Saggy Boobs (NSFW)

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Hi Laci! So there’s something I’m really insecure about. My breasts. I’m sixteen years-old, my cup size is 36 C-D, and I tend to hunch over a lot, but my breasts are quite saggy. I hate it and it’s something I’m really insecure about, especially when I see other women with ‘perfectly perky’ golden globes. I’m scared that when I decide to get intimate with someone that they’re going to find me unattractive. I’m quite a confident person, and I’m fine with my body except for this/these. Do you possibly have any answers on how to make them better, or at least help me be not as insecure?
-Much love and thanks, J.

Ah, the ol’ “saggy boobs” conundrum. Yet another way that thousands of females come to feel shitty about themselves because of the absurd beauty standards we are held to. Saggy boobs are typically associated with “old women”, which is one of the reasons why they are considered “ugly”. We do not value the beauty of women as they age, only when they look young (notice the obsession with youth in the beauty industry).

While men are affected to some degree, it’s not nearly as bad. It’s a widely-held notion that men become more attractive as they age.

As a female, when you’re constantly bombarded with images of big boobs that sit right underneath the collarbone, it can start to feel like your boobs are the exception. But defying gravity & the natural sit of breasts is the *real* exception. Or rather, the….unreal exception.

I don’t have any ways to make your boobs better because there’s nothing wrong with them. Really. There isn’t. Not a damn thing. It’s normal for some breasts to sit lower, some to sit higher. And typically, with big boobs, they sit lower. Just look at this gallery with lots of real boobs.

Are they “perfectly” perky golden globes? (Hint: nope!) It’s just not worth comparing your boobs to other peoples’ — they’re all wonderful, squishy, beautiful boobies.

For the record, I have big boobs. They sit lower than the typical lift of my bra. I occasionally fold to the pressure and wish they were higher up….but nobody I’ve been with has ever indicated that they found them unattractive (quite the opposite, actually).

Except one guy. While statistically insignificant in my experience, assholes do exist. Once, this guy that I was with asked me if I had considered getting a boob lift. I never called him up again. HELLLLOooooOOO dude, my body is sexyhotbeautiful. I have no time for love interests who don’t appreciate that. It’s worth mentioning that this guy was way too into degrading porn and obsessed over plastic surgery babes. Why was I with him? Idk, out of my damn mind most likely. His comment woke me right up…although I do still feel a very small twinge of hurt when I think about what he said to me.

The reality is this: we live in a world that expects us to have huge boobs that magically don’t make contact with the skin below it. It’s really strange, when you think about it…. (floating boobies, anyone?) Don’t let the strangeness stop you from having fun with respectful, worthy people. Even if you do fall into a bad experience as I did, recognize it as a flaw in that person, not a flaw in your body.

Tips to feel more secure:
1. Set healthy standards for yourself.
2. Find partners who value you & the female form.
3. Spend more time looking at real boobs than fake ones.
4. Give your boobies lots of TLC. <3
5. Don't give a fuck because you're beautiful.

From one saggy boob sister to another, go forth and conquer.

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  1. Don’t feel bad because your just boobs happen to follow the laws of physics! big boobs hang low.. it’s a side-effect of gravity – you know, that force that’s keeping your ass on the ground? Real boobs that are that size tend to sag a bit. It’s not ugly, it’s not strange at all, it’s how boobs work.

    Now, there are some serious health reasons you may want to do something about your breast size, a lot of large-breasted women have serious back problems, and have a lot of difficulty exercising and jumping, running, etc. because the extra weight and strain hurts. But, if you’re not having any real, physical issues, like this, then just try to love your body as it is.

    • Lots of larger boobed women have problems with discomfort and back pain because we live in a world where being larger than a DD cup somehow makes you magically a porn star and most of the big bra companies people are familiar with (like Victoria’s Secret) don’t even MAKE bras in cups over DD or so, which means that women get shoved into bras that don’t actually fit properly and so get no support at all from the bra.

      (And ime – 34F here – a badly fitting bra is *worse* than no bra at all when it comes to causing stuff like back pain.)

      Yes, some women might feel better if they get a reduction anyway, but it’s ridiculous that women think larger boobs means of course they’re going to be uncomfortable unless they have surgery just because stores don’t carry a large enough range of bra sizes.

      So if you are larger boobed, do yourself a favor and find an independent lingerie store (check for ones that cater to mastectomy patients, they tend to be quite good about fit) and see if you can’t find something that fits properly – chances are quite good that your band size will go down and your cup size will go up, but ignore the label and just focus on fit. I promise it will be a revelation when you find a bra that actually fits and supports you properly.

      For guidance on what a properly fitting bra looks like, check out – they’re a UK company but they have pretty good fit guidelines/videos. I also really like their clothing like, Pepperberry, because it is amazing to buy a tailored dress or a suit jacket and have it fit PROPERLY, but that’s not the point. Just go and look at their fitting tips. :)

      (And as a reference on the band size thing – like I said, I’m a 34 in most brands. I have a big rib cage and broad shoulders. A *lot* of women are built smaller than me in the torso, and yet are wearing larger band sizes. So really don’t be surprised at all if your band size ends up being way smaller than what you were wearing. Getting the right band size is critical to getting good support from a bra.)

      • False. Some girls have more boob than their bodies can handle. Take my friend for example: she’s five foot two with a band size of 32, and had a bra size of 32G. They took up most of her torso, making her look completely unproportional and fatter than she is, and caused her permanent back and neck damage by the time she was nineteen. She had breast reduction surgery, which is an option to consider if your breasts are causing you any pain/problems, and now she looks proportional and has prevented further spinal damage. Without the surgery she would have severe spinal and muscular damage. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and stating that “bodies don’t grow proportions they can’t sustain” is not true at all. There are people out there with arms and legs and feet that don’t fit the proportions of their bodies, so why would boobs be any different?

  2. I fully agree with Laci on this one. Society has unrealistic standards that are designed to make money. You feeling bad about yourself makes money for people who tell you to. Love you for you. Your great the way you are :)

  3. Heh, I was thinking it before you said it, Laci.

    Most of the tards who think fake boobs are it and that natural breasts are ugly have seen a lot of porn but have had limited experience. The problem is that porn is so easy to access and at a time long before you’ll probably have sex.

    I suffered from the same case of stupid when I was younger. Thankfully, it was an internalized learning experience because I never had the audacity to tell a lady I thought she should change her body (at least not when she was letting me put my penis in her! >.<) but it's moronic to think that natural breasts need changing into "perfect fakes".

    Anyway, I think it's good advice to just ignore those people because that is their problem and not yours. There is nothing important about a person who wants you to get surgery to please that warped idea of what's beautiful. Be happy with who you are in my opinion.

    I dunno, I guess. I hear a lot of jokes about back problems but I have zero understanding in that matter to be honest. My motto is to never have surgery other than for medical reasons. You said you hunch over, but seemed like the problem was how people/media/pop cultures treats you rather than any health issues. So… uh… I dunno, I lost track in my ramblings.

  4. of course one saggy girl is going to say there’s nothing wrong with saggy boobs, they are quite awful really.
    if i had to choose between small and perky and big and saggy i would definitively pick the first one.

    • i’m not one to say that you should prefer breasts that are larger or smaller or shaped like whatever, that’s your personal preference.

      But please, do realize that breasts are part of the human body, and they’re larger on females because they have a function: to store fat to be used as energy for when women have babies and breastfeed. (which, on a side note i think is a good part of the reason why people are pre-conditioned to like big breasts, because naturally large breasts=your babies are more likely to survive their first few years)

      everyone has differing opinions on what makes breasts look better, and not you or I have any right to tell anyone that they should prefer some sort of breasts. And certainly not to say that women should spend thousands of dollars to have a medically unnecessary surgery to make their breasts more perky or have sacs of silicone that can interfere with breast’s only REAL purpose (feeding babies) just to please potential sexual partners.

      • I agree with you mostly but actually small boobs produce just as much milk as bigger boobs, you just have to feed a little more regularly but your baby would be just as likely to survive. Most animals don’t even have permanently swolen boobs, so nobody really knows why human men usually prefer big boobs or why we even have them.

        • Likely harks back to the old days where plumpness was as good an indicator as any of fertility and good health. It’s probably been taken to the extreme with this hyper-social society we all live in.

          I also prefer smaller breasticles, but I have no issues with big juicy boobies or the equally as lovely small handfuls. (Beggars can’t be choosers right? Haha, only joking!)

    • well ya see. ya don’t get to choose. i mean i wish to be like 4 inches taller myself but i am what i am. doesn’t mean i like someone telling me that because i’m 5’8″ i don’t have the right to tell someone else who is slightly shorter/taller than me that what height they are is fine.

      shaming people aint cool man.

    • Just because you prefer small and perky boobs, doesn’t mean big gravity-bound boobs are awful. Like most body parts, boobs come in a lot of shapes and sizes, there is nothing wrong with any given shape or size (unless there is some actual medical problem), and there is no correct or perfect body.
      She might not have the kind of body YOU personally find attractive, or that you would like to have, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with her body, it just means you, personally, don’t like it. Making her feel bad about herself because of your opinion is, really, a mean thing to do, and this kind of behaviour just contributes to people’s body-image issues.
      You can have your preferences, but don’t try to force others to conform to what you think is pretty, if you don’t find someone attractive, just don’t date/have sex with/etc. them, but don’t put down their body just because it doesn’t meet your expectations.

  5. I think all boobs are awesome. The fake ones, the big ones, the tiny ones, the uneven ones, all of em. But I do prefer certain boobs over others: natural > fake (exception: when surgically altering the boobies was/is a medical necessity). That’s it, that’s all the discriminating I do. Boobies, like everything else attached to a lady person, are awesome and beautiful. The only thing you need to do, is take good care of them (and the rest of your body).

    One of my favorite Dutch cabaret artists made an amazing love song about his wife. A link is below, for people who understand Dutch. Let me paraphrase some parts:
    “Her left breast is larger, and so is the right one”
    “More than in my own body, I wanna be in hers”
    “And when she turns 118, I’ll rake all her skin together, put a rubber band around them, and make love to her all day long”

    The other parts are even harder to translate, he’s a genius when it comes to language, and things just get lost in translation, sadly. I wish I could share more…




  6. You’ll find someone who will love your boobs for how they are! I’ve found mine, and it feels darn good. Mine are saggy too, but you learn to just get used to it and accept it. You’ll be fine :) Atleast you have two tits, eh? ;)

  7. I for one, love it when boobs are a little more saggy, they are more fun during intimate times, whereas high perky boobs just sit there. And I know a majority of my guy (and lesbian) friends feel the same way. So there is nothing wrong with your boobs! So enjoy them for who they are!!!

  8. I have never met a guy that has said anything bad about my H+ breasts. It helps that I’m 5’11″ and they look proportional to the rest of me, but if you come across anyone that tells you your boobs are gross, or saggy RUN. I am looking at a reduction because I am uncomfortable with the massive sag and huge stretch marks, but that has more to do with bra cost ($100+) than my opinions about them.

    My advice? Buy bras that make you feel amazing and embrace your size regardless of sag. I guarantee a guy would rather go home with someone and find real breasts that are saggy than small breasts that don’t exist because it was padding in the bra.

    • Mayhap, some guys might see things that way. Myself, anything that suggests a little vulnerability in a girl allows me to communicate to her my view that she is the focus of the universe while I’m with her. (This applies, each in their own way, to relationships momentary and eternal, lesser and greater. Life is too ephemeral for any of us to stand on our high horses; the only thing upon which we may fairly be judged is our effect on one another.) Just as I’m the focus of my own pleasure, that she might see her effect on me.

      There are few enough other moments in our lives when we get even remotely as close to one another, however wide the gulf remains.

  9. How do you stay so confident about your body. I mean your gorgeous but everyone’s insecure but your so upbeat. Also if youve ever had a really bad sexual experience on your part like it was ” your fault” how did you bounce back from that feeling of failure. Pleas respond readily.

    • I’m not Laci but I can speak from my experience (not from boobie-experience, because Mother Nature has been very nice to me on that front).
      I’ve had bad sexual experiences as well, but they involved people who were rude to me. When someone is rude to me, I often do not really focus on what they say and whether or not it is ”true”. E.g. when someone will tell me that I have fat legs (I do not like the shape of my legs, so that would be a nasty comment), I just think – that is not nice to say to me, and I don’t deserve anyone who acts like me that way. I don’t like the shape of my legs, but it is still my body and I love my body, and if you don’t and feel the need to comment on it for fuck’s sake whaatever reason, then kindly go away.
      Personally I find negative comments on someone’s appearance ridicilous anyway.

  10. Totally awesome, Laci! I’m a 32G, and have dealt with the saggy boob conundrum since I hit a B at 13 years old. It was only by looking at artistic nudes that I finally realized bodies (and boobies) come in all shapes and sizes, and mine is beautiful just the way it is. :)

  11. Hey huni don’t worry at 14 I was a size 32 E i’m now a size 38 H and I’m v.happy with my squishy saggy boobs lol I wish they were more lifted but its all good you’ll learn to love them trust ;) every girl gets paranoid with something on them but we all need to learn to love our self.

  12. I honestly don’t think that “saggy” is the correct term here…My Step-mother had oranges in knee socks…I think if they go past your waist you may have a saggage issue, but if they’reunder your chin and above your hips then you’re pretty good xD I learned, not that long ago, that after you hit a certain age…they’re not meant to be bonking you in the chin when you walk anymore and they get this feminine curve to them. It just means you’re a fully mature woman ready to embrace your physical sexuality (obviously not until you’re also mentally prepared). It’s not a sag, it’s another curve :D

  13. Too many people base beauty on looks and body shape, personally I would rather a lady have “saggy” boobs then implants. Keep it real girls!

  14. Love this post. As a guy who loves (almost) everything about women, I focus on the whole person when interacting with my girlfriends (talking, having sex, lounging around, etc.). I keep my opinions about specific body parts to myself.

    I’ve always preferred natural boobs, no matter what their size, over fake ones.

    When I hear some of my female acquaintences talk about getting boob jobs or other forms of plastic surgery, I encourage them to love their bodies the way they are. They always argue with me, saying that as I guy I don’t understand. The more feminist ladies I know actually tell me I don’t have a right to an opinion! I tell them that I’m just trying to give them a guy’s perspective, and they say we don’t care what guys think of us! Ladies, YES YOU DO. And guys care about what women think of them too. It’s natural to want to know how the opposite sex views you. A few decades of feminst theory can’t erase millions of years of evolution.

    Lacy, the reason you fell for that asshole is because deep down women are often attracted to assholes. And then women complain about not being able to find a nice guy.

    Many men are assholes, treat women like shit, and make women feel like shit. However, many womens’ own behavior make their own problems worse, in my humble opinion.

    Go ahead, rip me apart. I’m a guy, I love women, I think, I have a heart and I use it.

    • I think the part of the assholes is out of context here. Laci didn’t even said she dated the guy. Keep your assumptions to yourself.

  15. For what it’s worth, you should know there are plenty of adult blogs and sites out there devoted specifically to saggy breasts. There are many criticisms one could make of internet porn in general, but it does do much better at representing body diversity than mainstream fashion and glamour photography.

  16. Glad to her you’re proud of your boobs laci, but we don’t need that much info on ‘em. I’m surprised you didn’t recommend excersizes to help people get over their body issues (IE walking around naked with a mirror).

    • actually Laci has suggested spending time naked in front of a mirror learning about one’s body and becoming comfortable in nothing but skin… if I remember correctly

      • Rule 11: get naked.

        Or was it Rule 1?

        I don’t know, I get my rules confused sometimes.

        I think Rule 1 is Cardio and Rule 4 is Seatbelts.

  17. I have come to discover that it doesn’t matter how they look. It matters how you feel when they’re being handled. ; D Awwwwww yeaaaahh.

  18. Learn to love the body you have through nudism, enjoy a clothes free lifestyle and boost your body confidence, also learn to see people as people instead of sex objects.

    Over here we call. man boobs “moobs” and I sport a fine pair, but who gives a damn.

  19. the best thing to be done is to find people who make you feel good about yourself, like was said before me don’t alter your body unless it’s medically required, and if some guy asks you to spend thousands to “fix” your boobs find someone else and be happy with them

  20. I actually like boobs like that, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The strange thing is it seems to be women who are most critical of their boobs (and sometimes others), while guys tend to have a more varied taste in breasts than you might think.

  21. It might help her confidence if you posted a pic of your boobs Laci sometimes a brave soul can give others strength.

    • While I’m sure that plenty of people would love to seem them, there are a lot of good reasons why Laci shouldn’t do that.

      Hopefully Laci will disagree with me because that would be great. :P

  22. Hey Laci, hook me up with J! I love saggy boobs. Heck, I love all boobs. I honestly couldn’t care less what a girl’s boobs look like or how much she weighs or anything like that. What’s important is that she’s a nice person. Things like kindness and compassion and honesty and intelligence turn me on the most.

    Actually, the only preference I have is natural boobs over fake ones. Naturals beat fakes 100% of the time. A totally flat chest is better than “perfectly” sized fake breasts.

  23. Thanks for addressing this, Laci. I’ve had boob issues ever since my middle school year where an asshole classmate who loved to torture me said (in front of the whole class) that I have saggy tits. 30 pairs of eyes focused on my chest and I was utterly ashamed. It took me years to realize that there was nothing even remotely ‘saggy’ about them. Even so, I still find myself hating how they don’t hug my collarbone.. For some reason.

  24. Most people haven’t looked at it the opposite way. I have ginormous all-natural DDDs and they’re not saggy at all–they don’t even touch the skin beneath them. But people think they’re fake just because they’re in line with what we see in media and label me as things like vain slut, attention whore, and gold digger (since breast enlargement costs money). The negative view a lot of people have with people who get fake boobs gets thrown on to me unfairly (not that it’s fair to have a negative view of someone who wants fake boobs–I think it’s their choice and they can do it if they want, but that’s a different story for another time).

    I often feel like people think I’m less of a person simply because they think my big and perky boobs are less real or natural than big and saggy or small and perky boobs.

    I’m a nude model, so many many people see my boobs. I find it interesting to see how differently I get treated simply because of their size. It’s also interesting to see how differently nude artists treat me while I’m modelling nude as compared to people that have no connection to the art world (who always see me with clothes on, lol).

    • finally someone else with big boobs that are real and non saggy. i was beginning to think that their was something wierd with them because they were naturally like that

  25. As another busty sister, 19 years of age, 34 D I say love what you got and everyone else will too. Of course you’ll get the occasional A**hole but they can get back to their lonely one handed relationship. When you find someone who loves you for you and accepts, “saggy boobs” and all then you have found a keeper because thats how bigger boobs are suppose to be. If they are a bit TOO perky, then they are most likely fake and I’d rather keep mine just the way they are because they are a part of me and I love em’, even though they can get in the way sometimes :P

  26. Have you ever considered doing a post on how a bra should properly fit? Snug band, gore flat against chest, band horizontal around body, wire fully encasing the breast, and no breast tissue escaping from the top, sides or back. Since you are sex educator you could accomplish Georgina’s dream ( of educating young girls so they never have to suffer the pain of wearing the wrong size.

  27. I’ve worked both as a stripper (back in the stone age) and in burlesque (far more recent). And sweetie let me tell you: boobies are AWESOME! All boobies: big ones, little ones, saggy ones, perky ones -are beautiful! One of the best things about burlesque was that there are no body image issues. We had girls (and boys, too!) of all sizes, shapes, colors and boob perkiness. And they ALL were cheered and clapped for. Because they are all beautiful. And so are you! You’ll see, people will love your boobies no matter what. And if they don’t? Well then they don’t get to play with them!

  28. Saggy Boobs, WOW ….. I myself like a little Sagg to my Ladies Boobs. Little more Sagg only give a Bit more Cleavage, and you need Cleavage to wear a Sexy Dress. When my ladies are out on a date, they look nice with the big sagging boobs proped up in a nice looking dress, sporting a mile of Cleavage. Everybody looks and finds the need to talk to these women. Face it,… It’s Extremly Sexy. At the end of the night when she unleashes thoes beautiful boobs, I just get overwhelmed. Saggy boobs are fun to be intamate with ! Ok, so they fall into the arm pitts. Its fun to pull them back out. Alright, here is what you truly need to be concerned with…… Its your Butt ! Keep your butt smaller and defenitly you need a Hard butt. This is just a matter of eating and excerise ! I hope this gives you a comforting feeling. Work on the things you can control…. Your Butt , and let you Boobs show themself. Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

    • No. Stop that. You don’t need to be concerned with anything. I like my ass as is, thank you very much, and I don’t need you telling me how it should look and feel.

  29. i have had different girlfirends, and was married then for over a decade. all women in my life had different boobs – some perky, some saggy, some big, some small. i did love them all in their own special way. boobs are such a wonderful thing, especially to men, because we usually don’t have boobs on our own (and this is probably a good thing, because otherwise we wouldn’t get any work done).
    but if i could make a wish – i would like them big, and naturally saggy, because that’s what big boobs do. boobs in general turn me on, if they are attached to the woman i’m attracted to, so i would never ever complain. if they are a bit bigger, it’s an extra i appreciate, but boobs would never be a reason for me to stay or run away, as long as i am allowed to touch and caress them.
    be proud of your boobs, and expect your boyfriend to do the same.

  30. Unfortunatly there are alot of downsides to having large breasts – I’m a 34F – such as the back pain from the weight and i agree with Laci the sag is just normal and part life, be proud of it. And a good bra will help to lift the weight . There is one thing i’m actually suprised no one has brought up here maybe because the original Emailer is 16 but one of the biggest myth about big boobs is that there is a higher chance that you will contract breast cancer. From information i’ve found online there was a study in 2006 that proved this myth is based on fact – not that smaller breasted women can’t get cancer but the bigger the bust the higher the risk. Online information points to starting self breast examinations at 20 when the growing is usually done – not to say that the body stops changing at this point but you need to get to know your body to know when something isn’t right. And i’m of the opinion that you need to learn your body younger than 20.
    Love your body, get to know it, it’s going to be with you for the rest of your life and it needs to be looked after.

  31. Hi Laci, this is a good post. I am a guy and I love natural boobs, I admit I prefer bigger boobs to small ones but the key for me is they natural so I would for sure prefer natural A cup boobs to fake F cup boobs. I think the only time fake boobs look ok is when they covered up and create a good shape under clothes, whenever I See someone with fake boobs showing its not nice, there is no jiggle. bounce movements which are part of what makes boobs nice and they also tend to sit too high which looks unnatural. I think this is a problem with teenage boys who over rely on magazines but also its sad that women are comparing themselves to people with fake boobs thinking thats how they should look, far from it. I did send you a personal message in the past saying I liked your cleavage in your videos and appreciated you showing it, some of your videos also show a nice jiggle, yes you may have to wear a good bra to get that look but it doesnt matter you look great and I am sure you do without the bra on as well, so shame on that guy for what he said to you.



  32. I absolutely LOVE the natural look of large breasts. I can’t stand fake boobs. They are incredibly disgusting when they sit so high up.

    All breasts have a slight “hang” to them, and I find that hang extremely attractive since it signals warm, soft, fleshy mounds of all natural woman instead of hard, abnormally round chest rocks.

    Be proud of them, I would love them very much if I ever got the chance to (and you let me ).

    Once day, you will come to really care for a man. You will care for him so much that you want to please him (after he pleases you of course), so you will sit him on in a chair, light some candles, and proceed to wrap your smushy big boobies around his penis. You will then flop them up and down until he explodes. He will love you forever after that.

  33. They say that you get involved with the person not the boobs. If you do than you are shallow. There is more to women than just boobs like a mind and a personality. And not every women needs giant gravity defying boobs anyway small boobs are just fine. We as a society need to get away from the idea that bigger is better when it comes to penises and breasts. And I thought that the pictures of normal looking boobies in the article and the gallery were fine. Many we’re very pretty and we need to see more of those kind of boobies if we are to evolve as a society. And besides boobs sag as a women gets older in some societies it is a sign of wisdom for a woman’s boobs to sag. And speaking of sagging so do scrotums. So there.

  34. My first boyfriend thought nipples looked weird and that boobs were kinda gross looking, so he preferred it when I wore a bra. It didn’t exactly made me feel good…..My second boyfriend didn’t say anything about it, but I always kinda wondered if he liked the way I looked topless or not.

  35. This really rocks. I’ve always been insecure about my breasts, and its even stopped me from having sexual intercourse with someone, even in the situations where I really wanted to. But because of this and some other information I’ve found, little by little, I’m becoming more comfortable with showing my body to the person I end up having sex with. So thank you.

  36. IMO Every set of breasts shown here that are natural/saggy are a much bigger turn on than the fake huge breasts shown above. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with breast implants, just not for me. Natural breasts are a BEAUTIFUL thing. Never feel terrible about your body, just unnecessary stress! Hell an ideal woman to me would be considered fat by society. I love bigger women and saggy breasts are a part of most and that’s perfectly fine. Stay true to yourself ladies.

  37. first off this is my brother’s email(don’t use it)…my main questions are(1. why are adults taken more seriously than adolescents? (2 why are there no girl presidents? (3 three why does being 12 years old make my statements less valuable then a woman’s? (4 why are men taken more seriously then women?

  38. this is related in that girls feel the need to prove themselves and this is one of the many strange attempts along with “the perfect figure”

  39. the “perfect globes” you see on other people would probably not look the same if those people had their clothes off.

    Get a bra fitting, then your boobs will probably look better in your clothes and you’ll probably be more comfortable. (Most women wear the wrong size bra, and bra sizes can change over time, if you lose or gain a little weight, and especially if you’re still a teenager.)

    ALSO, and more importantly, be comfortable with your body and yourself as you are! A harder task, definitely, but a goal worth pursuing. (Also, all the stuff that Laci said ;)

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