Holy grail of sex toys! Jopen Vanity Vr3


Click to check out the Jopen Vanity by EdenFantasys.

Feel free to leave any questions below. Also, I am ordering toys for future review on Saturday 3/16. If there’s something you want reviewed, let me know with a link to the product via my email!

PS: In re: the comments, this toy is recharged with an AC adapter, not batteries. :)

77 thoughts on “Holy grail of sex toys! Jopen Vanity Vr3

  1. @Jessica
    I want to know where the batteries go too!
    Aren’t those things rechargable? Maybe you recharge it wirelessly. Maybe it’s solar. :3

  2. @Jonasan

    There are different types of orgasms, and each experience is different and unique. I’ve had epic fap sessions, but that would never replace even a mediocre session with a partner, or that orgy I’ve yet to attend. ;D

  3. Do you have to hold the buttons down for it to keep going, or does letting go just make it stay at it’s current speed?

  4. One minute into it she looks like she’s sweating just thinking about how good it is.
    FYIC: I found one online for about $150 and they charge in the rear via a normal ac adapter.

  5. shoulda been more specific in the title
    im a dude so it doesnt apply to me. :/
    “Holy grail of FEMALE sex toys! Jopen Vanity Vr3″ would’ve been better

    • Yeah… My GF has that problem also…
      I’ve tried a few times to stimulate it, but she never likes it when I stick my fingers inside her V… She’s the only girl I’ve met that doesn’t like that though…

      Luckily I can give her a few successive clit orgasms, but yeah…
      It ruins it because she can’t have an orgasm at the same time as me, unless I stimulate her clit at the same time that I’m… “doing my thing”…

      I’ve been with her for 5 years now… It’s not something like this that’s going to “wreck havoc”, but it sucks a bit…

      But hey… Life isn’t fair, right?

      • OH FUCK MY LIFE… I posted a random “Name” because I didn’t want to write private stuff like this on the Internet, and somehow my damned face showed up! Please help?!

        • If the person in question still has one healthy testicle, then he should still have about 60-80% sperm production. That’s speaking to the ability to get a woman pregnant.

          Sperm actually make up a very small amount of the fluid in ejaculate, and most of the rest is created by other parts of the male anatomy such as the prostate. A cancer survivor may have received chemotherapy and/or radiation which could have affected other areas.

          Bottom line is that he needs to talk to his urologist if there’s a lingering problem after treatment for the cancer. Usually the urologist is the one who does the surgery to remove the cancer so he likely already has one.

  6. Hey! We men need a turn too!

    Laci, can you PLEASE review a male ‘hands free’ toy of some description? For me the ultimate toy would be one I could place on my manhood and then let do all the work. I know you are not a man, but I’m sure you have friends.

    We guys want solo fun too!

  7. The design is so chic imo which is funny for a sex toy LOL. Although this one is def more for girls, all these guys need to stop saying these toys don’t apply to men. Speak for yourself or start experimenting with your bodies more ffs -_-

  8. Hey Laci? Could you do something about good penetration vibrators for virgins, or good first-timer penetration vibrators?

    Because I’ve used clitoral vibrators before, but I don’t know what kind of a vibrator would be good to use to actually go inside me – since nothing has been up there. A lot of the ones I’ve seen look huge, and it scares me a bit haha.

    Any suggestions would be great!

    • Hey Maureen,

      I know I’m not Laci, but I just recently left my job at a sex store and worked there for 15 months. If you’re thinking of getting a dual stimulating vibe to start out with, you could try Mood Seductive by Doc Johnson.

      It’s only one inch in diameter and I would say that’s about equivalent to two fingers wide if not a little smaller than that. Also, even though the toy is 9 inches long, only 5 of those inches are insertable. It is made out of silicone, making this toy non-porous and easy to clean. It isn’t rechargeable, I believe it takes (2) AA batteries. These were very popular toys for women buying a dual stimulator/rabbit for the first time.

      If you’re NOT thinking about a rabbit toy, you could check out the Crystal Chic G by California Exotic Novelties. It’s a little thinner than the toy I recommended above, and it’s also only 5 inches long insertable. The vibrations are a little weaker, and it is not silicone. It’s a plastic with a velvet coating which makes it soft to the touch. You’ll want to use warm water and an anti-bacterial toy cleaner for this toy. This toy takes (2) AAA batteries, so I would recommend getting a battery charger and some rechargeable batteries.

  9. Heh. It looks like one of those bizarre art pieces you’d keep around a bachelor pad or something. And now I know. (shifty eyes)

    Also, you can’t seem to keep your hands off it. What up with that?

    • Its because vibrators that are made out of that material are extremely soft… almost velvety. They feel wonderful.

  10. i love the funfactory toys. they are pricey too, but really good.last summer after getting my first paycheck for my summer job the first thing i bought was the delight from funfactory. it was so worth it. all their products are around 80 euros. just so you get an idea about the price range

  11. Laci! Is this toy made of silicone? I don’t believe you specified in the video, and I am allergic to silicone :( I have been wanting a new toy BADLY, and this sounds perfect. Unless I’m allergic to it….

  12. Gaah Laci! You tricked me! I bought it and I actually disliked it quite a bit! I was between the Ina and this, and I took your word for it. It’s not your fault though lol, it’s just how I’m built, so I’m just teasing you about you tricking me. It just totally didn’t do anything for me. I’m hoping the Ina will.

  13. I have been looking for a good vibe. I have been getting cheap ones and they were usually uncomfortable to use and i never have the batteries they need. I’ve probably been spending about the same price (collectively) as this vibe. I will definitely have to think about buying this one.

    There is so much spam on this page you might see this but I figured would reply anyway.

  14. Is it the Vr3 or the Vr6? In the title you say Vr3, but the link sends me to the Vr6, and in the Lucid Dream review you said Vr6.

  15. OH MY GOSH Laci, I saw this review and jut knew that I had to try it at some point or another and you’re right it’s like the best orgasm EVER haha not to say I don’t like what my boyfriend does but that is just whoa on completely different terms! I’d suggest it to anyone, the cost is worth it!

  16. The Jopen link to Eden Fantasies is a little misleading because it leads to the Vr6 instead of the Vr3. However, I just ordered the Vr3 and am waiting impatiently for it to come in the mail. SheVibe.com to the max! :)

  17. I’m worried about buying a toy that is too thick as I do not want to stretch myself out any. Also have you ever tried the my bod vibrating dildo that connects to your ipod?

  18. Is there any way I can get a toy with out my parents knowing? If it5 says discreet shipping is it really discreet?

  19. A question on g-spot vibrators in general:

    Are the more rounded g-spot vibrators or the more pointed g-spot vibrators more suitable for g-spot stimulation? My initial impression about this is that the type of body in question is what determines which would be more comfortable with certain types of stimulation. Say, a petite female; does this factor have any relevance?

    Pipeline’s Neon Luv products blow my skirt up. I prefer battery operated toys in the chance that there would be no electricity. The orange ones look gorgeous…

    Would one benefit more from a pointed g-spot vibrator verses a rounded g-spot vibrator?

    I apologize if this seems like a stupid question. I’m very eager to get my first sex toy.

  20. Hi Laci,
    I’ve never had a g-spot orgasm and I don’t know how it feels. Would using the holy grail give me a g-spot orgasm right off the bat?
    Coco Hawthorn

    • For me it didn’t, to be honest, and unless you already know that you are hyper sensitive and can climax vaginally… but that is my experience. Of course the strong vibrations and your hand (trusting it in and out, e.g.) might work very well for you. I’ve tried that with another vibrator in various positions and some of them felt very good, so I guess some people might climax during that!

      I’ve used vibrators for my g-spot to hope to get the job done, but to be honest it doesn’t work like that for me. I hope that it does for many women, though.

  21. I bought The Swan Princess by Swan (a Jopen product, only called differently), which looks a lot like your vibrator here. I actually had to chose between my Princess and your Vanity vibrator…

    The worker in the sex shop convinced me to go for the real deal now, because she said that I seemed to be pretty sure what I wanted from a vibrator. She promised I wouldn’t regret it and gave me some discount, so for 90 euro’s I had my Swin Princess.

    I own three other vibrators but I haven’t touched them since.

    This Princess fits wonderfully in your vagina (when you haven’t had kids), so different from many cheaper vibs that are simple straight and therefore can feel a bit akward. The g-spot thing doesn’t do much for me, but it feels wonderful to have inside of me. Not too big, not too small, and boy does the thing vibrate. If you like hard vibes, this is your toy. I also like it that it’s eco friendly and can be recharged in every country. The clitoral stimulator is wonderful as well, though I wish it would cover more of my sweet outer parts. However, this is not too much of an issue, it definitely gets the job done. This thing can make me shiver. Highly, highly recommand. But, like Laci said – don’t buy it as your first vibrator. First be sure what you want in a vibrator before purchasing an expensive toy like this.

    One last thing – make sure to clean with a toy cleaner spray. The fabric attracts dust/glitter/etc, plus be sure to take care of a toy like this. :)

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  23. Dear Laci:
    From my experience in buying sex toys, I always end up getting something that is too big or that breaks too easily. Do you have any advise as to how to find the best sex toy.

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  25. So there are several Jopen V-series now (and no 3). It looks like the Vr5.5 is closest to the 3. I don’t need the one where the shaft undulates, – eep! :) Some comment say certain models have the ‘rabbit’ in the wrong place, one of them it looks like the rabbit moves? That might be too many bells and whistles for me. The V3 has a simple elegance.

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