Cunt Pot!

Hey folks. I was doing a live broadcast on BlogTV yesterday and several of you expressed interest in my sex positive artwork. Unfortunately, much of what I’ve done has been given away, but this is one of my most recent projects. I made it for my close friend Christie whom I facilitated Female Sexuality with and who has now moved on to teach sex education at high schools.

Planted inside is an herb garden. I considered painting it so that the herb garden was the pubic hair but…it seemed too weird haha.

I think things like this make nice gifts for sisters, moms, best friends, etc. They don’t have to be so bold, but Christie rejects body taboos, so this worked for her. Homemade sex positive gifts are also a fun way to soften consumerism for something from the heart that is made with a message of self-love.

I’ll be back with a new video review tomorrow…I may in fact have found my holy grail of sex toys. Cya then! <3

PS: If you’re wondering why I use the word “cunt”, refer to one of the first sex+ videos I ever made (though it wasn’t called sex+ then) entitled “The C-Word“. Don’t judge, I’ve gotten a lot better at articulating my perspective since then! X)

14 thoughts on “Cunt Pot!

  1. I love it. Really cute. Love the pot and I got to say looks pretty real to me. Keep up the good work and I say Magnifico. Love you Laci

  2. Hey Laci. Great looking pot. Love it. Danny wanted me to see it and I just had to comment on it. Looks real to me too. Hope you are doing well and remember “One who loves art loves themselves through many eyes!” Basically meaning one who enjoys art sees things about there art that no one else does. Good job! Love you Laci,


  3. Great work, Laci. Especially like the pubic hair. Seriously would love to see you sell these, along with your other art. I’m continually amazed by your many talents.

  4. Hey, Nice cunt pot you got there… great work, really! you should’ve done the herb garden anyway just to see. if it was too over the top, you couldve scrapped it.. any more photos of your past/present work to check out?

  5. Now THAT’S what i call a conversation ‘piece’! Love it, Laci–
    bold and beautiful, AND functional, as all cunts and pots should be! xo!

  6. Ha ha. Deeeeeeefinitely not prepared to hand that to my mother!! But I like it Laci, I’m just not brave. :)
    You got GRIT chica.

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