Sexual Health Access Under Attack

Planned Parenthood, a public health program that provides an array of sexual health services to millions of people, is facing a major attack by Congress. The Pence Amendment would eliminate HIV and STI screening, cancer screening, birth control access, and an array of other crucial services. These are services I myself use, that many of my viewers use, and that millions of others use to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Limited access to education and resources should not be imposed upon the young and the poor by the rich and the old. In the name of a healthy nation, in the name of healthy moms, dads, teens, daughters, and sons:

PLEASE take 2 minutes today to call your Congressional representative and tell them to protect your sexual health by voting NO on the Pence Amendment.


Please recognize that this is NOT about abortion; such an argument is just an easy way to escape addressing the actual issues on the table. The amendment is an attack on family planning on the whole–DOZENS of important services–and we honestly can’t afford to lose what little we have.

Info from The American Civil Liberties Union
Info from Planned Parenthood <- (Also includes talking points and alternative ways to communicate with your leaders.)

Please inform the people you know.

27 thoughts on “Sexual Health Access Under Attack

  1. Wow Laci you did not even say why the cutting was going to happen. I think thats dishonest of you to rally the troops without telling them the hole story.
    Why could you not go to your family to talk about sex? I understand some people’s moms and dads are prudes, but there was no one in your family you could talk to?

  2. Its a shame that some people don’t understand the importance of these places – especially to young people. Without this sort of help its no wonder people end up hurt emotionally or with infections or pregnant or worse!

    • Did you not read my post? I said I don’t want it totally defunded, I think PPH does play a important role. I was just saying there was a reason that it was getting cut. I think its bull when you show one side of the story and not the other. Also sense it is funded with public money it has to answer for those videos in the links. Did you watch them or are you hiding in the sand and you don’t want to believe PPH does anything wrong. The sweetie comment was not to offend, I love Laci, I think she is teaching good stuff to young people about sex, but when I see something I think is wrong I’m going to say it. Also I have taken debate classes, it is bad to swear ask any debater.

    • I think some people understand the importance, but it’s easy to feel powerless when a few hands pull all the strings. Especially when the experiences attached to those hands look nothing like your own… :(

  3. Laci, thank you.

    Without this post I don’t believe I would’ve heard it. Speaking candidly, this is bullshit.

    I think in the past thirty minutes I’ve called that number 3 or 4 times, each one sounding angrier I’m sure. Why do we, as Americans, hate women so damn much!?! It’s ridiculous. Incredibly, incredibly stupid and ignorant.

  4. It’s times like these I am torn about being a Canadian. We don’t have one complete program such as Planned Parenthood, no, but we have other places which are readily acceptable (at least in Ontario, I can’t speak for other provinces), which we are all so grateful for. However, as a Canadian, I can’t protest this bullshit and be taken seriously since “it doesn’t effect me”. Like fuck it doesn’t effect Canadians and the rest of the world! As long as the U.S. continues to have such views of sex, the rest of the world is going to be stuck behind with it.
    Of course, it’s about actually giving people a chance at good sexual health and well-being. Since when have people stopped caring about others, even those in other countries? (Well, way too long, I am aware of this, I am just saying it pisses me off when I am told I can’t have an opinion.)
    I hope everything works out and these privledged idiots realize what they are doing.

  5. i agreee
    they don’t even have a reason?!?!
    the OLD WHITE MEN who run the country just woke up and they were like,
    “yep, we are gonna FUCK SHIT UP today”

  6. these “undercover videos” are completely ridiculous. My sister works as an intern for planned parenthood and what these videos neglect to tell the viewer is that these staffers were immediately fired after the incident way before the videos went public. And the staff members are supposed to keep talking with the potential patients regardless if it is a pimp and his prostitute so that they may still be able to help out those girls.

  7. I’ve said it before. these bills being proposed recently are an attack not just on women, but poor people, minorities, children, and anyone who enjoys sex. i heard they’re actually proposing restrictions on contraception. banning abortions and contraception, or making them hard to obtain, cause a cascading affect on an entire society. poor families are forced to raise more children. this leads to more negligence, lower quality education, and overall a lower quality of life for children. notice that most countries that have banned abortion are considered 3rd world countries. it’s just insane the direction this country is going. of course obama yearns for the sweet embrace of the republican party, even though it’s pretty obvious they love playing hard to get and are only leading him on, so it’s doubtful that he’ll speak out against these bills. obama is the best republican president this country has ever had. i feel like moving to another country . . . .

  8. This is ridiculous, people complain about abortions, teen pregnancies and stds, but then go and do something like this! PPH helps people prevent these types of things! Even if you are against abortion, the chances that a female will get one are significantly decreased if she has access to condoms and birth control.

    It’s sad that in the 21st century and people still act this way towards sex.

    As for those supposed videos, I find it funny that they neglect to say that not only were the workers fired after those incidents, but they did report everything to the FBI after the “undercover pimps” left. Talk about not telling both sides of the story!

  9. I love planned parenthood, but I heard the reason they’re in this mess is because they knew of underage prostitutes and we giving them abortions, but not telling the police. An underage prostitute is just getting raped basically and that bothers me that no one at PPH would stand up for human rights. I don’t think funding should be cut but this needs to be handled in some legal way.

  10. I’m not an American citizen, but that doesn’t mean I’m indifferent to it. The US is very fast in criticizing lack of women rights in other countries, but it seems like they need to look in the mirror first. I don’t see any good reason why there should be a law against birth control, and screenings for cancer and HIV, for heaven’s sake! I really hope that this amendment will not be accepted.

  11. I just finished writing an article about the Pence Amendment for my school newspaper. At the end of the article, I included the link to the open letter to Congress supporting Planned Parenthood, so hopefully people at my school will feel strongly about this and express their disagreement!

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