comes out and hold it back, it feels really, really, good. Could you tell me what is happening? I’m very lost. thanks.

  72. I have a question. I am a squirter, but I am such a squirter that every time I have sex or masturbate the fluid just goes everywhere. There are times I wish I could just orgasm without the mess. What can I do to stop the fluid but still get off?

  73. I didn’t know what it was called when I first squirted. It’s true that it does feel like you’re about to pee, which I was nervous about the first few times. After finding out what it was and having been told by a partner how much they loved it, I’ve really learned to enjoy it. It helps to know my partner finds squirting to be a real turn-on. :)

  74. Dear Laci,
    I masturbate on a regular basis and enjoy it. The thing is, I think I cum when I masturbate,but I’m not too sure. I get a really nice feeling and I breath heavily and begin to sweat and move around a lot. I sometimes want to scream and shout about it but I can’t. I was wondering if you (or anybody who would like to reply to my comment) could tell me if I am cumming or not.

    The next thing is, I want to learn how to squirt, I have tried and it felt weird when I found my G-spot. I began to scream and move and stuff and I could really understand if it was a good sensation or not. A little bit of liquid came out but I didn’t know what it was. I have felt my G-spot before but I have never tried to see if I am squirter. At the moment I am single but when I was in my previous relationship (With a male), he was really into foreplay and really liked making girls squirt. He tried to make me squirt but he didn’t and I was wondering if he began to get annoyed that I couldn’t.

    I appreciate anybody replying to my comment, I would just like someone to help me with it. :)

  75. If you can’t orgasm/ejaculate, try using the HoMedics Mini Massager as a vibrator… worked wonders for me! =) I got it on Black Friday for like $4 from Walmart and I still haven’t had to replace the battery (and it’s January). I love the little balls on it and doing kegels against the handle feels amazing<33

  76. Thank you soooo much Laci! I was only sort of aware of female ejaculation, and never really thought about it…. but I do it a lot! I’ve been embarrassed, thinking I was peeing this whole time. It’s kept me from really letting loose, and made me a bit paranoid. This is a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders.

  77. I just recently experienced squirting for the first time with my new girlfriend (we’re both 51yo). The first time she squirted on me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Soooo sexy!
    She likes to stimulate her gspot straddling me during intercourse, but then pulls out and uses my penis to tease the orgasm out of her, just barely touching me to her vulva. In summer, she likes to have a window open so that a soft breeze blows across her genitals. In winter, I gently blow on her. For her, it takes only the most delicate of touch outside of her vagina to bring on the squirting. She will often squirt between 10 and 20 times before collapsing next to me in exquisite exhaustion. I love being soaked by her hot, wet release. I am a very lucky man!

  78. so laci, thanks for talking about fejac its soo interesting I love your train of thought how its not bias at all and you talk about the pressures that are put on women and people daily over sexual controversy and how you educate it is so interesting and I too am learning a lot. so I have a question, so I get easily excited and a lot of times I find myself creaming my panties at the most unexpected times and its so frequent sometimes I even have to wear pantie liners,.. what would you suggest?

  79. This is a video I believe every man should watch. What man doesn’t want to give the special woman in his life the utmost pleasure he can?

    My question is, what about the A and U spots? Where are they located? How can they best be stimulated? In conjunction with stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot, is there any particularly effective order of stimulation?

    Well… that was really more than one question.

  80. I’m 22 and I have always squirted. I can’t control it at all, which is frustrating. I can easily squirt with just clitoral stimulation, which seems to be abnormal in the hotly debated female ejaculation scene. If I try to hold back it feels like what I would assume is the female equivalent of “blue balls”. It tends to feel like an itch that just needs to be scratched and feels very uncomfortable. This usually results in having to clitorally stimulate until ejaculation, which also causes discomfort that can last a while. It has always been a bit awkward even with long-term relationships. Sex always involves some minor preparation with finding a towel and even with it folded fairly small it still sometimes goes all the way through. Definitely a frustrating thing to deal with at times. I almost dread finding a new partner considering I’ve been single and sexless for 4 years. And not to toot my own horn but I’m pretty enough that I would have no problem finding someone to casually sleep with… anyway. Just wanted to share my experience with something fairly uncommon, but also somewhat of a burden.

  81. My boyfriend and I are just teens and we started having sex around octoberish. So is there anything we can use as lube if we don’t have any? Since we’re teens, we’re both pretty self-conscious about buying that type of stuff in public, so is there something we could use instead? Like maybe some coconut oil?

    • Stay away from any oil’s if you are using latex condom’s. The oil weakens the condoms and the chance of them breaking goes up considerably. If you aren’t using a condom, I hope that some other form of protection is used besides the rhythm method/standard days method. (The Standard Days Method may only be used by women whose cycles are usually between 26 and 32 days in length.
      In this system:
      Days 1-7 of a woman’s menstrual cycle are considered infertile
      Days 8-19 are considered fertile; considered unsafe for unprotected intercourse
      Day 20 through the end of the cycle are considered infertile.
      When used to avoid pregnancy, the Standard Days Method has perfect-use efficacy of 95+% and typical-use efficacy of 88%.)

  82. I resently was having sex with my partner and we were doing doggy style as he was playing with me. And I felt I had to pee but I was relaxed and just let it go but nothing happened. I’m not sure if I didn’t fully make it or what happened. Is this normal?

  83. towels dont work for me lol. neither do quartered comforters. if you squirt a LOT i would suggest the bathroom lol

  84. Ok so my Fiance and I have experimented with squirting…She can do it no problem as well as having massive orgasms in under 30 sec (fastest 9 sec)…..I on the other hand cannot anywhere near as fast if at all….the last time we tried to get me to squirt I may have urinated on her, and we haven’t tried to do it again since…so im wondering how can you tell the difference?

  85. Another piece of advice in helping to find the g-spot is that it’s located on the top of the vagina and that the texture is different from the rest of the vaginal wall. Good luck and enjoy your search.

  86. Actually, I’ve never been able to do this by myself. The only one that’s ever have gotten me there is my boyfriend. First time during sex, actually (doggy style)! Now it definitely happens mostly when he uses his hands on me. But still – I’ve never been able to do this by myself. I actually enjoy normal orgasms more, it’s just fun with some variation.

  87. I’m afraid I don’t see female ejaculation as a good thing.

    I am a ‘squirter’ (I can’t believe I just told the internet that…), and I don’t have a choice in the matter. It makes things really awkward and annoying, especially if I am somewhere that a towel really can’t help (such as in a car, or bed). I find it really annoying. I mean, it could be partly that I don’t find a lot of enjoyment in orgasms as everyone else seems to, but I’m just not into it.

    Laci, if you read these, is there a way I could make myself STOP ‘squirting’? And a side question, is there a possibly reason that I don’t really care for orgasms? I LOVE foreplay, but actual intercorse and orgasm just don’t do it for me. =/

  88. Thank you so much for this. I’d figured out I was a squirter a while ago, but I’ve never came vaginally because of it. The thing I wanted to say, for me personally, is that stimulating clit and vagina at the same time actually reverses the effect. So I’ll feel the pressure and as if I have to pee, but I start playing with my clit and it makes it go away.
    I agree with Sami, I don’t like squirting! Lol.

    • Then it’s urine. Don’t worry about it :) you clearly drink a lot of water, which is good! Try peeing beforehand and try again. When you do get there, even if you have your nose right next to the puddle and sniff you will not smell any urine at all.

  89. I know this isn’t a newest video but thought I’d throw it out here for some questioning peeps:

    I wasn’t a squirter until a couple of years ago and when it happened the first time I was surprised but I looked for some information online and thought “well, I guess it’s OK”.

    I kind of got used to that but at some point, as my kegels got trained better and I learned to orgasm well I realised that for me – I want to emphasize FOR ME – the ejaculation actually made the sensation and orgasm weaker (or actually unable to orgasm or even feel satisfied), less satisfying, like it took away some of my momentum.

    Now since I realized that I haven’t actually squirted once (a couple of months now) – I cannot say HOW I just kind of concentrated on different elements of the sensations and now it’s like the part of the energy that went into the ejaculation goes hmm elsewhere, like it concentrates somewhere inside and when I orgasm the contractions make me orgasm so strong I sometimes cannot move afterwards for a moment and even if I don’t come It still feels better… overall?

    What I am trying to say, even if you can do it don’t feel pressured to and if you cannot maybe you are not missing out on anything.

    • Just to clarify: I am not saying I am not squirting at all but it’s now between nothing with lubrication that can be cleared with a single toilet paper wipe to “Oh well, need to get some dry panties” that might be bits of ejaculate or just wetness as opposed to “somebody get a mop and hair dryer” of before.

  90. Ooh my goodness… For such a long time I always held it in, I was terrified I’d pee all over my partner, now with my current boyfriend we’re experimenting a bit more, and while we were in the middle and i felt the urge to pee I’d go to the toilet and let it out, and then we’d continue and I would come, but not squirting. Yesterday I looked it up and I found out that soo many women felt the same way. So I tried it by myself, I just let it go, and it wasn’t pee! I’m a squirter!!!

  91. well I have a questIon dor u me and my gIrlfrIend have sex more than often. lIke she push It to the lImIt where Im not enjoyIng It no more lIke we wIll have sex 5 tImes In one nIght I dont know what to do should I stand up stop her from havvIng sex wIth me or should I leave her (to sum It up shes enjoyyIng sex but Im not)

  92. Every time i’m having sex i have that strong sensation that i need to pee. Like really strong! My boyfriend always tell me to let go.. but i just can’t enjoy sex properly if i have that feeling! So i always have to stop and go pee then.. of course i have the same feeling again when we try again.. Even if i think maybe i’ll be squirting, i just can’t let go…

  93. Had a few questions… I know it’s a vid about FEMALE things… But how old are you? When did you start “teaching” about sex+ ? And my God… How big are those things? :P

    Love your vids! <3

  94. What about people who want to stop doing it? Like if it’s too much of a hassle and it substantially detracts from the overall experience, how would one stop it without keeping from the overall fun or doing something drastic, perhaps along the lines of surgery?

  95. Great video! The only thing I can’t relate to is that I can easily myself squirt via masturbation WITHOUT buildup. I don’t even need to be that aroused, and can do it within a minute. Presto.

  96. Hi Laci and everyone!
    Laci, the positions stimulating the G-Spot depend on the form of a penis. If your partner has an upward curved penis, doggy style and spoon probably won’t do anything on your G-Spot, but missionary and cowgirl will be even better than with a straight penis. If his erect penis curves downwards, it’s the exact opposite: doggy and spoon rules, missionary and cowgirl don’t. BUT if you use pillows in smart ways, both of you can have a lot of fun at any position with any penis :)

  97. you are the greatest woman to walk the face of the planet. i’m not worthy, i’m not worthy. i love you, you rock. when i’m with my wife you’re the woman I think of.

  98. So I have a problem whenever I try to even feel anything when my g spot is stimulated. it almost literally feels like nothing is there.. I can maybe feel the pressure but other than that, its pretty much like I don’t have a gspot.. the spongy tissue is there and all but it doesnt have.. pleasurable feeling. :\

  99. Oh my gosh this explains like a super embarrassing moment for me. I was preforming a solitary wiccan rite that involved a really intense masturbation. I was at it for like three hours then suddenly bam I peed! But it didn’t smell like pee and that was weird. Now I know what it was.

  100. During foreplay and stuff, I get an orgasm but I find that I often ejaculate much later. I will often find it in my underwear almost hours afterwards, I was just wondering if that’s normal? It’s not like a fluid, it’s more of like a creamy feeling? like seamen.

  101. I’ve squirted many, many times and don’t even know where my gspot is. Never even masturbated with penetration. You can definitely do it just from clitoral stimulation.

  102. So I became a squirter almost two years ago after educating myself via books and the Internet.

    The first time I fejaculated I was sitting on the toilet (because it was much easier for me to trick my brain into releasing something that felt like pee that way) and I found it really worked for me! However, I noticed that the fluid I ejaculated looked pink. Like there was some blood in it? I didn’t understand why because I was not rough with myself and there was no pain… I was also no where near time for my period. So why blood?

    The second time I fejaculated I also found it to have a light pink color to it for no apparent reason.

    Since then it has been clear in color and I do it about once or twice a week. I tried googling blood in female ejaculate but had no luck. (There seems to be quite a shortage of information regarding female sexual information out there.)

    So I was wondering, has anyone else noticed some blood with their first fejaculate? Or has anyone heard of this happening? Again, I was not being rough and there was no pain. I’m not too worried since it hasn’t happened to me in a very long time. Just curious to understand more about my body.

  103. First of all i have to say your a beautiful girl with what seems to be a great personality. Your doing such a great service for young females. So many girls have no idea how to relax and enjoy all aspects of their sexuality. Now to my point. I have found that 99% of females can “squirt” however it depends more on the guy than anything. Once i realized the art of getting a girl to squirt every girl i have been with since has done it. Some can only do it with clitoral stimulation others have to have penetration. But the key is making her feel comfortable an relaxed. Lol i found that being in tune with what gets her goin is step 1 then while doin that just keep telling her to relax an repeat “just let it go, just let it go” if that dont work explain to her when she feels the urge to pee during arousal that is when it is happening. And assure her it is a turn on. But i suggest putting down some sort of towel or something. I have seen puddles and standing “water” on the bed. Oh yea always always make her go pee b4 sex! That way ya know your getting the clear smell-less fluid we like. But i am kinda a freak! I love 69′n an making my girl almost drown me nightly!
    Have fun!!! And always tell your girl how sexxy she is! In and outta the bedroom! It makes her feel sexxy which will make her be sexxy!
    Treat your women like queens guys an most of them will in turn treat you like kings!!!

  104. Lacy, I’ve been watching your videos since my oldest child showed them to me a few years ago. I’ve always thought they were very good, but for the most part, being 48, they really didn’t give me any technical advice or information I didn’t already have. I’m a teacher and my students often ask me questions about sex, as I am very open and feel that teens need real information–like what you give. However, that said, I have to say today I almost cried after watching your two squirting videos. A few weeks ago I had the utmost pleasure of squirting for the first time, and it freaked me out. I didn’t know what it was, or how or anything. My partner is also old like me (wink) and while we discussed that it was great I finally had felt that amazing experience, I really didn’t understand what had happened, or how, or why. I had been worried that I had peed–passed urine–on my partner. And I felt stupid that I didn’t know really what had happened. Thank you for educating me. We are never too old to learn. I am still sad that it took 48 years for me to experience this–but I am working on not just talking the talk (about slut shaming, being open sexually, experimentation, squirting, etc.) but also now, I’m walking–or squirting–the walk. You are doing a great job, and helping a new generation of women enjoy all that it means to be a woman, including their sexuality. Thank you!

  105. I’m a squirter, big time, I’m more vaginal then clitoris type, and my bf love to makes me come but sometime it just aint a good moment or place. He was the first person to ever make me orgasm and he was the one to discovered I could squirt too, but now that I have taste an orgasm mixed with the squirt (the orgasm is 100 more powerful if I squirt too), Even if I have an orgasm I’m not satisfied if I don’t squirt.. Sometimes (rarely but sometimes) I’m disappointed even thought I had an orgasm… (And I don’t know how to speak to him because he always took a point in satisfying his girlfriends and his self-awareness is so high I’m scared to break his already low self-esteem).
    And since I’m the one in our couple to always ask for the coitus, and I understand I can’t always squirt, I’m scared to say to him what I just typed here.
    I would like a trick to, one talk to him about it without hurting him and second to do it without all the mess…
    Sometime I wish I was a boy, the condom make it all cleaner when you can’t allow mess… Thanks a lot

  106. I saw your original “squirting” video, and just wanted to clear up some information, because it drives me bonkers that people don’t know much about the whole phenomenon. I’m over 40 and have been female ejaculating for about fifteen years. I did a LOT of investigating into it, (self-experimenting, reading, talking to lady friends, and consulting multiple doctors) as it completely freaked me out when it first started. (Now it pretty much happens every time I experience penetration, and will happen multiple times during intercourse, and I’m fine with it.)

    Female ejaculate is not pee–correct! Thank you for that. It isn’t totally odorless. It has a faint odor, and the smell is not in any way unpleasant. Ejaculate does not come from the urethra–it comes out of the vaginal opening. Not. Urethra. Trust me–if there is something–say, a penis– inside of me when I ejaculate it will impede the flow of the fluid to some extent. In my experience it’s watery (not like semen, which is a bit thicker). I have only experienced it during orgasm. The orgasms that accompany female ejaculation do feel different to me, in that they are more intense.

    In other fun news, if I don’t ejaculate on a regular basis, I will have more vaginal discharge during the course of my daily life. It’s actually problematic, as this discharge is quite liquid, and can be approximately the amount of liquid to fill a shot glass, so it looks like I peed. (There is no sexual sensation that accompanies this event.) It’s very annoying, but, in the end, perhaps a small price to pay for the pleasure of being a squirter. Le sigh.

  107. ok,my friends and i love watching your videos!! and a friend of mine had a serious concern,when her boyfriend fingered her not 2 long ago he felt a lump in her vagina the size of a cherry with a hole on top..!?….then she felt around n said the same thing,anyway she jast wants to know if there is something wrong with her

  108. From my experience, it can be really quite intense, often too intense which means i don’t always reach climax. It can also travel pretty far too and so I’m often a bit worried about how far it will go. However, It does feel really quite amazing and the relief is incredible!

  109. Hey Laci, so I’m still new at pleasuring myself, and last night I ended up squirting. And this may sound weird, but I was wondering if there were any tips on not making it happen? It happened right before I was able to reach orgasm, and the feeling itself was like an instant turn off. I didn’t use g-spot stimulation either, just experimenting playing with my cloritis. Any tips for making this not become a regular thing?

  110. Whenever I’m having sex, I can only orgasm if I’m on top, usually. I’ve always heard that was the only way that 90% of women could orgasm. I’m just recently hearing about doggy style being the best position, but I’m just wondering how?

    • I also have a really difficult time having an orgasm when I am on top. It almost never happens and I certainly have never squirted while on top. I think that some or a lot of this has to do with your level of comfort and concentration. I am usually trying to focus on making my partner feel good and don’t pay enough attention to how I feel. When I realize this I find that I am just not as comfortable in the position so I enjoy it a lot less.

  111. I have a question… how do I NOT squirt/ejaculate?! I hate feeling like I have to pee during sex, and my partner thinks it kills the mood when I insist I need to make a pit-stop to empty my bladder before sex (and even with a freshly empty bladder I feel that horrible urge and have to slam on the breaks iykwim). I don’t like messes, and frankly, I’ve never had a truly positive sexual experience in my life because of it. Even when masturbating, I can’t fully let go because I don’t want a wet mess all over. I just want it to stop!! I’m so tired of feeling disgust when I should be feeling bliss.

  112. Just thought I’d add a tip here for helping with female ejaculation… If when your partner is fingering you (or if you can figure out how to do this when you finger yourself) they just push down gently on the outside top part of your vagina, you should be able to reach ejaculation more easier and it should feel pretty good too :)

  113. I am really glad you made these videos. I remember one time before I knew what it was that I was having really intense sex with my partner and squirted quite a bit. I felt so embarrassed and he I guess also didn’t know what squirting was because he thought I peed all over him and the bed, too. It turned me off from sex for a long time until someone told me about it but I still tried to avoid squirting out of shame. This makes me feel quite a bit better. :) Thank you

  114. Thank God for you Laci!!

    When I first started to discover myself sexually (MASTURBATING), I started to feel the intense desire to pee. It just felt like this unbelievably strong urge to let go. I’d stop what I was doing, go to the bathroom, and then… Nothing. Urge to pee gone. Eventually I just thought what the hell I’m not done yet I’ll just finish and then go… Oh my gosh!!! This unbelievably large amount of liquid came out of me. It went everywhere and I was totally sure I’d peed and I was unbelievably embarrassed because… IT FELT GOOD!! I had no idea female ejaculation was even possible! And to this day I was never 100% sure if I was “squirting” or just losing bladder control.
    I’m so glad that you’re here to help other young women understand their bodies and be ok with their natural functions.

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