Love you.

I made a sex+ valentine for you.

Not wanting to rehash the same cynicism I’ve expressed in past years, I decided to do something different this Valentine’s Day. We often talk about relationships as a society – romantic relationships, that is. Those seem to get more glory and attention than any other kind of relationship. Namely, our relationship with ourselves….which I feel is never talked about it.

Something that has really changed for me in my latest romantic relationship is my journey toward self-awareness and self-love. Learning to love myself has made my romantic relationship infinitely more fulfilling and wonderful, as well as making day-to-day living more enjoyable. I tried to capture a piece of my personal journey for you here in this video. I hope it will uplift you, inspire you, make you think, and offer you some tips to love yourself every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love you,


7 thoughts on “Love you.

  1. That was kinda corny, but I like it :P nice to see something on valentines day that’s not focusing on relationships with other people.

  2. Thanks … to be honest I happened upon your blog, youtube channel via a random facebook post and … forgive my initial shallowness I can’t lie … your cute. So click … huh … ummm … wow. You make endless sense and have such a positive attitude. Thank you for salient, well stated, yes some of it is obvious but we just don’t think about it enough wonderful stuff like this :)

  3. Awesome tips. Group relationship budliing is one of my favorite topics…. Opportunities literally abound. Two of my favorite activities involve serving others and eating. Tip 1: serve others outside of our group, i.e. “be the hands and feet, by getting off your seat”. Instead of having a Christmas party for your group, have one for those in need. We had found a local mission that held a Christmas Eve program for 200+ men at wayside missions in downtown Louisville. Together, we made cookies to give out to the men, and our families joined in on an Christmas Eve, caroling and just loving on these folks. Our group served together and grew together. You don’t have to wait for Christmas; you can find opportunities to serve anytime of the year. There are several areas to serve that NCC supports on the missions page. Selfless giving for others as a group, creates a special bond that deepens your groups relationship, and strengthens your faith.Tip 2: Eating is good. – We love to have cookouts – pool parties Picnics Etc. Our growing kids gods way group got together for a dinner and night of games at one of our families homes. It is truly amazing how guitar hero can bring out the best in people. Big hair bands and a live mic, you can really see another side of your group or should I say groupies.. Thanks for taking the time to share with us..

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