24 thoughts on “Male Reviews! Stroker XL

  1. Seems a little small, you really don’t want to be using something that you will “poke out” of while you’re using it. Fleshlight is way better than that regard, those things are way way long.

  2. Great review, Laci. The Stroker XL seems really good and according to another review on the site you linked it doesn’t get worn out quickly. Seems worth $40.

  3. Interesting up to this point in time I have been mostly a hands only guy, that has suited me, though if there are toys this simple it makes me a little more curious as to the male toy world. I’m not down for the whole flesh light phenomena. Thanks for lookin out for us guys Laci.

  4. If it wasn’t for the fact you’re sponsored for these vids I’d say that for future guy toy videos you could do one of the Tenga toys. I don’t have any experience with them but they’re pretty much the other end of the spectrum to this.

  5. Hey Laci,
    These are just some tips I had in mind that could improve your reviews.

    - You could probably have a short unboxing at the start to show what package it came in. Packages sometimes can reveal the quality of the product, we could also see some of the info the manufacturer included on the box.

    - The price of the product. This would also help ppl decide weather the product is worth it or not.

    - Statistical comparison. When reviewing products is sometime necessary to have a direct comparison to other products of the same type. You may create categories for each product and then break them down into simpler areas, for example:

    |_High Priced
    |_Mid Priced
    |_Low Priced

    You could then have smaller categories which you could give a rating scale:

    Mid Priced
    |_Concealability ( =) I know this is not a word)
    |_Ease to Keep Clean

    So the scale for each of these could be something as simple as Poor, Ok, Good, Excellent. Now at the end of each review you could tally the point gained and compare them to other products you have already done.

    - Where can you get it? Sometime mentioning a website or a general place where you can get the item is also good info.

    - The last thing could be like, “if you could say one thing about this product what would it be?”. This would give us your personal summary of what you think overall about the product regardless of the score it got.

    Later… =)

  6. I realize that you may have some brand loyalty but I find that the Head Honcho would be a better design and they’re much cheaper (under $15). If maintained properly, I can attest to their long life. It has a closed end so you don’t have to worry about ejaculating on anything by accident. They need to be cleaned immediately after use and should be stored in a plastic bag as they will stick to just about anything else.

    As for masturbators in general, they are rather useful as an introduction with apprehensive partners.

  7. Wow, that IS inconspicuous. With a little work one could disguise it was just about anything. Seems like it’d be great for… ‘Closest-turbation’
    “What? Oh, that’s just a candle.”

  8. Good review, but I think guys just want to hear you talk about penises and sex toys. We’re all a bunch of perverted freaks you know? On a different note, I don’t mind having different sensations but those ridges don’t exactly scream a woman’s vagina…

  9. You could just cut a balloon and stretch it on top… I didn’t try it and have no sex-toys but I’m just assuming it works great!

  10. Looks fun! I own 2 fleshlights currently (wonder wave and succu dry SIAC), but there’s never any harm in trying new things. I will say that the 40 dollar price tag seems a lil up there when, if you wait for a good sale, you can get a fleshlight for just a little bit more (I got my first fleshlight for $50, shipping included) As far as this being easier to clean goes, I can’t really agree it looks to clean, but it looks sooo much easier to dry! That is my biggest complaint about fleshlights… cleaning is as easy as rinsing with water, drying is as hard as cramming a towel into a fleshy rubber insert xp As far as it being open ended, I could definitely see this being a problem for me personally. Also, I have been trying to cut down on using anything that lets me control tightness, as years of masturbation has caused me to develop death grip syndrome, which makes it harder to climax during actual intercourse. Thanks for the review though! may look into it. :]

  11. I don’t think open ended toys would be good for “finishing off” in, because it would just go out the other end, but the ridges would be fantastic

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