50 More Ways To Be Sex Positive!

In this week’s sex+ called “The Slut Shamer“, I used a variety of mini-skits to give some basic principles of sex positivity. Here are 50 more things that I do to complement my sex positive lifestyle. Help grow this list by sharing your ways in the comments! Can you think of more ways to be sex positive? :)

explore & find out what feels good!

1. Read/write some erotica.
2. Talk about your fantasies with a partner.
3. Experiment with a new toy.
4. Draw an erotic picture of yourself or someone else.
5. Buy a cheap speculum and look at your cervix.
6. Fuck with your gender expression for a day (present as more fem/masc/andro/etc than usual).
7. Switch up your masturbation habits.
8. Make your own sex toy.
9. Go without a bra.
10. Turn sexual hurting into power with a slam poetry piece.
11. Hold a menarche party with your friends to celebrate your 1st period (even if it was long ago).

Social Justice
join the fight for a better humanity!

12. Hold politicians accountable for racist, sexist, homophobic, and otherwise harmful statements & policies.
13. Learn to recognize injustice by understanding the struggles of different communities.
14. Understand the struggles of different communities by listening instead of speaking.
15. Let go of defensiveness when talking about oppression.
16. Define only yourself & let others define themselves.
17. Reject oppressive language.
18. Trust oppressed communities to know what’s best for them, support them.
19. Educate yourself about racism, sexism, cissexism, homophobia, ableism, ageism, and other -isms. See if you can make connections.
20. Make environmentally friendly decisions (recycle, reuse, reduce consumption).

unlock your magic brainpowers!

21. Learn to distinguish facts, realities, and research from opinion.
22. Practice thinking critically about systems of control such as: capitalism, government, media, religion, law, etc.
23. Restrict your time watching mindless television programming to as little as possible.
24. Keep your mind active and questioning as often as you can.

build satisfying relationships!

25. Practice radical communication by being honest about how you feel and what you need.
26. Learn to walk away when someone hurts you more than they uplift you.
27. Practice being aware of how you come off to others.
28. Use language in a way that nurtures healthy interactions with those you love.
29. Minimize frivolous criticism and focus on meaningful/helpful criticism of loved ones.
30. Assume someone has positive intent until proven otherwise.
31. Try to understand why someone behaves the way they do when deciding how to act.
32. Avoid bottling up emotions & feelings.

Body Image
love yourself, always.

33. Take artistic pictures of your body.
34. Spend a day naked or go nude sunbathing.
35. Surround yourself with positive, diverse images of people.
36. Put down the fashion, beauty, and body building magazines.
37. Check yourself out in the mirror and find things you like about yourself.
38. Wear clothing that makes you feel confident and sexy.
39. Go au naturale: ditch the makeup, shaving, primping, etc for a week & reflect on your experience.
40. Ditch friends/partners that judge you for how you look/weight/clothes/etc.
41. Learn to look more critically at advertising & commercials.

Mental & Physical Wellbeing
rule your world!

42. Move your body every day.
43. Strive to eat more plants.
44. Do not deprive yourself of treats & foods you like, go for moderation instead.
45. Find more ways to laugh and have fun.
46. Reflect on your life, words, behaviors, and interactions.
47. Boost your self worth & challenge yourself by setting obtainable, healthy short and long term goals.
48. Bring your conscience to peace by apologizing for your mistakes and forgiving others for theirs.
49. Spend time experiencing the beauty of the earth with occasional hikes, camping, or other nature activities.
50. Do good to others and yourself.

61 thoughts on “50 More Ways To Be Sex Positive!

  1. 32. Avoid bottling up emotions & feelings.
    48. Bring your conscience to peace by apologizing for your mistakes & righting your wrongs.

    Those are 2 I’m incapable of doing and have been struggling with my whole life. The few moments I stop bottling things up just make every situation worse, I hurt the people around me both emotionally and physically. I don’t apologize about the things I do, I merely accept that they happened and move on. I guess these are why I avoid relationships.

    • Is it possible that when you’re not bottling things up you are communicating what you’re feeling in a particularly toxic/hurtful way? Acceptance is important, but I find that, at least in my life, I cannot fully accept my mistakes until I’ve apologized or done what I can to undo my damage. These things have a tendency of haunting relationships, it seems.

      • Unfortunately its not just the negative emotions I bottle up. I have to struggle with myself just to make a move on a girl, but its a lot easier when I have strong feelings for her right from the start.

        The thing is though, when I actually am emotionally involved it cuts just that much deeper when they leave me, I end up lashing out (and in some cases blacking out only to wake up crying, standing over them while they’re on the ground). But worse than that is when I actually vocalize it, I bring out the harshest truths of their faults and it shatters their lives. Watching their face go into shock because they’ve never heard me yell… It gives me some perverse sense of satisfaction when it happens.

        Deep down I think I’m a very bitter and hateful person because of all the things that happened to me growing up. So I just remove myself from the equation.

        • Dude…are you serious?

          “The few moments I stop bottling things up…I hurt the people around me both emotionally and physically”

          An ineptitude in managing your own physical behavior is never a good sign. I suspect this is why Laci hasn’t replied again. I have every reason to believe she knows this. There’s no personal responsibility here, what I read is essentially, “I blame my failure to control myself physically on how other people treat and/or perceive me.” Justifying physical affronts of any form with a self-centric, for-want-of-a-better-word, victim perspective, is the hallmark of an abusive or otherwise intimidating personality type in my experience.

          “…when I actually am emotionally involved it cuts just that much deeper when they leave me, I end up lashing out (and in some cases blacking out only to wake up crying, standing over them while they’re on the ground)…”

          …This isn’t heart-warming. This sounds like there are deep personal issues that need to be confronted. And your
          (curtailed for my purposes) paragraphs ring of me-me-me (apologies if I’ve mistaken the tone, I’ve never been a perfect interpreter). I don’t get a feel for any remorse or interest in self-evalutaion. Instead it’s like, “I know about me, but I can’t help it, here’s why other people are making me this way.”

          “…when I actually vocalize it, I bring out the harshest truths of their faults…”

          “Their faults”. Kind of in line with what I’m expressing here. You don’t strike me as someone who’s factoring in other people’s sides of the story.

          “I have to struggle with myself just to make a move on a girl…”

          Human interaction is not one person verb-ing another. “[Making] a move on” another person. For me, it’s generally an early indicator I might or might not encounter some sexism in a little while when I meet a guy who uses that phrase. Not invariably, to be sure, but certainly it heightens the odds.

          I don’t know what much else to say to ya, friend. My unsolicited internet diagnosis says, “Exercise caution. Mind other people. Reflect.”

        • I say this without any sarcasm or spiteful intent.

          Have you considered therapy or seeing a psychologist?

          Having an outlet that speaks back can help a lot particularly when you feel that you have to bottle yourself up with people you know.

          I’m not realy qualified to judge, but I think that talking about your problems can help often as much as anything if nothing else.

  2. Hm, regarding social justice, I’ve noticed that exposure tends to weaken preconceptions.

    So, if you’re straight, hang out at a gay bar or something, if you’re cisgendered go meet some trans people, if you’re white go out with some non-white people.

    Keeping an open mind and giving people you’re normally uncomfortable with a chance goes a long way to seeing them as fellow HUMANS, rather than “blacks”, “trannies” or “fags”(<- I think that last one might be US only?) etc.

    And who knows, you might find out something about yourself too!

      • I do this alot:) it really does change a person. I grew up in a very racist, sexist, just about any “ist” you can think of household. You have to want to change and start seeing people as they are, PEOPLE. Just like you, just like me:)

        • I grew up in an environment in which I was always surrounded by people of different races and religions and mindsets, and it never even occurred to me that I should be better than anyone else because I am white. It was never a relevant factor in how I treated people until I got older and learned to socialize better and recognize that there are a lot of subjects that are sensitive to people of different cultures, and that just because I don’t think anyone from another culture is lesser than me doesn’t mean that it won’t come off that way. As an autistic person, I definitely know what it’s like to be persecuted for things beyond your control, and it’s not something I would ever wish on anyone. I’m glad I’ve had so much exposure to people who are different from me, because it really would have been horrible if I’d have grown up to be someone who found people who were different to be unusual or horrible or something. I’ve learned so much about so many people by interacting with them, and it’s really amazing.

  3. Growing the list to 100? There are 50 very good ones you mentioned already. I would probably add “51. Sleeping naked” and “52. Exploring your body with your partner and calling things their names”. Because a lot of people who are “sexual active” are still afraid to say “vagina” (or similar) because they feel embarrassed. And sleeping naked is just another way to get used to seeing and liking your body the way it is.


    • Haha, perhaps 100 is ambitious! There have been several posts on tumblr, so I guess it will be kind of hard to track anyway. Those are both very good ones! I have always thought it was strange when parents teach their kids that their genitals are called “thingies” or “privates”….

      • At the Red Tent that I held at my house last month we discussed naming parts, and how it does feel weird to call it a vagina when we were raised to call it lady bits or kitty or something like that, but using a term like ‘yoni’ seemed more comfortable for us. Also interesting bit to be noted – we had no trouble calling it a penis, but try to call it a vagina or breasts and most people will giggle or shy away.

        • I always found that really weird.

          And in my experience it seems to be pretty equal among the sexes. Most men I have met can’t say the word vagina without laughing. Or perhaps can’t say it at all.

          • I think this blog will be very useful to me, so thank you very much!

            And yes, actually I don’t know why sexuality is taboo since childhood. Children must be informed about sexuality (in a right way, okay?), and must not be hidden of the genital’s names. Language is very important, it even defines a part of us! So I am always shocked when I hear people talking about “fapping” but then these same people have a huge taboo with the word “masturbation” (by the way, I prefer the second word). 9_9

    • I always sleep naked. I had to get used to it when I met my ex-boyfriend because if he’s sleeping in clothes he will undress himself in his sleep and if someone is sleeping beside him in clothes he will undress them too.
      It’s so funny because he’s completely unaware of what he’s doing because he’s always completely knocked out when it happens! :’)

      This has gotten him in some ridiculously awkward situations, f. e. once when his very homophobic friend needed a place to sleep and they had to sleep in the same bed. Of course he undressed them both in his sleep and the morning after his horrid mother walked in on them sleeping, naked wrapped in each others arms for heat and comfort.
      I believe they woke up to her lovely shrieking voice: “HÁKON ARE YOU GAY!?”

      I don’t think his friend slept over ever again :’)

      • Lol, hilarious.

        That sounds like he got one of them genies that twists your wishes and that was the result.

        I wonder what was the original unperverted wish?

    • I have never felt more comfortable with myself than when I moved out of my mom’s and started sleeping naked. I used to think my boobs were “floppy” and my tummy was too big and my thighs as well. No problems any more (most days.) I’m comfortable snuggling naked with my partner and sometimes I have to remind myself to put on clothes (or at least close all the blinds) so my neighbors don’t call the courtesy officer at my apartment complex.

  4. Awesome list! I notice ive been trying to do a lot of these recently after being inspired by your videos and such! xD I’ve been not wearing any makeup unless i have a horrid zit and I have unsubscribed from all my beauty/gossip magazines. Lately i’ve been feeling so liberated with my body and all, when my principal on the PA told us to make sure that we are dressing apropriatly and not wearing shorts to short i wanted to scream : I FIND THAT VERY OPPRESSIVE AND DEGRADING!! lolol. legit though grr….

    • haha! that’s awesome danielle! interesting point you make about “dress codes” and how strangely controlling they usually are.

      • Thanks! What do you think of this Laci?—->

        I have recently found that many public school dress codes actually violate human rights? Since that children are required to go to school, it only makes sense that these would apply here. Here are two widely accepted human rights:

        1.) freedom to do what a person wishes if it does not harm others (even if other people think it is bad) — so pretty much teachers making student change just because they don’t like what we are wearing violates human rights.

        2.)To peacefully protest (speak against) a government or group… —– So, I’d call wearing shorts pretty peaceful, so if a student say that they are protesting the dress code by wearing shorts, if they made you change, that would also be another violation of human rights.

        Human rights applies to all HUMANS. Not just adults, too. So if teachers try to remind students that they are superior and make the rules they can remind them that these rights apply to everybody!

        Am I mistaken in saying any of this?

  5. Another one I would add would be to pick up a book of look online for information on things you’d normally avoid because it doesn’t really interest you or it’s too ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ for you. I recently got a job as an oil change tech and I had no previous experience with cars.. I fact, I HATED cars before this job. It’s been very mind opening! :D

    As a side note though.. I hate the acne that working in such an oily place is giving me. It’s not as bad now that I’m eating a more balanced diet, but it’s still worse than it’s been in ages. :[

    And ANOTHER side note, I like the point someone made about sleeping naked! I might actually try it, hahaha,

  6. This list is awesome!

    “6. Fuck with your gender expression for a day (present as more fem/masc/andro/etc than usual).”

    ^ Something along with that is that like someday I want to try drag. Do a whole night club performance or something you know? I mean i keep envisioning it in my mind and even when I envision it, I already get the feeling of being sexy and Courageous and strong. The only problem is it’s hard to get started and find the money to keep up with make-up and other items.

    • If you want to try dressing in drag you should check out a consignment store sometime. I work in one and we get a few customers who enjoy dressing in drag, it’s a great way to get clothes without paying full price and I’m sure it varies among stores, but it might be a more comfortable shopping environment if you’re a bit shy about getting women’s clothing.

  7. Once I got to 50 I had forgotten the previous 49.

    Hate no man.
    Be humble.
    Be patient.
    Work Hard.
    Do what’s right.

    • Bagh, I hit post by mistake in mid post. The rest below:

      Those are my 5 which I try to live by. I mean, that last one is kind of vague, but that’s sorta because there is more to life than the first 4 and I forget things and am dumb and stuff. I actually kind of like that your number 50 is similar to my 5.

      I think I haven’t done a lot of the things on the list actually.

      I haven’t done 3 or 5, though funnily enough I have done 6. Or at least I count that time I wore a dress as 6. (I think i even mentioned that before.)

      I haven’t done 8, 10, 11, and uh 34.

      Oh, woah, that’s less than I thought. I feel better now.

  8. I would add:

    53. Embrace your natural cycles, be it sleeping and waking when your body needs it, or menstral cycles, and don’t treat them as something to push through and ignore, going about your daily life, but listen to your body!

    54. Do something everyday to the betterment of your mind, body, spirit and home. Doing something specifically to fall into each of these categories everyday will make a surprising difference to how conscious you are of your daily actions and interactions.

    55. Get outside in nature at least 30min per day and truly be present and aware of your surroundings and your body.

    56. Practice square breathing: breathe out all of your breath. Breathe in for 7 seconds. Hold it in for 7 seconds. Breathe out for 7 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times. Note how you feel afterward.

    57. Focus on consciously changing your internal monologue of judgement, and instead try to find at least two things you like about e erroneous you meet for a day. How did your outlook change?

  9. after skimming the list i do number 39 like all the time.i only shave when i hafta for a job. but then i do it cause i don’t think it matters how well i clean up no body will care anyways. plus i was constantly made fun of in school for my hair and clothes which just made me want to not preen at all more.

    • i understand. when you can’t win & preening is about pleasing, there’s really no point. i hope you are not being picked on any more :(

      • well only in so far as being on the net. which wouldn’t be so bad but poor ole me is thin skinned as it were. but to be clear it’s not so much that i get a lot of personal attacks against me so much as most movies and music and shows i like seem to really be hated . course i only leave the house when i have to. i rarely drink and have never had more than a light ish heavy buzz. and i hate loud noise and crowds and i live in Oklahoma so that leaves little to do even if i had the money. ehh in short my life sucks pity me :D

  10. Thank you Laci. Your words have helped me become a better person to myself and others, and I’m still improving. Much love for you and everyone else going through life. <3

  11. Laci, I am so impressed by everything that you post! Way to better the lives of women (and men and everyone in between) with your sex positivity!!!

  12. Great list, but several of them are general self improvement tips that have nothing to do with sex positivism. The odd ones seem to be evenly distributed throughout… almost as if someone was trying to pad the list to get 50. >_^

    • haha, no. i actually had to delete a few to avoid being 60 (which just seems like an odd number). self improvement *is* sex positive!

  13. Thanks for posting things like this Laci. As a guy who isn’t “Mr. Macho” trying to look like an alpha-male or what have you, these posts help. I can’t say I agree with every video or post, but you are spreading a great message and do make me feel much more comfortable about myself, improving myself bit-by-bit every day by exercising (started Insanity 3 weeks ago) and eating healthier (more greens less red meats!). You’ve given me the confidence to go and ask the girl of my dreams out and I’m really glad I did, happy ever since.

    So a big thank you!

  14. What about eating dinner with your partner naked. I did this with my ex and it was literally the best dinner I ever had. Dessert was just around the corner!

  15. I <3 this list. And it totally works too, because I started trying a lot of the things on this list a few years ago (after escaping a very christian upbringing) and I feel a million times more sex positive and self-loving than I ever was before! :) You are the best, Laci!

  16. Laci!! I guess it might be less of a problem in N. America vs Australia, but sunbathing, especially naked (therefore exposing more skin) greatly increases your risk of skin cancer. Skin cancers can be very aggressive and deadly and lotsofbadthings :( Lots of people, especially young women, look to you for advice – usually you have excellent and reliable information. Please don’t encourage something with so much potential to hurt and harm.

    • Australians fear the sun like no other.

      Just remember to slip, slop, slap. Also, naked with a hat? That’s hot. Now I have to find that song, you know, “You can keep your hat on” or whatever.

    • If you only do it once or twice and make sure to put sun screen on and don’t stay out to long you should be perfectly fine. You do need at least 15 minutes of sun every day. A little time in the sun naked is perfectly safe as long as you use common sense. Or you could just do what I do and walk around your back yard naked at night when there’s no moon out. xD

  17. Mother walked in mid-post…had to start over. Anyways, I love your tips Laci. Sadly…I’d probably end up in reform school for trying these. It’s living hell there…

  18. I just shared this on Facebook, because we all need to read them ^^ I am getting better at some, some I have been good at for a long time and some needs more work ;) ^^

  19. Laci I love your work so much. I’ve been reflecting on how much my life has changed in the last year and a half. I went from being a slightly homophobic, terrified of anything sexual, naive, self hating girl. To an openly pan-sexual, accepting of everyone, confident, beautiful girl who knows almost enough about sex to teach a sex ed class. xD (by the way it’s almost the one year anniversary of when I came out) <3 The three biggest things that helped me along this path was going to my school, Arts Academy in the Woods, which is the most open and loving school you could ever go to, my best friend Carley, the girl who helped me see my beauty and that people who weren't straight are very often good people, and watching and reading your videos and posts, you finished up the job allowing me to educate myself and become more comfortable with sex and my sexuality and love myself even more. I love you Laci and please keep up your amazing work. <3

  20. My daughter is all about you.. and I love what your doing for youth and self esteem. Bravo and thank you!. We need more of your type of thinking to be infused into society. However, we are having a disagreement about sleepovers with her girlfriend. I am curious to know whats your position on 14 year olds having sex with 17 year olds when the parents are not comfortable with it. This includes sleepovers – even when it’s just snuggling. I am thinking she may be taking some things your advocating out of context – but I would like clarification for myself. As a lesbian myself, I understand the ways that sexual orientation can be misunderstood by other parents, but that’s not the case here. We are supportive of this relationship, and sex positivity, but feel that sex is a special experience to be engaged in when one is more mature emotionally. What’s the hurry?
    thanks Laci.

  21. I guess my addition would be `Do not assume my gender`… meaning that you wait till a person informs you of their gender before you attach one to them.

    And Laci, as a nudist, sex+, polyamorous non-practicing bi-queer, you are a breath of delicous air.

    Keep talking, keep challenging, and keep educating. Your impact on the world is not to be under-rated.

  22. I have stopped using language that ascribes a negative conotation to sexual organs and acts, for example I no longer say “that sucks” to describe something which is negative, and instead explore verbally what negative thing I am feeling. I stopped using Cunt, Dick, ect as insults, because I like cunts and dicks, and assholes. Why would I call my enemies or those bothersome people, those very parts I would be fondling?

  23. My two cents on the matter.

    1. I believe that erotica can only be visual. It’s far easier to enjoy it, if you know what I mean.

    4. How about no? I suck at drawing. Even if I were good at it I still wouldn’t do that. It’s just bizarre.

    6. I don’t think I express anything gender related. I am male but I don’t act masculine nor feminine. I’m just human.

    7. Is there anything else to masturbation other than stroke it until it comes?

    10. What’s sexual hurting?

    15. Defensiveness? You mean apologising for being a white straight male? The way modern feminists want? Fuck that. I ain’t apologising for shit.

    16. What if that person defines him/herself as a fascist, a nazi, racist, sexist etc? I will shame and ridicule that bastard as much as I want. If I had any balls and notable strength I would also willingly smash them. We need to purge these sub-humans, if we want anything resembling a just society. I am willing to become an animal if need be and I think it is.

    32. Too late for that, bro. /\

    34. Sunbathing is a waste of time. Why go sunbathing when you can go swimming?

    37. It’s been 23 years and I still haven’t found anything. On the inside maybe but on the outside, fat chance. No pun intended.

    50. Sounds very nice but also very naive. Everything should be mutual. I won’t do shit for a disrespectful, ungrateful, arrogant cocksucker.

  24. I’ve read some very good points here and had to add:
    Respect: Be the one to show respect for others, “before” they show respect for you. I’ll take it one further and say “Respect others even if they don’t respect you.” And let’s not forget to respect ourselves! Respect has to start somewhere.

    Forgiveness: Forgiving others is often easier than forgiving ourselves, but they are of equal importance. Forgiving someone does more for ourselves than it usually does for those we’ve forgiven.

    Love: look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Tell yourself that you love the person you see there. Learn to love yourself from you’re heart, not from your ego. Spirit builds and ego destroys. How can you love others if you can’t love yourself?

    I’m still working on the loving myself part, but like everyone else, I’m a work in progress.

    All the best to you all! Great stuff here Laci!

  25. Oh my god, I don’t know why you didn’t exist 20 years ago, Laci. I have so many problems affecting my ability to associate with the opposite sex and doing the normal sex thing you would have saved my sex life. Anyways, it would take hours of expensive psychotherapy to fix me up. Unfortunately, I came down with a rare form of blood disease called mylofibrosis. Ewwwww. Yes, I am a living tragedy. I have had women interested in me sexually and passed them up and have no real idea why. I might make a “draw my life” video. Put my head out there and let the Internet cut it off for me. Also, I want to write some dirty fiction. Can I send it to you, Laci?

  26. Help Laci!. I live in a very small town in Alabama …I’m talking small. Because of this I was having trouble finding research material on sex+ topics. Do you know any good books written about female sexuality, lesbian sexuality, abuse counseling, roe. v wade, how sex is portrayed in the media etc….Anything you recommend would be great but I need help to know where to start on my journey for knowledge haha.

  27. There is much that we humans must learn from observation of our environment in order to form meaningful relationships with others and with ourselves. Unfortunately, since we are thrust into life where only the fortunate ones have someone who loves them enough to invest hours each day talking directly to us, telling us the sky is blue and the clouds are white, and that we are somebody, and that not only are our dreams important, but that we can achieve our dreams if we work hard at making them come true, and that failure is not a bad thing, failure is our friend and one of our teachers.

    Without someone to talk directly to us, giving us the gift of well expressed emotions in all their hues and shades, showing us the subtle changes in our color, the variety of tones, pitches, cadences, the quivering lips, the welling of tears in our eyes, the smiles that start in our eyes and spread to our lips and cheeks, the shaking of our hands and knees, the hesitant quavering in our breath, and the strong confidence of the hands and the strength of our embrace, our relationships remain empty, hollow and sterile.

    In the absence of soft hands to gracefully catch us, no matter how poorly life has thrown us, we find instead hands that fumble and drop us when we bounce and slide against the calloused dry hard hands and we tumble and fall to the ground.

    We are left with emails instead of heartfelt memories of human contact.
    We are left with hollow, lifeless, recorded voicemail instead of the memories of the voices that lovingly guided us in life.

    But, if this is the way it is and always has been, where then does the love come from? Who creates love? How does a baby learn love, how does a child learn that other people have souls just as she does? How does she learn to be a mother without having been mothered? How does a boy learn to be a father without having been fathered?

    If all we know is true, and all we have is this. If what we see is all there is, and all we know is all that we have seen. Perhaps it’s time to look further within, within and upward, upward along that path to the place where what we see fades and what we feel becomes stronger. To that special place where red and yellow turn to black and gray, and after a few steps in darkness, black turns to indigo, and shades of dark turn to beautiful hues of blues and green, and the softness of the bow assures us there is safety within. Here, in Love’s pure light the child remembers his Father and the fatherless is welcomed and they both enjoy rest, recuperation and rejuvenation before resuming life’s struggle.

    If you would like to find that place of rest, or perhaps if you feel that something is missing from your interpersonal relationships, I may be able to share with you some more. However, you probably already know someone that could help you clarify your thinking. Who do you know that is always kind, always gentle, always compassionate, full of hope and calm assurance? Who is never haughty, never boastful, never proud, and never seeking their own way? If that sounds like someone you know, look them up and talk to them for a while. See if they can give you any additional help.

    If you cannot find someone like this, send me an email and I will see if there is anything I can do to help you along.

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