Is the G-Spot a Myth? WHO CARES?

The G-Spot. Heard of it? It’s a collection of nerves on the front wall of the vagina. By doing a “come here” motion with your finger, 2-3 inches inside, you will hit this particularly pleasurable spot.

Brought to medical light by Ernst Gräfenberg, a gynecologist, this spot is thought to produce extra powerful sexual stimulation and to be responsible for female ejaculation. There are sex positions, vibrators, and masturbation techniques all aimed at tapping into the pleasure of this magical, spongey tissue. Hallelujah.

However, since it has made its way into popular culture, there has been a hot controversy around whether or not the G-Spot actually exists. Some medical critics say there is no consistent form of proof in all women, and individual critics say: “I don’t feel it! So stfu!” If you take a look at the studies conducted to determine whether or not there is a G-Spot, the consensus is typically that the majority of women obtain greater pleasure from this spot and a minority report no such thing. The distribution ranges from 60 yes/40 no to about 90 yes/10 no.

So what’s the truth? Is there a “G-Spot”?

I think it’s pretty obvious that, no matter what we decide to call it, some, but not all, women have a particularly sensitive spot on the front wall of their vagina. There is no doubt that when I hit this spot in my own body, it’s quite different from other forms of vaginal stimulation. Obviously, there are many women who are with me on that. However, there are also some that are not. And that’s fine, because just like some women have more sensitive nipples than others, I suspect it’s likely that some women have more sensitive “G-Spots” than others. All of our bodies are different. Does the fact that some women don’t experience the same pleasure from this spot mean that it’s a farce? No, it doesn’t. It simply means that we are all wired differently. Good thing there are plenty of erogenous zones to choose from.

That said, I think that these studies about G-Spots are a waste of time and money. They keep repeating pretty much the same findings and then arguing about whether or not their study means it exists. I mean, really? We already know that some people have a pleasure spot there, and we already know that some people don’t have the same feeling. So what? That distribution is not going to change whether the medical community decides it exists or that it doesn’t. There are more pressing issues in the realm of female sexuality that need the funding, particularly breast and cervical cancer. Cancers that pertain only to women are chronically behind in our overall understanding. Instead of arguing about whether or not the pleasure I feel from certain positions is all in my head, let’s start putting our money where it matters.

Over and out.

28 thoughts on “Is the G-Spot a Myth? WHO CARES?

  1. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. My bf and I have sex a lot and I still haven’t had G-spot orgasm in the 9 months we’ve been dating. Well I finally told him the other day and we’re working on it together. What seems to work for me so far(in the past 2 days) is simple missionary. I know that if he came a little later, I could’ve come form what we were doing. Anyway, thank you for your videos! I know there are a lot of girls like me who want some G-spot orgasms!

  2. I have never thought my G-spot actually existed, or was sensitive enough until 4 days ago. HOLY CRAP! It’s there! My boyfriend finally helped me get to where I’ve always wanted to go! :) I appreciate this article and your videos are amazing :)

  3. I’m in that weird minority that about 9/10 of my orgasms (and I almost always have multiple) come from my g-spot instead of my clitoris. A lot of times when my clitoris is stimulated it ends up causing more pain then pleasure. Guess I’m kind of backwards that way lol.
    So I agree with you Laci. Some people just get different levels of pleasure from different parts of their body. I think sex would be kind of boring if it was really predictable like that. Not to mention you’d lose the fun on finding out exactly what your partner likes.

    • I am exactly the opposite, It is almost painful to stimulate my G-spot, but you can stimulate my clit and nipples all day long.

    • Nothing weird about that. Lots of girls are that way. My wife can only handle one or two orgasms with the clit, but she can do more with the G-spot. If you like that I would strongly recommend the cervix after you have a couple g-spot orgasms. My wife was just amazed when I showed her that. I’ll just keep going on that and she cums every minute or two.

  4. my ex didn’t seem to have a sensitive g-spot but had a super sensitive clit, however I was the first guy to get her off with just g-spot stimulation. My current gf definitely has a g-spot and I abuse the heck out of it lol.

  5. I don’t know and I really don’t care. Lol. Its a spot. Its a spot you get off of or not. Personally I think women just want to orgasm as plenty don’t have the ‘orgasm experience’ as many other women put it. And even more so lots of women don’t know what an orgasm is supposed to be.

    It’s quite obvious a mans is to squirt out semen to impregnate. Thats pretty much how they know for sure they orgasm, but what about us? Sure some of us feel that intense pleasure and awesome-ness, but is stuff supposed to come out? Are we supposed to have a seizure moment? How do you know?

    And when people say “oh ho ho you’ll know. ;D” No. No we won’t. Lol. Because there is such intense pleasure that maybe it was an orgasm but you really can’t tell the difference. Some of us reach a peak of sexual pleasure but… have no orgasm? Was that our orgasm? No extreme fluid coming out?

    I suppose women are looking for the clear cut answer. How do you know?

    • I was having orgasms through clitoral stimulation since I was nine. They were not intense but rather a sweet pleasant feeling. Even though I was a child and didn’t know what exactly it was, when I later learned about sex in general I identified these feelings as orgasms. So I guess if you start experiencing them at a young age, later you will recognize them. And I also think I know my orgasms because no one told me how they are supposed to feel, I discovered it on my own so I didn’t have any expectations and thus no disappointment.

    • I used to feel the same way. I couldn’t figure out if I orgasmed or not. For a lot of women, they might get a bit more wet, but you can’t really tell from fluids if they’ve had an orgasm. I don’t think all women can squirt, and if I’m wrong about that, then you certainly don’t necessarily squirt every time you orgasm.

      Personally, I can’t tell when I have an orgasm from intercourse or g-spot stimulation. I might feel really good for a bit, but it’s not very defined. Sometimes my partner can tell because he can feel my muscles contracting, and sometimes I think maybe I can feel this too, but I can’t really tell. I can only get defined orgasms from my clit, and sometimes if it’s just the clit they’re not very intese either.

      What works best for me is to be stimulating my clit during intercourse and/or g-spot stimulation. The orgasms I get when I mix the two are very defined and awesome. It seems that the intercourse is what really gets me off well, but I can’t get there without the clit stimulation to send me over that edge.

      You can try mixing things and learning what works for you. You’re right, we can’t always tell every time we have an orgasm, but you should experiment to see what gets you off best, and make sure not to over think it. If you’re constantly wondering when/if you’re going to orgasm or wondering if you did, you’re going to be too distracted to enjoy it or maybe even too worried about it to have one! (I speak from experience lol). Just relax and let it happen. :)

  6. Totally agree with ya there Laci!! Why are we really spending all this time and money on something that is different for EVERY woman, instead of focusing on matters, like breast and cervical cancer, that could potentually effect all of us. Talk about prioritizing. I don’t give a crap if a pleasure spot “actually exists” within me if it gets in the way of oh, I don’t know…potential life threatening cencer. 0.o

  7. I hate that people spread the idea that you’re weird if you “don’t have a G-spot.” It makes the women who don’t recieve sexual stimulation from that certain area feel bad about themselves.

    I like the idea of everyone having different g-spots or, as I like to call them, sweet spots that work for them. It makes things more fun. ;)

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  8. Every woman has a g-spot but not every woman or man will discover it. You can have a light bulb screwed onto a lamp but if it’s not turned on… Sex, like drugs, is partially dependent on the mood, setting, and mindset of the persons involved.

  9. That was a interesting read, from a guy’s perspective. In my experience, girls seem to experience a totally different type of “feeling” to that of a guy. Being in a steady relationship now (no sexy time for us, we want to wait till marriage :) Shocking for a 21yr old I know) even without sex . . not even contact girls seem to be able to feel intense pleasures, much like that of me actually having sex with a girl (this is for a girl, of course for me its totally different . . .) So overall I don’t think people should be too concerned about the G-spot, if you are open, and like each other enough you can achieve anything :-D

  10. First i agree that studies in womens only disieases and other conditions are far behind where they ought to be.
    Second i thought it might be informative to mention that breast cancer can and does affect males too. a male member of my family has it.
    btw great site, thanks for makeing it!

  11. Yep, the G-spot is real. All women will feel something when you stimulate it. However, it unfortunately shares a neural connection with the bladder, so some women just feel like they have to pee.

    Another thing to keep in mind, reach orgasm with the clitoris first, and then moving on to the G-spot is the best way to do it.

    Here is another thing most people don’t know. There is another spot. The cervix. You hit that one after the g-spot provided the woman likes G-pot stimulation, other-wise you do extra with the clit.

    With the cervix, you rub the bump a little first, then hook a couple fingers under it and rub that way. Women have amazing orgasms like that. You can’t mess with it until the end though, or she’s not going to like it.

    The cool thing is most women don’t know about this. So they are seriously impressed when you know more about their body than they do.

  12. It is fucking PAINFUL to try to locate it, far more difficult to keep on stimulating it, especially with fingers. Hoping that with my newest hobby (playing bass) I’ll build some finger endurance or something to help with that. One important tip I can share, trim your fucking fingernails beforehand, because it hurts like a motherfucker when you scratch someone from the inside.

    But if you do find it, don’t leave it alone, keep doing other stuff besides – the more you multi-task, the broader your impact and the better your orgasm (of course, one hand completely occupied means your efficiency will be reduced by at least one third and at most fifty percent, but that’s no excuse to be lazy.)

    And final note (why am I hijacking this, I will never know), ASK FOR DIRECTIONS IF YOU ARE UNSURE. It helps. A brief question, like, “this good?” or “like this?” helps incredibly. Not only because you communicate, but because you can find the real deal through it. You aren’t telepathic, and no matter what you may think on how well you judge your partner’s reactions, you can’t know it unless there are sure-fire signs, and even those are fallible – BOTTOM LINE, when in doubt, ASK.

    Now, I’m off to sleep. Hopefully.

  13. I know this sounds obvious, but when it comes to trying to have a G-spot orgasm with masturbation, don’t think too much! Watch a good porno or fantasize. Let yourself get turned on, because I know in my case, I can’t cum because I’m too focused on cumming and I get turned off and don’t even enjoy it anymore.

  14. When I put my fingers inside my gf I can feel her G-Spot since the texture is quite different, also if she has some pillows under her hip (like a declined bench, if u work out ull understand) I can hit that spot and she feel it the pleasure very different from a regular penetration

  15. There are some interesting points in time in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There is some validity but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well…

  16. See, I think there’s a difference when people act like it’s a specific “thing.” When talking about individual variances, we usually call them fetishes or preferences or whatever. Words that imply that there’s nothing special about the body part, it is just how that person subjectively has sensation in it. Saying that there’s “a G spot” lends credibility to this idea that it’s something that everyone or nearly everyone has. If that’s not true, then implying that it IS true is undesirable both because it’s confusing to people & because it obscures the truth of the anatomy, which I think has inherent value regardless of utility. But, from a utilitarian standpoint, it is entirely possible that the G spot exists & is connected to some other poorly understood body part, which in turn would have findings for something like cancer. That’s the thing with theoretical research, you’re just working on whether or not an effect exists, it can be impossible to predict whether or not that’s actually “useful” to people.

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