Real Bodies: Normal Breasts

Note: this post is NFSW, or “not safe for work”. I am still deciding if I’m okay with rerouting posts with nudity to a different page on the website (I didn’t build this website to have to censor myself again). For now, save your blog viewing for home if this is a problem. :)

As I alluded to in THE BREAST EFFECT (a Sex+ episode from a few weeks ago), there are many women who feel insecure about their breasts. Part of this is because the only examples we readily see, if any, are from porn. While I’m personally pro-porn, I feel one of the major downfalls is that the bodies in mainstream porn–the most accessible type of porn–are rarely real. This can have damaging effects on our self-perception because the tendency is to compare ourselves to something that generally does not happen naturally. Further, this can be damaging to the partners of women, who may come to expect breasts to look differently than they actually do.

I find looking at real naked bodies to be an empowering and important experience. When I look at them, I quickly realize that my insecurities are blown out of proportion. It also helps me remember how natural nudity is; that bodies are my mother nature’s artwork–to be loved and embraced, at the very least! So, I found a website that has a gallery of real breasts. You may be surprised to find they do not look like typical “porn boobs”. Real breasts have a different sit, they are not perfectly symmetrical, the nipple isn’t always in the same spot, breast size varies tremendously, and so do the areola and nipple color/size.

The website is 007b. I strongly recommend you go have a surf around. I am not endorsing what they say on the website (though some of it is good), but rather the array of real breast pictures and personal stories to accompany it. I have been considering doing a continuation of “Real Bodies” with various parts of the body from Sex+ community user submissions–including genitals. I’d love to know if folks would be interested & willing to participate, granted all identities were completely and untraceabley anonymous.

86 thoughts on “Real Bodies: Normal Breasts

  1. It is definitely one of the down sides of porn. Personally I’m more of a fan of amateur porn, mostly because it feels so much more real. Projects like IFM, Abby Winters and I shot myself are a breath of fresh air in a genre where a lot of stuff you see is fake.

    I would be willing to participate in a similar project, though hesitant (but i think thats healthy as soon as internet and naked are in the same sentence).

    That brings me to the following: Because I’m into amateur porn, i regularly run into pictures and videos that have me thinking “I wonder if he/she knew this was gonna end up on the internet?” and I’m afraid in a lot of cases the answer is “No”.
    Which brings me to something Laci already addressed in a video about “sex-ting”: Keep your head off the pictures / video’s. We all look pretty much the same naked, so there isn’t too much there to identify you with.

    Anyway, another awesome post Laci, much love <3


  2. The thing with breasts is that guys know that boobs come in all shapes and sizes and I know that most of us don’t really care. Granted, there are plenty of men who like large boobs, but there are just as many that are a leg man or an arse man. In fact, you could argue half of the male community are just happy they are seeing real boobs (yeah for self confidence boost), so don’t complain about their size.

    On this idea of users putting up photos, whilst I think it would be an interesting side project Laci, I’m afraid that if you do it, that part of the site may get a lot more traffic with people just looking for amateur porn. But then, that may be a possitive thing as it would bring your site more attention and spread your message across even better.

  3. I hope this isn’t too off-topic, but I just felt compelled to note that the website is slightly religious. Probably more of a liberal religious bent, but the do say the following on the front page:

    Think of the prominent breasts on (most) women as “ornaments”: just pretty body parts that our Creator put on female bodies to be PART of the WHOLE package of a feminine body…

    Emphasis mine.

  4. Breasts are one of the best parts of the female body IMO. When they are real, they are as unique to the person as their fingerprints. And that is part of the reason I see the human body as a natural work of art rather than something to be ashamed of.

    How bad is the supposed “Sagging” effect that people talk about of bras are not worn? I’ve been to many naturist events, and while some of the younger girls wear support when doing sports, I never really notice much difference in height.

    • The most important thing is to wear fitting bras if you wear them at all. Bad bras can do more damage (squishing the tissue and causing it to migrate under the arms or to the back) than not wearing a bra. The old rule “add 5 inches to the band” doesn’t work anymore. I’m 26/36 under/in and when I switched from 34C to 28FF/30F UK (about 30H US) my breast finally started looking good naked.
      I have an article on bra-fitting on my blog if you’re interested.

  5. Laci,

    Not to spam you, but please see my message about NSFW content…

    I’m a big fan of natural! Natural Breasts, lips, thighs, butts, eyes, facial features (aka makeup), etc…

    God gave you the body you have… LOVE IT!!! Not to say you don’t need to take care of it and keep it in the best shape you can, but don’t go ALTERING IT (unless necessary for medical reasons, e.g. breast reduction for back problems.)

    • @TheGeniusSavant:

      Stop telling her to censor her website, of course it contains NSFW content. IT’S A SITE ABOUT SEX.

      Why are people so ignorant? FFS..

  6. Suggestion, a “read more” tag. That way, your front page doesn’t immediately pop up boobs. I have no problem with such content, but others might… and it’s not a bad idea either. The more tag helps keep the front page from seeming too cluttered and allows people to find articles they’re interested in faster.

    That being said, it seems like every woman I’ve ever been with has had issues with their breasts. I too blame porn. The most obvious quality, size, is usually a non-issue to us guys. As my dad always said “all you need is a mouthful… although anything more would be fun to try.” Then there’s the FACT that natural breasts are not symmetrical, they tend to vary slightly in size from right to left. Then there’s nipple size, placement and shape, which is highly variable from one person to the next, but fairly uniform in porn. Another interesting thing to not about boob jobs is that they usually do psychological tests prior to surgery due to the higher suicide rates among those who receive plastic surgery. I believe they do the same thing for most kinds of cosmetic surgery, most notably sex changes.

    Pro tip, the quickest way to spot a boob job is that unnatural breasts tend to have have an unnatural line at the top (where you might expect a line to be if a natural breast were in a corset or). That is, the natural breast (as you can see in these pictures) flows naturally from the shoulders almost as if hanging from them. The notable exception is the small breasts which don’t hang at all… the thing is, people don’t get fake boobs for an A cup, so this is irrelevant. With modern bras, however, this can be difficult to ascertain while they’ve got clothes on. A naked breast is an easy spot through.

  7. I almost forgot, if you thought women had issues with their breasts, they pale in comparison to their issues with their own genitalia. They don’t realize that many porn stars have also had genital cosmetic surgery and often laser hair removal and bleaching.

    If men thought they were the only one’s who where self-conscious about their junk, they were dead wrong.

  8. Laci I would be really pleased if you did more on ‘Real Bodies’, including your idea.. This post here really, really helped me. Thanks :3

  9. Laci,
    I just want to say that I’m really glad you are out here on the web doing what you do. Both in the sex+ realm and in your role as an outspoken atheist. You use intelligence and logic to enlighten a world that is largely ignorant of both. Keep it up.

    Also, if you do launch this little side project, I would be honored to assist and be part of it. But please do take into account the above mentioned caveats.

  10. I can understand why so many people are uncomfortable with various portions of their anatomy. I know I’m not entirely comfortable with some of my own. Intimacy is usually a matter of exposing yourself to a partner both physically and emotionally which often leads people to wonder “What if they think my [insert name of body part/s here] is hideous and/or ridiculous?” Especially with modern media showing us male and female bodies which approach a certain perfectionist ideal. Women worry about having perfect breasts, a perfect figure and, according to some of these comments, a perfect labia. Men are worrying about their body-hair, pot belly, lack of abs and pects and the size, or lack of it, of their tackle. There’s that fear of disrobing in front of a new partner and then hearing a snigger or “Ewwww!!!”

    In a way, the profusion of amateur nudity on the ‘net these days is a boon. You can see nudist couples who are happily married, have children and look nothing like something out of a porn movie.

    Bodies are beautiful. Enjoy them all.

    • @Mark: There’s that fear of disrobing in front of a new partner and then hearing a snigger or “Ewwww!!!”

      If you get a remark like that you are doing something wrong. Your partner should be so turned on by the time you get to disrobing that they do not notice those imperfections until much later.

      • Very true, but that doesn’t dispel the fear. Aviophobics know that flying is one of the safest forms of travel but that doesn’t relieve the terror when they board a plane.

  11. I love real women. I don’t like when ladies decide to starve themselves because they have an ounce of fat on them. I like women who fill out.

    ALSO, I love the idea of having a SEX+ community “real bodies” thing. I am not ashamed of any part of my body, and have no qualms sharing.

  12. I agree with you whole heartedly. I think I wouldn’t mind participating. I don’t have the perfect body, actually far from it. I diet and exercise, but nothing really works, so I make use of what I have.

      • you know i think its the imperfections that make one perfect people worry too much about what other people say to be “PERFECTION” lol that tickles me pink honestly conformity to one thing is a form of enslaving individuality ;) just my thought s tho

  13. Well damn. I sent you that link right after your boobs video. I’m glad you put it to good use, but I am kind of hurt you never responded with even “Hey, great site .. thanks for the link!”

    • I hate to crash your entitlement, but I actually found this site by googling last night. good to know we’re on the same page though ;)

  14. Me being male, not that it particularly matters but to give a little context, prefer natural breasts. I have never really cared for fakies, I don’t like the way they move, feel ,etc. it’s just not the way they should be in my opinion. I have yet to be disappointed by any that i have seen thus far.
    I would also like to see some other Real Bodies on Sex+. I don’t get to get on here often so atm I am playing a bit of catch up with your posts.

  15. As far as posting actual body parts I think it is a noble ambition that our current legal system hasnt quite caught up to. The only sites Ive heard of that can post pictures of gentials without some sort of disclaimer or age gate are medical ones so you’ll probably need to put something to stop minors from viewing that part of the site.

    A suggestion for starting that part of the site though would be to start with a part that is a little more tame like arms, legs, or stomachs/abs to test the water. Also Id suggest as a sign of good faith include a picture something from yourself that you are comfortable showing on at least one of the parts(completely annonymously just like everyone else)

    • “. Also Id suggest as a sign of good faith include a picture something from yourself that you are comfortable showing on at least one of the parts(completely annonymously just like everyone else)”

      I totally agree to this point. What do you suggest Laci?

  16. I’d much rather the look and feel of a real boob than a implant boob anyday. Hell, even porn “hot” doesn’t do it for me, and maybe that’s just me, but it’s just not what I’m in to physically.

    As for the Real Bodies thing, I think that it’s about time a site like this were to do something like that, but the only problem is laws about minors view such things. I’ll admit, in my personal opinion, I’d rather they saw something like this than all the free porn putting the slighty off word about what sexuality is. I’ll also agree with Adam on the good faith thing, yet I also know that with the anonymous thing, it’s not like you’d ever have to prove it unless you wanted to. Hell for that matter, if you need something for it, just put the message out there and I’ll see what I can do ;)

  17. Hi Laci, big fan! I totally agree on this subject. It is crazy for women to be afraid that their body isn’t up to par. To be honest, I hate most of the boobs I see in porn. I agree with the poster who said he likes amateur porn, that is where I stay as well.

    On a side note, I was just curious, you seem very open and genuine in your quest to help sexuality and self-comfort. Have you ever thought about showing off your own body to further your cause, by showing people there is nothing to be afraid of and the human body is beautiful?

    • I have to agree with Jake. If Laci isn’t willing to participate I don’t see why any of us should. It’s like the football coach who yells at his players to work out and do community service and then just sits on the couch all day. You can’t ask people to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself. It’s contradictory.

        • Hahaha, guys, there’s no “have to do” anything. I like the idea of the anonymous nature and accompanying story to add to the Real Bodies thread. I’ll participate. With anonymity we’d never really know if Laci was participating anyway. I feel it would be a bit strange if we did know which body was hers anyway; the internet has the ability to greatly throw things out of proportion. Anonymous is good.

  18. This is one of the big reasons that when I do feel the urge to browse porn, I like to find genuine amateur porn with real women really enjoying real sex. Often their bodies are made all the more attractive by the lack of stage lighting, makeup and fancy camera work. The body of a woman is beautiful in so many different ways, and unique looking breasts of all shapes and forms are definitely one facet of that.

    It’s unfortunate that so many men and women these days think that a C cup is small thanks to media and fake porn. A C cup! For god’s sake, people! And for that matter, why is “small” a pejorative word when describing breasts? Some of my sexiest lovers have had very petite breasts. It’s about how the woman carries them. If you’ve got an A cup and you know you’re sexy, you’re going to turn me on far more than a D cup who thinks she’s not sexy enough.

    I’m mad about boobs, Laci!

    • You hit the nail right on the head. Seeing real people is way more of a turn on than seeing “barbie” and “ken” go at it, IMO. Though that might just be my inner voyeur talking, which is probably a conversation for another time.

    • “C cup” doesn’t exist. 30C is for a average girl with small breasts! 36 C is for a bigger girl with proportionally bigger breasts. I ditched my 34C for 28FF/30F UK (around 30H US) and never looked back. Now my breasts look better naked, don’t hurt when I’m running and don’t fall out. I’m totally average, 26/36 under/in bust. Check out an article on bra-fitting on my blog.

  19. I would totally help out and participate in the “real bodies” project. I’m sure you will have not shortage of guys participating though. The real question though will Laci? And since they will be anonymous, we will never know.

  20. OMG i like sooooo agree but yea you should do a section about vaginal size because OMG like i was this vid chat place and the girls were showing there junk and 1 girls vagina was flat or whatever and EVERYONE liked that but the other girl had some meat on hers and everyone was putting her down and i was like OMG not cool cause ima be honest mine is NOT flat so yea that should be your next one ^_^. i dont mind helping in whatever way u c fit

  21. Darn. I’d totally participate, but I legally can’t oh, well.

    Laci, I must say that I think natural is beautiful, and when I fantasize, I don’t think about porn breasts. I think about natural bosoms. More women should be more confident about what’s up top.

  22. As a (statistically average) guy, I would be more than happy to contribute to a Real Bodies gallery.
    I’ll keep an eye out for an official call for participants in the future.

    As for the comments on the variety of shapes and sizes, of the 4 women I have dated and seen topless, not a single one has been the same size, or had the same style areola/nipple, which was always fascinating to me. This is really a wonderful idea.

    As well as the female side, I think it’s equally important to have a mens side, because the “Porn sized” idea not only applies to women, but also men in the industry. The internet is saturated with large fake breasts, but more often than not, the man featured along side is rather well endowed himself.

    As that is not something easily enhanced like breast enlargement, they instead simply don’t feature any “average” male.
    So, as I said above, as a (statically average) male, I’d be more than happy to contribute.

  23. YES! In a word where everyone can see porn easily, and most do, folks have to be reminded that most human characteristics form a bell curve in terms of size and…uhh….perkiness, with tiny minorities of outliers at the lower and upper ends of the bell curve.

    Just as the basketball business selects the outlier super-tall people and features them weekly, so the porn business draws in and displays the people with the biggest of both sexes’ sexy bits. It’s very easy to forget that fact, and the constant presentation of outlier super-endowments in porn media can be very harmful to the self-acceptance of normally-endowed persons who do forget it.

  24. I would probably submit to your project. I had the very same issue with my body. I have viewed porn since I was about 6 years old. Almost everything I see has an “attractive” lady with a “perfect” body. I was disgusted with myself to the point that it severely interfered with my sex life. I wouldn’t accept oral sex and I would assume positions where I would not have to face my partner, in hopes they could envision a better body. It was really sad. But I took a better, more critical look at my life after a few semesters in college and I love my body now! I just wish I was motivated to exercise more for health reasons. lol. Needless to say, I think that an array of real body images would do the internet some good.

    My younger sister feels shame about her breasts because her areolas differ a lot and she is still developing. She won’t believe me that they are beautiful and normal, so I will definitely have her look at some of these pictures.

  25. Thank you so much for that website!
    I’m obese and have always felt bad for my too-soft (almost-…liquid..?), big, a little hanging boobs.
    But now I know that they’re perfectly normal and won’t just look like ‘perfect boobs’ anyway.

    Seriously, I think I just learned to love my body a little bit more.

  26. i like your idea on showing whats REAL. its gives people a sigh of relief to know that nearly everyone does NOT have whats portrayed in porn videos.

  27. I would gladly participate in your project.
    When I read that though, I was thinking, “wow she’s going to get a lot of responses from any exhibitionists ( i believe thats the correct term?) that read this” …haha

  28. If you do the whole people can submit naked pictures of themselves, just be very careful Laci. I know plenty of people who’d willingly send in a picture, find out where you live, and just as quickly try and get you into a lawsuit.

    Not only that, but you’d have to becareful who was sending the images in. I.e.: Minors.

    But hey, I’m sure you knew that already.

    And I agree, porn does show unrealistic bodies (those who’ve went through plastic surgery or video editing), and my bf at a time had unrealistic views when it came to sex. I think thats one of the downfalls of pornography also, men get this unrealistic views on how women orgasm, how they want to feel or what to do.

    Showing what real bodies look like is a good idea, but mind you, lots of people probably won’t find them attractive – not because they are not perfect (or maybe so)- but because everyone has different views on what they find sexy.

    Its very interesting though, when you see cultures where women are allowed to just have their breasts hanging out in the open to feed their children or just hang their as a status symbol of who and what they are.

  29. I am intrigued by the idea of empowering women (and men! Not only women have issues with their body) through photographs and images. I believe it would add a sense of security to those that roam this site, trying to find their own individuality in a (inter)web full of ideal figured. I say, go for it. Allow women and men to be proud and honest about their bodies and sexuality.

    And screw those that oppose.

    In regards to people trolling the site looking for porn. Well, this doesn’t appear to be a pornographic site. If someone finds a natural, true body sexually appealing…I really don’t see how this is an issue. Part of exploring the natural body is sexual attraction. If someone is just wanting to see boobies, this can be found freely in other areas of the internet.

    As a feminist sister of sexual health, I say go for it.

  30. :o thank you. i like this type of thing. mostly now more than ever, lately ive been wondering about my breasts because like one is bigger than the other and one nipple is bigger than the other. (and i say lately because ive just started going out with a sexual guy) and now im not as scared that they were weird or not right. thank you Laci =]

  31. I would really like to participate if you plan on posting our photos. I’ve had a lot of body image issues in the past, and a major one has been with my vagina. After doing a lot of research, I’ve come to understand that I either have a hymenal tag, or some other kind of skin tag… either way, I have something extra there. It has caused me a lot of worry. Even my Gyno on my very first appointment said that “It’s PROBABLY a skin tag. Don’t worry about it.” Probably? I was really concerned, and kind of disappointed with the experience since I felt my doctor was pretty awkward about the whole thing.
    It also makes me really angry that every time I have searched online about it, replies to similar posts often state that it can, and probably should be removed… Why would I want to remove it if it’s not causing problems?
    Aside from that, I did a massive search on uncircumcised penises the other day because I realized I’d never seen one that was not erect (in porn), and even then, I’ve probably only ever seen 2. I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s unfamiliar with what a man’s penis looks like, unaltered.
    Anyway, my whole point is that I think you’ve got a good idea here, Laci. This could really help educate and ease some worried minds. You’ve got a lot of support here, so if you decide to go through with it, I’ll be very happy to see it done.

    P.S. Should we wait for the green light first or go ahead and submit our photos to you? I wasn’t sure if this is an invitation yet or if you’re just testing the waters on support.

  32. I think your “Real Bodies” idea would be fantastic. I know a lot of girls are self-conscious about what’s going on down there because all they ever see is the typical porn vagina, and they don’t realize what a variety there really is out there. And I would definitely participate.

  33. i think that idea is AWESOME. body image is so subjective, it wis always nice to know that you are not alone and everyone is beautiful.

  34. I really want to thank you for posting that website. For the last few months I’ve been really self conscious about my breast and was convinced they didn’t look right. I would see womens breast in movies or magazines and be upset at the fact tht mine didnt look like that. I hate the way the media pushes this
    unobtainable Body image on women.

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