Why I Don’t Support “KONY 2012″

Off topic. I have been getting a shit-ton of email about “Kony 2012″. In 3 days, “KONY 2012“, a production of Invisible Children, has gained nearly 40M views on YouTube.

I heard about Invisible Children a long time ago when it became popular amongst my friends in high school. Something felt strange about IC, and while I couldn’t really articulate it then, I didn’t get into their cause. It felt uncomfortable that they commercialized poverty to sell wristbands & t-shirts. It seemed strange to send culturally ignorant people with cameras out to invade the lives of struggling people in the name of “helping” them. While Invisible Children appeared “trendy”, I couldn’t get into it.

When this viral video came out, it had FISHY written all over it. I was like – woah, since when do people actually care about social ills? Imagine if people always became so passionate OVER NIGHT about widespread problems! Lol.

Since it hit, I have been investigating Invisible Children, the film, and all the resources around it. The debate around it is confusing. Using the facts, trustworthy sources, some Ugandan history 101, and my own social analysis, I am going to give you my current thoughts on the matter.

By my current research, Invisible Children and “Kony 2012″ are doing more harm than good. I do not support the Kony “campaign”. Here are my reasons.

(1) Violent Intervention

A statement by Invisible Children’s Director of Communications has indicated that Invisible Children is now working with the Ugandan Army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army, both of which are violent forms of intervention. I understand that sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, but as I will discuss in sections 2, 5, and 6: violent military intervention is not necessary or even justifiable in this case.

Additionally, the Ugandan military & SPLA have wreaked havoc on its people, including raping them and stealing from them.

Here is a picture of the founders of IC posing with weapons and the SPLA.

Nice one, IC….

(2) Ugandan Protest

Ugandans (yknow…the people who actually live there) are expressing their alarm with the viral film. Ugandan community organizers & activists have spoken out against “Stop Kony”, saying:

“What that video says is totally wrong, and it can cause us more problems than help us,”
“There has not been a single soul from the LRA here since 2006. Now we have peace, people are back in their homes, they are planting their fields, they are starting their businesses. That is what people should help us with.”
-Dr Beatrice Mpora, director of Kairos, a community health organisation in Gulu, a town that was once the centre of Kony’s activities

“Suggesting that the answer is more military action is just wrong.”
“Have they thought of the consequences? Making Kony ‘famous’ could make him stronger. Arguing for more US troops could make him scared, and make him abduct more children, or go on the offensive.”
-Javie Ssozi, influential Ugandan blogger

“This paints a picture of Uganda six or seven years ago, that is totally not how it is today. It’s highly irresponsible”.
-Rosebell Kagumire, Ugandan peace & conflict journalist

“To call the campaign a misrepresentation is an understatement. While it draws attention to the fact that Kony, indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court in 2005, is still on the loose, its portrayal of his alleged crimes in Northern Uganda are from a bygone era.”
“Today most of these children are semi-adults. Many are still on the streets unemployed. Gulu has the highest numbers of child prostitutes in Uganda. It also has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.”
-Angelo Izama, Ugandan journalist

(3) White Savior

To hold the solutions of 3 American filmmakers above the African activists who have lived and worked in the affected communities their whole lives stinks of imperialism and colonialism. This happens so often that the phenomenon has been coined “white savior”.

“White savior” refers to western people going in to “fix” the problems of struggling nations or people of color without understanding their history, needs, or the region’s current state of affairs. This sort of “activism” is presumptuous, arrogant, and typically causes more problems for the native people than if they had been left alone. Blind to their nuisance, “white saviors” walk away from their work feeling good about themselves for no reason.

“Kony 2012″ is a white savior film in a purest sense: 3 westernized white guys with cameras come in, make an emotionally moving film which goes viral, creates alarm in the community, and has little to no effective value because it is not an accurate reflection of the real problem. “Kony 2012″ is a white savior film because it is detached from Uganda itself, its communities, and Ugandan voices.

(4) Shady Finances

“It is totally misleading to suggest that the war is still in Uganda,”
“I suspect that if that’s the impression they are making, they are doing it only to garner increasing financial resources for their own agenda.”
-Fred Opolot, spokesman for the Ugandan government

Because the government is tied to the violent military, it’s worth being skeptical of Opolot’s claims. However, the evidence suggests that he is correct. When they aren’t spending money on the military, IC only spends 31% of its funds on direct aid.

Where is all the money going? We can’t know for sure. The Better Business Bureau has indicated that Invisible Children won’t allow their financials to be audited. Charity watchdogs have given IC a low accountability rating for its shady financials.

Alas, IC are filmmakers (obviously powerful filmmakers at that), and millions of dollars in donations go toward their white savior films. These films hold little to no practical value except to sell wristbands, t-shirts, and other crap that makes people feel like they’ve done their social justice deed of the year.

(5) Manipulating the Truth

On the approach of Invisible Children in addressing Kony and the LRA, the Council on Foreign Affairs has stated:

“In their campaigns, such organizations have manipulated facts for strategic purposes, exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders and emphasizing the LRA’s use of innocent children as soldiers, and portraying Kony — a brutal man, to be sure — as uniquely awful, a Kurtz-like embodiment of evil. They rarely refer to the Ugandan atrocities or those of Sudan’s People’s Liberation Army, such as attacks against civilians or looting of civilian homes and businesses, or the complicated regional politics fueling the conflict.”

IC has for awhile been the subject of criticism by scholars, having been described as “naive”, “misleading”, and “dangerous”.

Since the film was released, better educated folks have come forward about the misleading nature of “Kony 2012″. For Foreign Policy, Michael Wilkerson, an Oxford PhD candidate who has lived and reported from Uganda, writes:

“But let’s get two things straight: 1) Joseph Kony is not in Uganda and hasn’t been for 6 years; 2) the LRA now numbers at most in the hundreds, and while it is still causing immense suffering, it is unclear how millions of well-meaning but misinformed people are going to help deal with the more complicated reality.

First, the facts. Following a successful campaign by the Ugandan military and failed peace talks in 2006, the LRA was pushed out of Uganda and has been operating in extremely remote areas of the DRC, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic — where Kony himself is believed to be now. The Ugandan military has been pursuing the LRA since then but had little success (and several big screw-ups).

…Additionally, the LRA (thankfully!) does not have 30,000 mindless child soldiers. This grim figure, cited by Invisible Children in the film (and by others) refers to the total number of kids abducted by the LRA over nearly 30 years. Eerily, it is also the same number estimated for the total killed in the more than 20 years of conflict in Northern Uganda.”

Michael brings to light something “Kony 2012″ conveniently ignores: reality.

(6) False Solutions & Faux-activism

Do not get me wrong, I want this Kony asshole caught as much as the next person. I would never condone or support such inhumanity. I hope this would be obvious.

However, the solutions proposed by IC to catch Kony are strange. The film sets out to make Kony famous. This operates so that Obama will keep pressure on Uganda with American advisors until Kony is either captured or dead. Fine – but I can’t find anything saying that Obama/America will pull out. So uh…..what is prompting all the urgent “save the world now” “put posters everywhere” crap? 0 effective value.

Further, the proposed military solution is oversimplified. To quote Wilkerson:

“One of the biggest issues with a simplistic “Stop Kony” message is that discussions of Navy Seals or drone strikes are inevitable when patience runs out with Ugandan-led efforts . But what about the dozens or hundreds of abducted and brainwashed kids? Should we bomb [the kids too]? Will they actually stop fighting after Kony is gone? What if they shoot back?”

So….KILL KONY! (?) AND ALL THE KIDS TOO!! (?) OR….JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON’T HIT THEM WITH YOUR BULLETS! Right? Or what? How can so many people support a goal that is so vague & unclear?

“Coming back to the ‘Kony 2012′ video and its celebrity endorsements, what are the consequences of unleashing so many exuberant activists armed with so few facts? Defining Uganda in the international conversation by issues that are either geographical misfires (Save northern Uganda!) or an intentional attempt to distract the international community (Death to the gays!), do a disservice to the many critical problems Uganda has.”

This brings me full circle to my frustration with people becoming so “passionate” over something they know nothing about while constantly turning a blind eye to the issues informed activists try to bring to light every damn day.

This could speak to how easily manipulated people are….and/or to how the obvious medium for social change is (you got it):


All signs point to Invisible Children being a farce. The evidence suggests that “Kony 2012″ is an emotional propaganda film that is factually questionable, stinks of white savior, will cause more violence and/or incoherence, and goes against the solutions of actual Ugandan people. This happens while conveniently making Invisible Children a shitload of money to fund more useless emotional blackmail and while fauxtivists on Facebook falsely believe they’ve done something helpful. Now what?

If we have in fact been mislead, which is what it looks like, it’s never too late to change lines of support. Here are alternatives to Invisible Children that do similar work, have high ratings, good financials, external audits that are made public, and positive outcomes:

Children of the Nations

Here’s to practical, culturally sensitive, humane, and informed solutions to finding Kony.

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    • Take a look at the picture of them posing with the guns…look over the shoulder of the white dude with brown shirt…found Kony…

    • Oct22Sara I’m (kinda sorta yeah not really) gay, too! And I can clmtoepely resonate with everything you have shared here. I admire your boldness and conviction, and cannot imagine how difficult it is to stand so strong and so sure in yourself in Christ, I am so curious about the process of your journey coming to the place you are today and I am also curious about whether or not you ever waver in your conviction or if you are always, by the grace of God, so confident and sure of it?My story is extremely different, because I am able to be in a god honoring marriage and have a beautiful family with the husband of my dreams. But I still must always be aware and on guard to protect my heart from same-sex attractions, and opposite-sex attractions as well! I cannot imagine how much more difficult and confusing the struggle would be if those same-sex attractions were the only attractions I ever experienced! Thank you so much for sharing your story, I think if more and more people (like me who hides and lurks in the shadows with my history and temptations) were out there sharing their stories about these struggles and temptations, then homosexuality would be understood so much more by the church and perhaps there wouldn’t be so much judgement, perhaps hatred, and stigma surrounding this issue among our fellow Chritians. And for that shame on me! And good for you! My biggest fear in sharing my life’s struggles with same-sex attraction is worrying that every woman I am friends with is going to suddenly feel like I am desirous of them, or that they cannot be close to me because I am going to try to seduce them or something of that nature. So I lurk, wishing that during misunderstood conversations of homosexuality that I could speak up and share my personal testimony and try to help correct these misconceptions. I pray that someday I can have the boldness that you have, and that my story too can be used for the glory of God.VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 3 votes)

  1. Interesting, good info, thanks. I have had similar doubts. Thia in no way lessens my revulsion at Kony and his rebels but it is obvious that the Ugandan military and gvmt is no better.

  2. Why are all atheists against this? One of my friend’s is an atheist and he’s saying the same thing.
    Honestly, what’s wrong with some people? How can you say something like,”this Kony thing isn’t our business”? First, you obviously didn’t watch the video, in which case I doubt you even know what you’re talking about so you just shut up right now. Second, it’s not about where you live or what your political views are, it’s about innocent children. Its about being human, and the right to live, and be safe, and happy. Its about the universal language of love. It’s about a cruel sick man who needs to be stopped at any cost for the sake of people’s lives. It’s about a better earth, and a better future for your children. Open your ignorant eyes and stop thinking about yourself for once!

    • I am not atheist. At first I was for it but when you think of all the information that is here that is not in the vid on youtube ect… It can cause more harm then good it could do.

    • Wow. Just wow. Not only did you make presumptions about the actions and intentions of these “atheists”, but you also called them ignorant despite the fact that many of them have done probably more research than you did.

      The problem isn’t a clear-cut “kill kony, mission accomplished”. You go after Kony, he steps up his abduction rates, more child soldiers meaning more collateral. Would you like to have the blood of a hundred or a thousand children on your hands, or would you rather let Africa deal with their own problems and feel satisfied that you didn’t make the situation worse.

    • Doesn’t look like you actually read what Laci said, Jen. There were four organizations that she urged people to support that work in Africa to help people, children included. She also pointed out that a mission to extract Kony from wherever he is hiding runs the high risk of causing the suffering and death of the same children you are expostulating about – because they are the soldiers he is recruiting to fight for him. They are the ones who will be at the front line if Kony 2012 results in a concentrated military campaign to bring Kony to justice.

      If you have a solution for that, by all means, post it. I’m not saying that the world should leave Kony alone, but what the world should do to stop the killings, mutilations, rapes and kidnappings in an area that most of us will never see is another matter. I don’t think it’s as simple as Kony 2012 makes it appear to be.

    • Because nothing says “universal language of love” better than a heartfelt “so you just shut up right now.”

      And do you really think she took all this time to search the web for articles, stats and reaction, but didn’t take half an hour to watch the video she is writing about? Considering your “this Kony thing isn’t our business” remark, I actually doubt you read every word of Laci’s piece.

    • Wow, I hope you are not serious!

      The facts that Laci pointed out are pretty straight-forward and have nothing to do with her religious belief or whatsoever!
      Generally speaking, being against or for this campaign is not influenced at all by ones religious beliefs.

      I feel rather sorry for you that you lack the ability to actually understand and to process the information given above by Laci, instead of mixing in (or rather mixing up ) things that are completely off topic.

      • Actually peoples’ religious views greatly affect their everyday decisions and the campaigns they support. I am an agnostic myself and have friends who are atheists and very strong Christians. Christians sometimes feel it is their duty to do whatever they can to help people (for obvious reasons) and atheists tend to be skeptical of such campaigns (again, for obvious reasons). Just a disclaimer i will be bashing both Christians and atheists in this, so don’t be offended. Christians can be very naive and think anything that says “donate” on it is automatically a good cause. They then say anyone who doesn’t support that cause obviously doesn’t love God and is going to hell. Atheists have a nasty habit of hating everything that Christians like, especially if it involves evangelism. Not that they don’t care, but they are sometimes hesitant to join a cause that is predominantly Christian. So, Atheists think Christians are naive and ignorant, and Christians think Atheists are arrogant and selfish (this is a stereotype). In short, Christians and Atheists will never get along and will usually choose whatever viewpoint is not occupied by the other party. this is the reason there are so many more Christian conservatives than liberals. Some choose political parties solely based on religious views. So peoples’ decisions are greatly influenced by their religious views.

          • To bells.

            Jen doesn’t lack ability. She may lack some understanding,- as well as all of us – yet you don’t need to condemn her for it, or anyone for that matter, even if she provoked you. Be strong, Be tolerant, this is a hot issue.

    • Jen: Rather than asking “Why are all atheists against this”, which just comes off as an ad hominem attack, how about you go through Laci’s post and show any errors that she may have made? Until then, th eone coming across as ignorant is you.

    • Have you even read the text? She never said “it’s not our business”! Quite the opposite, she’s making it her business to research and help inform people of what’s really going on.
      At any cost, really? Even at the cost of the lives of the children you’re so desperately trying to save? Because, think about this for a sec, if the guy has an army of children, who do you think he’ll use for bodyguards? Who do you think would be defending him if the Ugandan military was to find him and try to capture him?
      I’ve seen the video, and I thought there was something weird about it at once, even though I never heard about IC before. So I RESEARCHED! And came to the same obvious conclusions as Laci. It’s not that hard, really!

      Hats off to you, Laci! Excelent work!

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      • I agree. In addition, nodboy even needs to purchase it. We are all discussing it based on the ludicrous cover. All I can think of is that poor child is about to face a future of torment from his peers. What is more humiliating to a school age child than this? Not that I am saying it should be; but it will.

      • *grins* Cool. I would tell people my given name if they asked it in real life. Not very audonturoevs, i know.Once when i was playing netball, my shoelace came untied. Guess which part i quoted then?And, later on, when i was wearing DIFFERENT shoes, my shoelace came untied again. Not fair.

    • it’s because us atheists try to actually think about other options. We are openminded. Not wanting to start a god debate, but you christians believe in god right, but have you ever REALLY thought about other ways life could have started? Us atheists had.

      • because we believe there is only one way… you guys dont want to believe there is only one way you want to believe you can control your own life and you dont want a god meddling in your affairs

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    • Once, on a three day river trip in Alaska, a member of our party’s canoe was capsized by a fallen tree in the river. A foolish person in another canoe tried to by the big hero by jumping into dangerously cold Alaskan water to rescue the overturned canoeists. But, he did not appreaciate the speed of the current, nor did he take the time to notice that, while the overturned canoeist were in the water, the current had washed them up against the fallen tree and they were easily able to climb the branches to the trunk and then simply walked ashore. Meanwhile, the current carried the wannabe hero two miles further down the river before he managed to crawl onto a rock in the middle of the river. By the time HIS rescuers reached him, he was severely overcome with hypothermia and very nearly died that night.

      So, what does this have to do with Kony, and your post? Knee-jerk reactionism. People often see something that provokes their emotions and without thinking about motivation or consequences they jump into an action that is often poorly planned and ill-advised.

      IMHO that is what the KONY 2012 video is all about, manipulating the viewer’s emotions to acheive questionable results for the personal gain of the video’s producers.

      Is Kony real? Is it a problem to be addressed? Probably. But ‘look before you leap’ is probably good advice in this situation.

    • Jesus follower here, and I love children and would gladly give my life to save any of them; however, the author of this article did nothing but present truth and facts. Whether you want to admit it or not, situations like this are far more complex than the film makers lead us to believe.

      Again, the author of this article presented pretty solid facts that IC’s methods of involvement in this situation will lead to more bad than good.

      • Of course you were right. Does the sun rise in the east? I first heard about this sutipd docu on an alternative news site that fingered it as a tool of the “illuminati.” I don’t know who they be, exactly, but I know they be bad. All the most powerful people are in that club or they don’t get to be powerful. With the exception of high school kids who are going through the usual several years of mental derangment associated with their age group, nobody took the Kony effort seriously.

    • We all know that the livelihood of these children who have been abused and taken from their families under excruciating positions is a serious situation…. That is NOT the argument here. The argument is that this film seeks to propagandize and oversimplify these situations that these young Ugandan soldiers have been forced into. If we can find a charity that will actually help these children instead of creating sensationalism overnight, we’d all like to hear about it. But this organization is not the good guy.

      • admin March 15, 2012 – 8:52 pm You’re totally right, Marcus. That is the prolbem: Commodified Compassion. We like to support things when there is personal gain. People support IC not just because it is the right thing to do, but b/c it is the cool thing to do and all of their friends are doing it. And IC did an excellent job with their marketing so that it appealed to youngsters who are internet and social network-saavy..and in turn it became a cult classic. World Vision has spent a larger percent of their funds on the needy and i have so much respect for them because of this. I just wish more people know about WV and that more people would give money without wanting something in return.

    • Did this guy even read the article?
      you know what did it for me?
      the actual people who live there think its a bad idea. Are you really going to imply that you know more about the issue than they do?
      come on now, when you bring anything about religion into this kind of stuff you just look like an idiot so leave it out, you could have made all those points without mentioning atheism.
      also the critical thinking thing, i kind of see where the guys coming from. MOST religious people are raised like that, but if you are an atheist that has come from a christian home you would have to think really really hard to completely reverse what you have been taught. Thats not to say there arent any stupid atheist most of my friends at school are.
      also i resent that just because you are young that makes your argument invalid, just because this guy may be young doesnt mean he doesnt deserve to voice his opinion, i’m 14 and i think i have voiced my opinion well.

      • that updating a faoecbok status can change the world because I don’t think it’s true. However, I DO think that it’s important for people to talk about what’s going on in the world even if they don’t understand the complexities of the issues, and can only discuss them on a superficial level. Even if someone isn’t in any position to do something themselves, I think it’s incredibly valuable for them to learn more about the issue(s) from people who DO know more. As I mentioned, I want to be more aware of current (and historical) events, even if I can’t personally do anything to change them. I think caring about people in completely different situations than ourselves is huge, and that’s the message I want to get across.

    • Religion has nothing to do with morality and helping one another. We can still help one another regardless of what we believe. Of course we need to help children and stop Kony, however the proposed plan of action (KONY 2012) is not the most appropriate manner of bringing peace to the people. Laci is asking us to think outside the box and to think of different ways that we can help with out benefiting IC. We CAN do this with out the IC. You just need to have a little faith in yourself and what you can do as a single being.

    • Salam Sister Rukiya,Thanks for writing the airctle. I’m so pleased to read someone write about this in the media. Perhaps, the first English airctle to explose #Savemaryam I’ve ever read. We need more and more people to write about this in the media.I and some friends have launched #SaveUdin (www.saveudin.org), a peaceful and honest campaign as a response to #SaveMaryam’s provocative and dishonest campaign.It contains all the notes I’ve been writing about the flaws in #SaveMaryam’s campaign (currently 9 notes, but more to come ;), though the last three notes are in Indonesian language as they’re targeting Indonesian audience, mainly about the culture clash, the potential of religious conflict and some local issues. (I’ll translate them as soon as I have time).Feel free to use any materials on my facebook or saveudin.org. I believe in open source and that knowledge must be shared and accessible to everyone at no cost ;) Again thanks for spending time writing this airctle. I really appreciate it.Wassalam,Maulana

  3. As always, a well done and well argued case about, what can only be described as posers. I commented on this in my blog on the issue, where I focused on how its more about us feeling better about ourselves rather than a genuine effort to improve the situation in Uganda.
    Not quite as well written as yours, and written before I discovered more information on the situation. By the looks of US intervention is neither wanted nor neededn the region.

  4. Laci–
    Thank you so much for bringing this to light. I will admit that I was not well informed, and was a supporter of KONY 2012 before I read this. I am shocked by this information. I will no longer support KONY 2012. Thank you Laci for being much more informed ! Btw, I am a HUGE fan of you, saw that I am now in your circle on Google Plus and almost had a heart attack, lol.

    Much Love,

  5. Well this changed my mind. I did support it ’till This information came to me. Thanks for bringing all of this other information to light.

  6. First I heard of it was on Fb, through a friend. Afterwards, sxpehil on YouTube. Thankfully, he retracted his support for the video the following day (he was smart enough to do some research of his own, like you did). For some reason I never went with it (didn’t even see the video). Something felt wrong. That, and sharing the damn thing on Fb wasn’t gonna DO anything.

  7. I, too, don’t agree with the methods proposed in the video, but when I watched it I didn’t notice a focus on Uganda today (As it mentioned that Kony already left Uganda, which allowed some of the people to leave and come to America). I do not support giving money to the charity, as I don’t see a good purpose in wearing a bracelet and putting up posters and everything, but I still think it’s important that people start caring more about what’s going on in the world, even if it starts with something misleading. This video will (and has already) bring to light issues that are (or should be) important in the world’s minds.

    I am in no way saying that your criticisms are wrong (in fact, I agree with pretty much everything), but I would like to hear what the REAL issues are that everyone keeps saying that this video does not address, but REAL activists know about. Everything that keeps coming out is saying how misleading this film is, but little is mentioned about what problems could actually use help, if they need outside help at all.

    • I think the point is that they do not need outside interference from ignorant people and if you don’t understand then don’t interfer.

      Do your own research if you want to know more. (i.e. stop being ignorant)

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  8. The film made me uncomfortable once I watched it; it makes Michael Moore look like an honest filmmaker. It also increased my (already free flowing) cynicism. It seemed like such a positive, new idealism: an entire, international Internet community rallying behind one cause. And then it proofed to be bogus. When ‘charities’ like this or Pink Ribbon are a scam, I can’t do anything other THAN be cynical. The lack of activity needed for something like Kony 2012 also adds to the problem. Researching a good cause or charity takes time and energy, and donating costs money. Clicking ‘Share’ or ‘Retweet’, or going out for a Live8 concert is easy enough, and those who do it can then wash themselves in a warm bath of political correctness and moral satisfaction.

    I’ll just be honest; I barely give to charity (although since recently I have an income with allows for a 10 or 20 euro donation a month). So the one positive thing for me is that it inspired me to start donated some paper. But it’s going to Unicef (or something similar) and not this shit.

  9. One good thing is that it has brought this issue to the light, to be discussed and to find out the truth about IC and Kony.

  10. I was compleatly against the movement as a purponet of nonviolence but now i have other aguments to support my postion to my non pacifist colleges

  11. Laci, this was a great post with fantastic information. Don’t worry about the hatters. They probably just skimmed your article because they want to keep feeling good without the work.

  12. Well written Laci, I agree completley. When I first heard of the Kony 2012 campaign it was admitedly hard not to be swept up by it, at the end of the day everyone spreading this video etc has their heart in the right place. However, I looked into all this myself and came to the same conclusions, and have since posted to facebook about not supporting Kony 2012. I think it’s possibly quite good for raising awareness, many people are very blind to such situations, but it’s an issue far too complex to be solved in the ways Kony 2012 suggest.

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  13. My thoughts about this are fairly simple. If you watched the video, that’s awesome, at least you aren’t just following along like little sheep. But, honestly, posting the video to facebook or simply updating your status as “Kony 2012″ does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If all these people that support it actually did as the video stated and contacted these senators and set up meetings about it, that’s great. I seriously doubt that every single one of those viewers (32 million the last time I checked) did that. I’m sure most just posted it to facebook, updated their status, and went on about their daily lives. Raising awareness, which is what the video was intended to do, is fine but absolutely useless if you don’t act. And I guess you could consider me one of those heartless people that wants to see us take care of our own problems before we worry about others. Just my two cents.

  14. I have a few questions/counter-arguments regarding this post:

    (1) Violent Intervention

    “violent military intervention is not necessary or even justifiable in this case.”

    I didn’t see your explanation for this point, I’m all for avoiding violence, but how would you go about stopping a warlord nonviolently?

    (2) Ugandan Protest

    They did mention in the video that Kony no longer operates in Uganda. They went on to say that they are still committed to stopping him, wherever he is.

    (4) Shady Finances

    ” IC only spends 31% of its funds on direct aid.”

    As they state in the video, they are focusing their efforts on the U.S. Government, via the U.S. people. They really seem to be more of an activist group than a charity.

    (5) Manipulating the Truth

    “…Additionally, the LRA (thankfully!) does not have 30,000 mindless child soldiers. This grim figure, cited by Invisible Children in the film (and by others) refers to the total number of kids abducted by the LRA over nearly 30 years.”

    In the video, they did say that 30,000 was the number that had been abducted, not the number currently being held.

    (6) False Solutions & Faux-activism

    “So….KILL KONY! (?) AND ALL THE KIDS TOO!! (?) OR….JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON’T HIT THEM WITH YOUR BULLETS! Right? Or what? How can so many people support a goal that is so vague & unclear?”

    I think the point is more to make sure the government takes action. Obviously we can’t let ordinary citizens make tactical decisions.

    And from your final paragraph: “and goes against the solutions of actual Ugandan people.”

    I didn’t see you present any Ugandan solutions, that section was dedicated to stating that Kony was no longer in Uganda.

    I’m all for skepticism, however, it seems like you misinterpreted several things the Kony 2012 video said when building your argument against it. If you have anything you would like to add, or rebuttals to my points, I’d love to hear them. I will be checking back.

    • Almost all your counter arguments to her research (from trustworthy sources), starts with “In the video”. I mean…

      • I refer back to the video in those situations because Laci seems to be insinuating that people are being mislead by the video, when in fact, the video is saying the same thing she is.

    • (1) Kony is a small figure now, with a couple of hundred men. If he is to be with with handcuffs on his wrist, or a bullet between his eyes, great, I’m happy. But their are issues, rebels, armies and dictators (like Museveni, ever heard of that name?) in that region which cause far more harm at this moment. To spent millions of dollars on catching Kony is not the best way to help that region (this also answers point number 4).

      (6) “I think the point is more to make sure the government takes action.” And that is exactly Laci’s point here. What action? Where? When? And the biggest of them all: HOW? If Kony still has child soldiers, do you want to blast them away to?

      Point (5) might be valid (don’t remember, have to check that first), but you have to admit the movie barely contains information, and is big on sentiment.

      On point (3), I’ll have respond later. I guess.

      • ” If Kony still has child soldiers, do you want to blast them away to?”

        Have you heard the term acceptable losses? Would you rather 300 kids died or 3000 over lets just say a 10 year period.

        • The fact of the matter is; we are not Ugandans/Africans, and as such have NO RIGHT to make the decision about whether or not these children die.

      • I should have elaborated further to avoid some confusion.
        When I wrote
        “I think the point is more to make sure the government takes action.”
        What i should have added was:
        “and the government should be the ones that decide what form that action will take, because they are the best equipped to make that decision.”

        I do understand that taking brash, or poorly though out actions could lead to disaster. If we put money, equipment, advanced training, or weapons in the wrong hands, we could easily create a bad situation.

        I agree that that is something that definitely needs to be kept in mind, however like I said, the government would be the group best suited to make that decision, they’re the experts at this (at least we would hope :P).

        • Let me say first that i’ve served in 2 branches of the U.S. Military and have served with all the branches. And I believe I can promise You that the Government is NOT the experts. But when the money starts rolling in for the support of this, They will be. – for a long time.

    • Who says we want to stop him. Doing nothing doesn’t make thing worse but violence probably will. Gaddafi, Bin Laden and Hussain are gone and yet the world is more dangerous than 10-15 years ago. Would you have dropped a nuke on Kim Jong Il?

    • “I didn’t see your explanation for this point, I’m all for avoiding violence, but how would you go about stopping a warlord nonviolently?”

      Obviously what you are missing is that it is a lack of a need for violent intervention and not a lack of a need for violence.

      The point is that there doesn’t need to be military forces brought in from outside the country.

      • I agree, there may not be a need to bring in outside forces, but no matter who tracks him down; whether the soldiers are African, American, UN, NATO, or whatever other group, isn’t it still violence?

      • Back quickly to say:Oh my gosh, Sparky!I just realezid! I read Shadow’s blog! No wonder you’re so excited right now! :P Yes, I’m slow sometimes. Even if I was told the answer to a joke, I probably wouldn’t know it till I thought of it myself. :P but that’s me. Congrats Grand Mage!

  15. Thanks for this! I appreciate the information and am going to check into some of the organizations you listed :). p.s. found you on twitter by typing in Kony 2012

  16. So, let’s do nothing — it’s only African children who’s being killed, raped, and destroyed. There is a reason that Kony is #1 on ICC’s Crimes Against Humanity List. It’s so easy to call something a scam when you haven’t been over there –boots on the ground — I have — and it’s very real; the war; the atrocities. The people in Uganda are afraid to speak out — that’s why they haven’t. And do you really think — money is the reason? We live in the most capitalist country in the world — there is no need to every go to Africa to make money honey. Oh, but let this very heinous act happen in Israel — and we would be waging War World IV right now. But since these African are black– let’s not be their white saviors? Excuse me. How about just being decent human beings. People standing together and to say we are united and believe that it’s simply dead wrong to rape and kill a child any child. So, no thank you Laci – I’ve done my research also — COVER THE NIGHT — KONY 2012!!!

  17. Thank you so much for posting this, Laci! When I first saw the video yesterday, I’ll admit I was captured by it. At first, facts seem believable and the video does spark a mixture of emotions all wishing to have some solution to the problem, which they then give. Of course, the solution the video gives isn’t (by far) the best, but it is misleadingly simple and assuring, enough so that many believe it. The thing that I was most skeptical of was “Why charge so much for posters when not much goes to direct efforts and why even make Kony 2012 shirts?” I went looking for more information but it was mostly sparse. This summarizes everything perfectly!

    Thanks, Laci.


      • 02 Mar 18, 2012 10:13 pm michael hiomltan I’m somewhat confused by this post. You can make the case that we should have compassion for Jason Russell (and I think it is a strong case), but that is something separate from Invisible Children and his recently launched Kony 2012 campaign.You wrote, But do we really want to summarily dismiss those attempting to do great good among us because of their shortcomings? The answer is yes, and I don’t think you would make such an unreasonable proposition regarding anyone other than the leader of a hip, Christian, feel-good movement. Would you summarily dismiss a pediatric surgeon who got high before work and ended up killing lots of children? How about a careless pilot who crashed a plane and killed everyone on board? In this case we have a dishonest movie director that promotes a reckless military invasion.Maybe Russell does want to do great good. I have no idea what his intentions or motives are, and that’s not particularly important to the story. It remains the case the Invisible Children is a glib and irresponsible organization that lobbies for policies that endanger the lives of thousands of others, and Jason Russell is at the helm. Pointing out that human beings are broken and in need of compassion does not release us from our moral duty to evaluate the decisions we make and avoid inflicting harm on others.

    • how can u be so ignorant??? did u read the article?
      how do u think ur “liking” a post on facebook will bring back the captured??
      Besides, Kony isn’t even in uganda!!

      • Being gay is a fad that is in vogue today. There is and have been plenty of oonrptupities for sex with beautiful teenage boys in Russia without it being obvious just as it was in America and Europe in the 50s and 60s and early 70s. Russia is a veritable heaven for guys who like teens. But the fashion today is to make the sex act secondary to the flounce , the act, the drama.

  18. Well said. When I first saw the Kony 2012, I had no idea who he was so I did a little bit of research. Clearly the guy was no good. Then I watched the video and I was moved. I almost purchased a piece of their merchandise, but then I got to thinking and like you said, there was something fishy about the whole thing. Exactly what is the money going to do? What is all of this propaganda going to do? Make Kony famous; check. But by blowing up his name, wouldn’t that make matters worse? Being aware of a situation doesn’t do anything, and that’s all we are; aware. My thoughts are pretty scattered, but you hit it right on the nail. The guy needs to be stopped, yes, but putting propaganda stickers and posters around town won’t do anything.

  19. White Savior? Really? Could we get a little more racism mixed in? “3 white guys with cameras come in” Why white? Why does their skin colour change anything? You can’t be seriously telling me that if they were black, doing the exact same thing, the outcome would be any different. I’m skeptical about some of the things you point out as well but the fact that these guys are white or some of the people wanting things to be fixed are white is completely irrelevant.

    • No it’s not. White people, especially American white people, feel a strong urge to make up for their history. Look around you, it’s so f’ing apparent is ridiculous.

      • I don’t feel an urge to make up for anything and I’m white. Look at that, not all white people fit into the stereotype created for them. Geez, how dare us white people call others racist for accusing us for acting a certain way because of our skin colour!

        Besides, that still doesn’t explain how the outcome would be any different if three non-white people were the ones behind IC.

        • If everyone always fitted into the stereotype, it wouldn’t really be a stereotype now would it?

          The question of ‘what if they weren’t white’, isn’t relevant. They are white, and that raises certain questions. Those questions lead you to do research into todays relationship between white people and black people, especially in the context of foreign aid and charity. If you’ve done the research, the mere fact that these 3 peoples ‘happen’ to be white, isn’t as much coincidental as it is inevitable.

          • Great post Elo! I’ve been thinking about this a lot latley. The internet (and social media) is a strange beast and I think we’re all still grappling to come to terms with its impact in our lives

    • Ugh. Go look up what it actually means before you start throwing around accusations of racism against white people. The whole concept that Westerners need to go rescue the poor natives from themselves was used as a justification for imperialism. It is an intrinsically ethnocentric and racist power fantasy. The fact that it’s still such a large part of our culture shows how little things have actually changed since the 19th century.

  20. After about 3 minutes into that video I already wanted to turn it off. There was something greatly off-putting about it. Later I watched the whole thing anyway, because apparently this was getting a big deal. Some very basic research let me to the same conclusion Laci drew after her much more extended research. I’m glad she took the time to use her voice, and show us the side of reason (as always <3).

    Let the following be very clear to all the people being giant squids of anger right now. We do not condone Kony, what he and his people did, have done, are doing, will do, etc, etc. The only thing we are pointing out, is that IC isn't what it appears to be. That the facts bring things to light they try to obscure by emotional propaganda. Their cause might be just, but their ways of getting there, are far from anything righteous. Don't let yourself be blinded by emotion.

    And I mean, that picture of those 3 guys holding guns. Pictures really do say more than a thousand words, don't they. Those guys are probably the 3 most douchiest looking guys I have ever seen. I'm not an aggressive person, but they just bring it out in me.

      • What would be interesting to find out is how many poeple actually compose the 100 Million views. My son would view the same video over and over again for as long as he wants. That 100 Million can’t obviously be exactly equal to 100 Million poeple. On the other hand, sometimes 1 view can be viewed by more than one person. I often look for sample videos in youtube so with 1 view in my class, 20 poeple watch it at the same time.

    • Oh wow and yes!!! I just had to explain to my hbsuand why I am sitting here laughing hysterically at the lemming and now he’s giving me that look lol, you know the my wife is crazy so I’m just going to nod like I get it look. But anyhow yes I am sure Time did this full well knowing the outcome and they aren’t new to controversy, this is probably the most play they’ve gotten since their last ingenious idea to cause chaos. Love the post!

  21. Thank you! When I first saw the video and all the support for Invisible Children, I was initially rather skeptical and slightly suspicious of it all. Now I know that my hunches were correct! I will be doing more research into this subject to further my knowledge, thanks to you!

  22. Thanks for all the compelling info, Laci. I have to say, when I first saw the video, I was really supportive of it. It’s hard not to get drawn in when the video is so specifically designed to pull at the very core of your humanity..
    But then, I had that prickly something-doesn’t-feel-right moment, and looked into it a little further. Once I began seeing all the flaws in the entire situation, I felt really.. used. I think that at the the end of the day, people really just want to feel like they’re part of something. We all want to band together and fix the world.. But I guess the world is just so full of shit, that we all kind of get lost, and don’t know where to start. It makes me sad that people can be so easily manipulated by a well-put-together video.. and it makes me sadder that crooked people are taking full advantage of it.

  23. I think something Laci failed to mention and many people are not aware of is that President Obama has already sent over a number of US Special Forces to aid in the search for Kony. So it is not as if The United States has not done anything to assist in this case. One thing that bothers me so much is that we are so concerned about finding a singular person who has caused so much suffering. What is affecting Ugandan children and other children in Africa the most is disease…most recently, the Noddling disease. I don’t know why people aren’t spreading more awareness of this, disease because of the poverty in Africa is contributing to many more deaths of children AND adults than Kony ever did/will. I’m not trying to minimize the horrendous crimes he’s committed against humanity but seeing as there are a number of forces out there looking for him, shouldn’t we try to focus our efforts/money on trying to find a cure or get medication out there to the kids afflicted by all these diseases?

    • Obama is a ninja <3 Don't worry, one by one these notorious bandits will fall. Small teams of special forces will hunt them down and assassinate them quickly and cleanly. You don't need thousands of troops and a whole war. Good information and a few highly trained individuals are all you need. Bin Laden learned that the hard way… =D

      • Obama is Bush W with a tan and an education. Bin Laden was a nice bit of propaganda for the administration (although may not be true) and will have won him votes, but the world is not in any way safer. Now to find the next guy that can’t fight back, Kony will do.

        • Well, Obama is also trying really hard to fix all kinds of other things, but the general public seems to get most exited over some old loner being murdered than anything else, so… You can’t blame Obama for being the president of a country governed largely by, well… you know…

          And Europe is ignorantly following it’s big bro btw, so yeah, awesome…

      • Thank you Lonnie Smith. You have literally inrertupted my line of thought and way of dealing with certain issues. This is so much more pressing. I will be sending this video to many; just as soon as i remember how to do that(smile). May Father God continue to bless, guide and keep the producer(s) and writer(s). of this information. I am with you. Artemis Williams, Single On Purpose Ministries.

  24. You’re amazing. This article is perfectly written, and I’m genuinely confused as to why some people read articles like yours and still say things like, “open up your ignorant eyes and stop thinking about yourself for once!” — LOL

    • perfect? you mean, you are satisfied. Surely her intentions are benevolent, however, she is not an expert, nor is she even qualified (as far as I am aware) to be presenting an extremely influential audience with her limited perspectives. Be careful using words like perfect. Learn to observe rather than evaluate and you’ll help a lot of people, and you know were gonna need all the help we can get.

      • What exactly is your deffinition of qualified? This isn’t a topic of educational or positional standards. It is an opinion that is backed up very thoroughly and flawlessly with facts. I challenge you to find flaws in this article. Just because you may disagree with her opinion, does not mean it is wrong.

        • Glad to know you have visited Chris. So, are you sgtuesging that you and your partner are above or immune to the homophobic laws and attitudes enacted and exacerbated inUganda by The Family? Does your presence there suggest you are somehow above the persecution? Chris, please enlighten us with your secret for gay acceptance in this culture. All this time we were concerned about the persecution of LGBT people here, but now you suggest that your special brand of homosexuality makes you immune and above the religion-based persecution and violence. Once we know your secret, we will pay for you to go to Jamaica and Russia, so you can teach the average gays how to make the locals embrace their gay families. Clearly, you know something we all don’t from your time in Uganda. Next, you may tell us that the Anti-Homosexuality bill is harmless, as are the religious fanatics pushing it (that are working with IC). The things we have to learn from you on this site! Thanks for the education.

    • I have a question rleetad to this topic. I am a student studying law in South Africa. I have a limited understanding of international law, so I apologize in advance if my question has an obvious answer. Setting aside the immunity issue (which is obviously complex and relevant), if al-Basher landed in South Africa would South Africa be obliged to arrest him? The reason I ask this is that South Africa, as a member state of the AU, would be bound by the resolution that was issued holding that al-Basher should not be arrested, pursuant articles 7 and 23(2) of the AU’s constitutive Act. At the same time South Africa has signed and ratified the Rome Statute. My question thus relates to what I consider to be a clash in international law obligations. Which treaty should prevail under the circumstances?

    • So, I think I am the embodiment of you pet peeve. Your post made me laugh. I sent my RSVP intavitions five days ahead last time. That’s good for me. Normally it would be the day before!I love you sweet dog, by the way.

  25. Also Laci IC has taken money from a Ugandan General to support the counter terrorist campaign against the LRA. I hope they revoke IC NGO license because these assholes are violated the definition of an NGO is. If they want to make propaganda videos and make money, well the can join the Ugandan or Sudanese government. For all I care those guys can died because they’re instigate violence, and soon they’ll pressure the US government to use Hunter Killer Units such as the navy seals or CAG and Drone strikes. They’re promoting US foreign policy in Africa.

    • I know they have Advisers in the region, these are the green berets. They haven’t use their tier 1 assets yet from what I know. Once you see the president authorizing special operation units, not SF because they are there already as advisers. Once special operation units are there, that means they’re going to take an offensive approach such as the hunter killer units i talked about.





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  27. Great essay on the subject, Laci. Looking back on the film, I got very suspicious when they started asking for money. I also didn’t like the filmmaker’s use of his 5 year old son to manipulate people. I don’t care what your justification is, you don’t go out of your way to inform your preschool age child about terrible issues like child slavery and violent death.

    The proposed solution is also absurd, like you said. I’m all for raising awareness of what goes on outside the Jersey Shore, but IC has taken it to an ineffectual extreme.

  28. Should be aware of a few facts>>

    They just didn’t send the cameras in there on a once off, they’ve actually been there for the past ten years. The issue with the children was raised before, but swept under the carpet by governments

    They left Uganda in 2006, and are now in the Congo which is where much of this abduction of children is taking place.

    Unfortunately people that don’t watch the video don’t get this information.

    While many people are all too willing to pocket money in the name of charity, there are genuine charities that raise funds by selling items – simply check out the charity, and how much of what you pay actually goes to the cause.

    • So people who watch the video and then do Independent research using trustworthy sources are less informed than people who just watch the video? Wikipedia citing IC’s FY11 audited financial statements:
      “During the course of the fiscal year, Invisible Children spent roughly $8.9 million, of which $2.8 million was spent directly on projects in central Africa. Other major expenses included salaries, transportation, and production costs for films.”
      Almost 10% of that $8.9 million was spend of ‘production costs’. They have to get their point across, sure, but does that have to make up 10% of their total expenses?

        • Uhm, when Wikipedia is using information directly from the records of IC, providing me with a link to the actual PDF file containing the numbers they quoted, I think it’s pretty safe for me to quote from WIkipedia. It’s why they use citations, heck it’s why everyone using citations uses citations. Dismissing everything on Wikipedia is rather ignorant. They use sources just like any scientific paper would, it’s your job as a reader to evaluate those sources. Something I learned in University…

  29. I have to say I was one of the people who sent you a message after seeing the video, because I had no idea about this and felt something had to be done. Then I did research after seeing people disagree with this campaign and found out all these things and how most of the money doesn’t even go to helping people. I wish had done research first.

  30. of course we have to go in to kill a few people. But think about it. Would you rather have hundreds of dead guys that were just going to go out and kill innocent children. Or thousands of dead innocent children? However i do understand that we need to watch it. We need to be sure of where were going and that, that place is being attacked by Kony

  31. Honestly, I’d already started watching that video once but stopped after just a couple of minutes. I didn’t quite know what it was about but it seemed like overly sentimental propaganda. Now that you brought it up, I watched the whole thing. At first I thought, “Ok, it’s a good cause, I’d definitely support this”… but then I heard about the solutions they propose and I just can’t help feeling that guns isn’t the way to go. Have these people heard about Iraq or Afghanistan? Because this might just start with a little help and then, one day, your government decides 100 men isn’t enough…

    Also, I think they had a very simplistic view of the situation in Uganda. One thing that stands out to me every time I read about conflicts in Africa is how extremely complicated it is. It often seems chaotic and it is hard to decide which the “good guys” are. As you said, Laci, the Ugandan military and the SPLA have done terrible things as well… so how can one send people to help them? Perhaps because they are the lesser evil…

    From what I see, I think the answer to the problems not only of Uganda, but of many other African countries, lies in education. Don’t give them guns, give them schools, books, teachers (and perhaps also a megaphone, so we can’t pretend that we can’t hear them). As a friend of mine once told me: the solution isn’t revolution, but evolution!

  32. This makes sense. The video seemed…not objective at ALL. But I think it is important to create awareness. I think awareness if really fucking beneficial. But violence, and involving our country isn’t the way to go about it. Americans have this annoying, arrogant desire to fix the problems of the entire world. We usually just cause more shit to happen, unfortunately. Meh, white guilt and arrogance result in chaos.

    • Dan So you seem to think that it’s OK to use a Taser tun gun on a 9-year-old if he is big for his age? The real crime committed by the Catholic Church is tenahicg all that abstinence morality and promulgating belief in total fictions. The sex was the priests redeeming quality, not the contrary.

  33. Thank you Laci! I’ve been hearing about this for a few days, and while I found it fishy too, I was behind it. I’ve changed my position since … but I still felt bad. You’ve really helped settle the issue for me!

  34. Here’s what I dont understand, yes I read the whole post and I knew about invisible children earlier when it first became popular. I understand where Laci is saying that so many people reposting and reblogging the video aren’t really doing anything, and giving money to a charity that doesn’t use funds for their cause is useless, but I just don’t understand why making this guy “famous” is such a bad thing. I know it’s not here at home, and I personally don’t like the US butting in on all the worlds problems, but obviously something needs to be done about this man, even if he’s not as powerful as before. So although I don’t agree with the video and the shirt making with expensive wrists bands, I think its a good thing that this guy is beginning to be known. Maybe instead the video should direct people to support what the Ugandan government or Sudan or any other country affected by him and their efforts, not for America to butt in, but to say hey, we are here for you if you need us kind of a thing. I realize that may sound like a “feel good” thing to say, but really what else can be done. I feel as if its could kind of be on the same lines of Hitler during World War 2, yes Hitler did much more damage to a ton more people, but the Holocaust really only came to the public eyes because those who knew about it spoke up. I mean I believe its a good thing the public is learning about Konye even if they aren’t doing anything, people need to realize horrible things are going on in the world. I know almost all of you will disagree with me on what I’m saying and call me ignorant or foolish or to “shut up” but I’m not trying to be offensive, I’m merely saying I agree that this video is out of bounds and misrepresents the situation, but wouldn’t you rather have a misrepresentation with uninformed followers then everyone pushing it under the rug? Things in history are overstated all the time in order to get people rallied up into action, and i think thats exactly what the video is trying to do here, sorry if that bother people but if anything it lets the word out. Like I said, I agree with Laci saying that we should be cooperating with the African goverenments, lets help them the way they want not just go blasting things up because we can. I don’t know thats just my thought. I dont know the subject well enough to consider me an expert or justified in what I’m saying, this is just what came to mind. I dont know what for sure should be done about Konye, but I do know he should be stopped and I think thats all most supporters are trying to do.

    • Obama already send 100 soldiers to help out, so the US is already doing something. And the Allied Forces were well aware of the Holocaust from early on, but were unwilling to intervene. They tried to avoid war at first.

      Basically, your point is that it doesn’t hurt to make Kony famous. Well it hurts in the sense that people are fed false information; that’s never good. Also, it distracts the public from far more pressing issues. Kony is not, to put it mildly, the biggest problem in Central/East Africa right now.

    • WOW! What a day and what a way to involve pepole, young, middle aged and old on a someway sunny Saturday. I marvel at the end of the day for some they set out for Spokane to ‘rescue’ peers. Good Work! Tom

  35. Thank you for educating me Laci. When I first saw the video I kind of freaked out and had the urge to help, but then I analyzed it a little more and after reading your article I see why after my initial reaction I felt strange about the whole thing. :)

    • Is everyone on this board an Atheist? How is that pblsiose when 78% of American identify as Christian? (Pew Report, 2008). Look, you guys are missing a critical component to this whole Trojan horse analogy. For Christians, Christianity is their entire worldview; everything they do is in honor of God. So, if he starts and organization that brings justice to people, or course he’s going to bring justice in God’s honor. I mean, is he suppose to do it, as a Christian, in honor of secular humanism? Seriously? So what if his purpose is religious. Does that then negate the good he’s doing for humanity? Maybe you should all stop eating at In N Out and Chick Fil A or shopping at Forever21; all those establishments are Christian owned and have scripture on their packaging. They’re hoping you’ll stumble across it and convert. A Trojan horse! The horror.

  36. On the spot imo. Very good article. And for those saying “all” atheists are against this, maybe its because atheists tend to look beyond the shallow, mainstream brainwash that society wants to spill on them, hence doing the research on these types of organizations, many of which are a scam. In the end, the western society doesn’t actually help anyone. Not in afghanistan, and sure as hell not in Uganda. We always think we are the saviours, that everyone needs our help, that others cannot help themselves. The truth is, we make situations worse, we don’t understand their culture, nor do we respect it. We just go in guns blazing and say “Oh man, what a great day, killed a couple of ‘terrorists’ and now the world is a better place”. We tend to forget that white supremacy and Imperialism caused these issues in the first place. We split the tribes, we split the cultures, we forced our religions on them. The thing is, the situation is so messed up now, that no one really knows what to do, we just throw money at these organizations that bluff that they do have a solution. I know I’m going to flak for this so nab away, but i stand by this. Im totally for world peace, but anyone with a bit of wit knows that that will never be reached. Not with so many different cultures, religions, perspectives and the fact that we are human beings, we are not clones or robots that can all be synced on one goal and one purpose, what kind of life would that be anyhow? We will not help by interfering in their problems, never ever did we in history either. WW2, well we just killed off multi millions of innocent men women and children on both sides of it, and then $bought$ Europe so we could fight against the next enemy. Then we almost all died in Nuclear fallout. The world has been in tension ever since different cultures interacted, the mixture and influence of a plethora of different cultures in modern globalizations isn’t going to help that issue one bit lol. You guys tell me how we are going to solve this issue? Kill more people? Force some “peaceful” christian values on them? Throw money at them? Kill a dangerous leader who has many zealots and followers who are just going to arise and replace him? Get together and sing so loud that Uganda can hear us and have its problems be solved? Buy tons of advertisement crap? How about we all work on solving our own problems, before we try to save the world. And if you really want to help, adopt an orphan in Uganda and raise him/her somewhere safe, because anything less than a personal connection and hard proof of one of these childrens safety won’t change a damn thing.

  37. I knew this IC shit looked fishy! I heard about them about 4 years ago and while I thought it was a noble cause, I didn’t see how wristbands would help abducted kids. I’m still pissed the fuck off that this shit is even happening at all (or has happened).

  38. A bit off topic Laci, but you listed Children of the Nations as an alternative organization to support. Children of the Nations is involved in Christian evangelism in Africa. Just throwing that out there for fellow nontheists thinking about donating. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate what this organization does, but I prefer to support organizations that respect a nation’s culture and diversity instead of actively indoctrinating children with Western religion.

      • Catholic church apenmttitg to silence sexual abuse victims and their defendersAccuse the accuser strategy. Your donations during mass at work. Bastards.While R-rated in US, Canadian censor board gives Bully documentary all-ages ratingShows we do get some things done right. Must be the lack of good old southern theocracy that helps.Police officer used Taser stun gun on 9-year-old boy because he skipped school He described Jared as between 5’5” and 5’8” inches tall and weighing up to 250 pounds, the Dispatch reported. ” Somehow I find that serious food for thought!

  39. Thank you for making a comprehensive post on this. There’s been so many posts going around that I could hardly start on it all. It’s a shame that something that got people so motivated, is so flawed. :\

  40. OMG THANK YOU. Gosh how I hate figuring out that I’m an ignorant band-wagon jumper. With all these youtubers telling me it was a great cause, along with my teachers, at first i was skeptical… but then I watched the video and was like woah…. then a couple hours later I read this and i’m like wow im EASILY fooled. Thank you for posting this otherwise I probably would keep living my life thinking this was a good cause. Very good points, I feel silly for not recognizing the shady-ness of it earlier…… AH HOW MY OWN IGNORANCE SCARES ME.

  41. You take a shot at Kony 2012 without putting IC responses yet YOU won’t respond to the same if not worst accusations about Love 146. Love 146 is telling children that being gay is wrong and homosexuality is the cause for child sex slavery. People post and email you and you have not put up a post on your own channel to address this. I may be treated like a troll but people gave you money for Love 146. What happened to that money, please we would like to know. You use YouTube to promote Love 146 now please use it to address the issues that have been long asked of you.

    Invisible Children IS trying to stop child rape isn’t that a good thing? Don’t give them money but stop the child rapist.

    • Wait what? The money raised was donated to Love146, how it was spend by them, is not something Laci can control, so it’s insane to suggest that she has to tell you what happened with it.

      I’d also like to see you back up the accusations about Love146 with some proper sources.

      Also, I don’t think that you get to decide what Laci writes about. Even if every single person in the world would e-mail her, it still doesn’t mean she has to make a video or a blog post about it. The reasoning that, because she writes about this Kony business, she also has to write about this Love146 business, is even more insane.

    • Debbie, I can remember Laci making a video directly addressing Love 146, after she found out more about it, so she DID reply to that. Furthermore, the fact that Laci doesn’t respond to all e-mails cannot be held against her. She gets ALOT of e-mail, because she is a very popular blogger. Looking through, and replying to every single e-mail would probably take up 30 hours per day for her so…

      I’m sure she does her best. And she DID reply to the love 146 thing. The video is up on youtube somewhere. You just have to look for it.

    • Not wishing to tread on too many toes, or to be even bitihcer than that talented wordsmith ‘Mr. Anon’, it is just too simple to see some pretty obvious (dare I say it ‘atavistic’) paralells between what is described as ‘war African style’ and the behavior of inner city blacks in the USA. The killer line is stealing all your enemy’s goods and chattels once he’s out of the way.

  42. this is stupid u have to learn about charity finance before u talk about it most charitys give about 27 percent of their money to aid and, some CEOs of charity make up to 500,000 dollars a year, while the CEO of IC only makes 90,000 a year. and so what if kony was that bad 10 years ago he still should be caught and punished for what he did. and the military is probably corrupt but with the help of US troops the wil help them. i respect that this is your own opinion but, i feel like people here are trying to be hipsters and not like Kony because it is to mainstream. KONY 2012!!!!

    • Only 90.000? Yeah some shitty deal he’s getting. 25% of IC’s expenses are made up of ‘production costs’ and travel expenses. These are well intentioned filmmakers, nothing more, nothing less. We’re not questioning them out of principle, we question them because the facts are forcing us to.

    • In what way? She might well be, but if you don’t back it up in any way, how can you expect anyone to take your statement seriously?

  43. I’m the kinda person who believes in survival of the fittest. It seems the native tribes in Africa are doing just fine, but the people exposed to all this stuff they don’t need end up overpopulating and spreading disease. You don’t see that with the tribes, they believe you must kill to live, and only when its necessary, even the cannibals act that way. So of it works for them, why are we still interfering with our shitty foreign aid? Shouldn’t that money be coming back here for our own unemployed and our multi-trillion dollar debt?

    • Why do we have to interfere with out shitty foreign aid? Because we also interfered with our shitty raping their land and resources. Yes tribes left to their own devices work great, mostly because we let them be. But you can’t just rape someones land, and then let them rot away. I agree that how we help matters a lot, but a lot of charity work is very constructive. Like http://www.kiva.org/ where you can give people in developing countries micro loans. That way they can start a business or improve their living conditions, which will ultimately lead to a more healthy and productive life. By giving these people a chance to make something of themselves, you give them so much, without actually spending any money! These are loans, and you have a 99% chance of them paying you back! You won’t spend any money, but you still help people grow and develop in a very big way. Charity isn’t all bad…

      • In the mean time lower middle class Americans like myself couldn’t get a loan for a fucking trailer in the middle of winter if we needed it. I’m sorry, but people should take care of their neighbors first.

  44. now i know what all this “Kony 2012″ stuff is about on Facebook. i had no idea what people were talking about. now i’m more informed on the matter. thanks as always Laci!

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  45. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?! the people that support the KONY 2012 or the video never said that their
    is war still happening and that person that said that the LRA hasn’t been there since 2006 well so what there are other countries in the world dur! our campaign is to stop KONY in all not just stop him from abducting kids only in Uganda. and why even make this whole thing…? i mean you’re just looking for a fight why dish on what people STRONGLY believe in?!?!??!?! go live you life your way and leave everyone else’s alone. What KONY is doing is real and what we are sending in all our money to is real. Don’t you think every single human being that sent in money to support this checked every last detail for it to be ANY part of a scam??!?!?!?!? So go screw yourself. ALL OF THIS IS REAL AND AFFECTING PEOPLE’S LIVES AND FAMILIES! so check your facts sweetheart(: oh ya screw you.

    • WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?! the people that support the KONY 2012 or the video never said that there
      is war still happening and that person that said that the LRA hasn’t been there since 2006 well so what there are other countries in the world dur! our campaign is to stop KONY in all not just stop him from abducting kids only in Uganda. and why even make this whole thing…? i mean you’re just looking for a fight why dish on what people STRONGLY believe in?!?!??!?! go live you life your way and leave everyone else’s alone. What KONY is doing is real and what we are sending in all our money to is real. Don’t you think every single human being that sent in money to support this checked every last detail for it to be ANY part of a scam??!?!?!?!? So go screw yourself. ALL OF THIS IS REAL AND AFFECTING PEOPLE’S LIVES AND FAMILIES! so check your facts sweetheart(: oh ya screw you.****

      • I had a nice big comment ready for you, but there was just too much to say. I sincerely hope you skipped over the article and just decided to post that. Then went back, read it and said to yourself “wow, i can’t believe I agreed with this.” However, I highly doubt that is what happened and can only say this….you are CRAZY <—-caps

        • shut up, i read the whole thing. Go find something other to do then hate on a real life changing campaign! go screww yourself and ur the CRAZZZZZzzZzZzzzzZzzZzzZzZzZY one!

    • Hey, just for the sake of good, clear communication: would you mind checking your posts before you post them? Also the talking in caps thing, is a little obnoxious, you might want to do that less. Also it’s not very nice to tell someone to screw themselves.

      And if you knew Laci, you’d know she needs no encouragement to fuck herself… =P

      • SHUT UP! I WILL DO CAPS IF I WANT TO! CAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSS, CAPS, CAPS, AND ONE MORE GOOOOOOOOOD CAAAAAPPPPPPPPSSSSS! and i’ll tell her to screw herself if i want to, thanks(: she’s being a douche for hating on KONY 2012 all of what is happening there is real. so deal with it and you can go scew yourself too(:

          • What is really sad about your post is that you look to want peace and justice, but you can not even be yourself be peaceful in what you write.
            As long as we can’t change ourselves, there’s no use trying to change the world.

            • eff off no one wanted ur opinion and im fighting the the U.S. to grow a pair and step in and stop Kony not for justice

        • Beth. It is a shame that it was published with the tone that it was, mom’s don’t need the added prsusere and pitting against one another. Unite mothers with the common good of mothering to the best of our abilities instead.

      • I dont really care about either one of you guys’ opinions here, but attacking someone because of their grammar on the post is ridiculous, all your other posts were educated. What happened to that? It’s like you’re some politician that couldn’t think of a good opposition so you used ad hominem as a scape goat, sorry but that’s just what I see. I’m not saying I agree with the other person or you, I just want to point out your fighting style. I’m really sorry if that seemed rude, sorry.

        • What can I say, sometimes it’s just fun to feed the troll.

          There is a big difference between making mistakes when it comes to grammar, and just not giving a fck. Mistakes are honest, show you care, but just can’t do any better. If you just not care, your words become ramblings. And people will have a hard time understanding you. I’m not so much attacking him/her, as I am trying to help him/her…

          • thanks you to Rebakah(: and for Rubz what the heck are you talking about “help me?” and can you not read my name is savannah, so why would you write him/her savannah is a girls name! no boy in the world’s name is savannah. And i was not rambling, i was trying to say the the Kony 2012 campaign is real. okay. every campaign has faults but some of the ones that this girl that made the page posted aren’t true, she probably got her facts from wikipedia where whoever has an account can change what they want. And i’ve looked through a lot of the comments on this and i see your name commenting on other peoples comment SOOOOO FREAKING MUCH! why do you care so much if people like and support the Kony campaign nobody asked for your opinion. Peoples comments (not comments on other ppl’s comments) are meant for the girl who made this page.

  46. I think that, in spite of what Ugandan activists may have said, there is an obvious need to terminate Kony. I let the tears of that child in the video speak, not the politics, not a few quotes from a small number of sources, but the feelings of the people directly affected by what Kony is doing. Invisible Children commercializes poverty and world issues in order to raise awareness and make VISIBLE what is going on the world. Not only that, but they have to fund these efforts somehow–things don’t pay for themselves.
    Ultimately, I’m sure if those children’s parents were still ALIVE, they would be glad for whatever kind of attempts to help were made, and wouldn’t question it. So my question to you, Laci, is this: What would YOU do to stop Kony–if you even care?

      • Since when did Obama come into this? I feel like you’re again using off topics for your argument. The debate here is a man in Africa hurting people even if a small amount, not who should manage our country. Maybe voting for Obama is the greatest idea in the world, but that doesn’t answer the kony question directly, it just a round about way of “fixing a problem” is that your stance on what should be done about far off countries? Elect a man here in the US? I mean if thats what works for you its cool, but it doesnt really answer the previous person’s question.

        • Obama took initiative to have some US forces’ boots on the ground to help the Ugandan people fight back if they need to. I think that does more than giving some filmmakers more money. I think that ‘socialists’ like Obama care about these things. So yeah, I think keeping the ‘leader of the free world’ someone who cares about these topics, and who is willing to do something about it, in a reasoned and educated manner, is a good start. And that, if you do not live in the US, it’s also a good idea to make sure you are being represented by someone who cares. Governments are the ones with the intelligence (as in information, and also partly as in smarts), and the resources. All we can really do is point and shout, in the hope that we won’t lose interest and forget about it, before someone actually listens. As I think will happen with this Kony2012 business.

  47. However, I do agree that westerners should not impress our ideas of life and ‘civilization’ on other people. But I don’t think this is a cultural issue we’re dealing with. The issue is the threat on the lives of innocent children. What kind of crime is more vile than one against someone who is defenseless?

    • At first, I totally agreed with what you said about how we should pound our culture into other people, but when talking about innocent children , what if their culture is different and they all think differently on the subject? I dont personally know if they are or not, but is it impeding our thoughts on them if we tell them how to think about innocent children and our right to help them as if they can’t take care of the problems themselves? That question just popped into my head about what you said, where does the line cross for imposing our culture on others? what right do we have above anyone else? hmmmmm.

  48. Thank you (Laci) for looking into the issue before just blindly supporting it.

    However, Invisible Children have made it clear that they’re just trying to raise awareness and get people to care about this issue enough that government powers will do something about it. They have also stated that killing Kony is not the answer; bringing him to justice is. Personally, I agree with the cause, but I realize that there are good arguments against them as well.

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but we all need to do some research on both the pro-IC and against-IC sides before we go blasting IC or the people who oppose them.

  49. The cynicism, self righteousness, and hypocrisy of you people makes me sick.

    “Oh no! A group is bringing attention to the things I think they shouldn’t! How dare they!”

    Its plain to see Laci Green and the posters here have no clue what an ideal is.

    • A friend of mine visited from Greenland a few months ago and while living here got really into North Korea for some reason. I suppose it is just the usual of cruising around the net and finding some random article or video and getting caught in it. However it happened, all of a sudden he had spent the better part of a day reading, and watching videos about North Korea. In the evening he told me about all the things he had read and showed me some of the videos.

      I had known for a long time that North Korea was a terrible place, and that many people where suffering terribly there, but after hearing about, and seeing testemonies from individuals the whole terrible situation got so much more emotionally powerful for me.

      It is a holocaust on a massive scale what goes on in that country… What does any of us intend to do about that?

      The fact is, terrible things happen all the time all over the world… We SHOULD do something, ANYTHING, about all of it… But we don’t… That’s not to say: “Therefore Kony should be free to go about his business”. It’s just saying that Laci cannot be faulted for looking deeper into the issue. More knowledge, and more facts can NEVER be a bad thing. But if you want to stop Kony you HAVE to want to stop the KIM’s of North Korea as well, and the Junta in Myanmar, and all other bad people around the world, lest you become a hypocrite… Why care about 300 children in central africa, but not care about 3000000 children in North Korea?

      I’m sure you, like me, care about ALL children, as well you should, but don’t make it out to sound as though Laci, or I, or anyone else does not care about children because we are sceptical about the effectiveness of Kony 2012.

  50. Thank you for putting this up Laci. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this whole Kony thing. Funny thing is, I felt like I’ve seen this guy before in a book or the news somewhere. And then all this KONY 2012 stuff comes up and I’m thinking, what the…?

    But yeah, thank you for posting this.

  51. so yeah ever since the whole Kony 2012 got trending i thought bout watching the 30 min video, but before i did i decided to read about what people think, and i found the occasional haters saying it was stupid to support causes and all… but this post enlightened me about the possibility of Kony 2012 being a fake and dangerous campaign, then again, for someone who points out this MIGHT be a way of making money out of a social awareness campaign you actually assure it is…
    After reading this i watched the vid… and indeed some of the stuff said is rather odd.. but there’s something good about it… the amount of people who actually went to Uganda and helped, not to cause violence but to work in the communities and whatnot.
    I’m not saying it’s entirely true, but if it makes people get together and do something about it… then it i’m guessing it can’t be that bad after all…
    Now for the military support part of the deal. They don’t want troops to be sent, as far as the video goes they are just trying to help the local forces catch Kony by keeping the militar advisors in Uganda. It’s not aiming for an occupation of uganda or anything…
    You said you want this dude to be caught… me too, is despicable what he did and he deserves punishment, so… as far as i’ve learned from both ends, they’re not supporting an armed conflict between the US and Kony’s troops…they just want to help them find the bastard.
    I might have miss understood but they’re not trying to get the us involved in some war…
    And if it’s shady and stuff well people don’t really have to donate, the goal getting people to care about this, so the goverment will consider it’s important to help the local troops find this dude so up to that point, i’m in favor, as well as maybe going to Uganda and help the comunities build houses and stuff…
    I’d like an opinion about this, you can be objective or hate but seriously at least this creates consciece, it made you investigate and make the longest entry ever right?…even if it’s against it…so it worked.

    • I really really enjoy your post and the way you look at this, just thought I’d let you know that I’m thinking the same way, :)

  52. While I completely understand the point you make in this article. I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. I watched the video and the guy states that all of this stemmed from a promise he made to a young boy to do something to try and help him and his friends. To try and politicize this is as you say, doing more harm than good.

  53. Goes to show you really can’t trust anyone other than yourself and the information that has been provided. Oh don’t worry this whole organization stuff will drown out in a couple of weeks. In exactly two weeks everyone will forget who Kony is and what he actually did. People like that love getting everyone pumped and ready to donate just so they can get that warm fuzzy feeling. This is just another temporary video that went viral and will most likely not be remembered.

  54. Very thoughtful and well researched. I think it is important to support the cause of helping nations who are suffering from violence and child-soldiering. But I think its more important to make sure the means you did this by is ethical. Not all charitable organizations are doing what they say they are. I believe activism, means “acting” in a thoughtful, sensitive and informed way. Retweeting a highly emotional youtube video is still very passive to me. But that is an entirely separate issue I have with this whole “KONY” madness. Anyway, wonderful post Laci!

  55. Very thoughtful and well researched. I think it is important to support the cause of helping nations who are suffering from violence and child-soldiering. But I think its more important to make sure the means this is done by is ethical and culturally sensitive. Not all charitable organizations are doing what they say they are. I believe activism, means “acting” in a thoughtful, sensitive and informed way. Retweeting a highly emotional youtube video is still very passive to me. But that is an entirely separate issue I have with this whole “KONY” madness. Anyway, wonderful post Laci!

  56. here are my reasons in a nut shell why kony 2012 movement is bs to me and i got alot of s**t for it when i told peole but i just don’t care anymore:

    a) The beginning of the video “we are gonna try an experiment” and its never explained, sounded like a scam right off of the bat

    b)It had the same qualifications as every other scam out there in the world.. show you kids sad and destrot, then demands money to help them. melt people to their knees then rip their wallets open.

    c)Although it’s not as bad, sex slavory and ALOT of crazy s**t goes on in America just no one knows because the fbi and the cops keep it on the laylow. the overwhelming amounts of cases in the sex slavery and stuff done to kids is over flowing.

    d)We are always so quick to help other countries but heaven forbid a homeless man wants a sanwhich, we ignore them.

    e) last but not least, war is not as simple as one thinks. posting a status wont get him arrested, deployting yourself to Africa will!

    I got many many other reasons but those are my top ones.

    • I am with you all the way :) Also… I was wondering about the whole “experiment” thing as well… I still don’t understand. Lol. Thanks for commenting

    • I totally agree with (a)! I thought that whole experiment thing was just said because it’s a good line to make people continue watching the video…
      And bringing in his son and trying to explain who the “bad guys” are was just way too sentimental.

  57. there are thousands of companies that take part in supporting breast cancer research, and breast cancer awareness. some of these companies take 90% of profits they advertise to be going to breast cancer research and awareness. do you think that suzy q in the hospital is going to find a cure for her breast cancer because someone sold a pink tennis ball and gave 3 cents to a breast cancer awareness charity.. no. but its all about the silver linings. when people buy that pink tennis ball instead of a yellow one that doesn’t donate 3 cents to a breast cancer awareness charity, they feel like they did something good. and everyone who shares the kony video is feeling like they’re doing something good. so congratulations for pulling out every negative detail you could find about the issue.. but the kony campaign is about arresting the #1 international criminal..i think thats a damn good cause if i do say so myself, and there are plenty of respectable people; including the president of the united states.. who support the cause as well. dont be bitter because you couldn’t raise awareness of anything but your annoyingly unnecessary opposition of a perfectly good cause on your shitty blog.

  58. I still support the cause. If Invisible children are doing this for the wrong reasons, then thats between them and the God they serve. My hearts in the right place so I’ll bite. I believe however many of those leaders who say the country is being portrayed wrong covering their butts in fear of retaliation from the L.A.R

  59. So we have learn we must do our research. So I advise all of you to not make your decision based on this single article. The IC has responded to the critics as well.

    I support Kony 2012 because it encourages our youth to look beyond what we have here. I don’t plan to donate large amounts of money. I will encourage awareness.

  60. My question for all these bandwagon supporters is this:

    Have you given up on American and that’s why you’ve decided to support another country? Why not shell out your money to American causes trying to save American children? It always amazes me how Americans are so quick to get up on their soap boxes to spread the word of other countries yet turn their backs to the problems right here in our backyard. Instead of sticking our noses where it doesn’t belong we should be fixing the problems in our own country, instead of setting up crusades to go somewhere else. We aren’t knights in shining armor; we’re retards in tin foil.

  61. When I watched the video, I felt very uncomfortable, almost as though I was being “brainwashed” for lack of a better word. People are very easily deceived by it because, naturally we feel drawn to help and support Kony 2012. Does he need to be stopped, yes. Is it our place to stop him, sure if you want. Is Kony 2012 going about this the right way, no… I disagree with the way the video was made, the way we intend on making Kony “famous” and how misleading this whole movement is. Laci, thank you so much for taking the time, effort , and guts to post this. The worlds eyes need to be uncovered, and I believe you are helping tremendously to do that. I thank you.

  62. Thank you so much Laci! I was eagerly waiting for a blog on your opinions about this video. I believe that I have almost all the same views as yours although I still think I need more information about this (which I intend to seek out). I agree that Kony should be stopped and that the video did not have much information (also that their finances are kinda suspicious) although it has been raising awareness about this issue and making people seek out information and education more (the real information) which was one of their goals.

    * I have also read some comments and don’t think that people should be stating the matter of religion in this (of course religion is in everything but…)… I mean does it truly matter how many Christians and Atheists are for or appose this issue… isn’t that causing more fights guys? o.O

  63. It makes me so sad all of the criticism this organization has come under because most of it is shallow. I come here and I so respect you because I believe you will do your research before you sound Off. I find that I am right and you bring up points that other critics did not, who I believe do not really want to do anything and being a critic makes them feel better. However, on some of the points of criticism I wish people would research that as well. A lot of the criticism comes from unreliable sources so I am glad that you found more reputable sources. Unfortunately many of the criticisms can be levied against the most reputable charities.
    Unfortunately groups like the BBB are just as much a scam as anything else. My family has a business, and the BBB being a voluntary and by no means necessary precaution it is highly suspect that anyone would bring that up as an issue. Though since they are a small organization they do not have enough board members under the title of an NGO to be in the BBB so they actually have to find another board member first. “Thems the rules” as they say. I also know that no business that I could find have had the problems that you may think just because they are not in the BBB. If they really had any sort of whiff of fraud like they are saying they do, yes even the heat that is placed on them now would be sufficient if they really believed it, then they would have investigated already. Under the rules an NGO is under more scrutiny than other businesses and are not able to get away with anything unless they were paying the BBB, and many do. The BBB would not say anything if that were the case as well as the fact that IC is not a part of the BBB and therefore have no protection from any sort of investigation.
    I have given money to this organization and worked with them and the only thing that has made me question it is that picture with the guns. Although they may have felt it necessary to show support for the cause I still do not like it. On the other hand the insanely high amount of reported sex crimes perpetrated on women in our military is actually scarier because many say the numbers are far higher than those that reported the instances of sexual misconduct. You can check that story out on the Young Turks and they have link to where they got the information.If they want to catch him they have to back whoever is the strongest, hopefully it is not as you say a violent solution. I am going to need to research more because as far as I know they do not work with them in any other capacity. They also do not fund them.
    As for the finances, they actually aren’t shady at all, though critics would have you believe they were. I have worked with finances in my family’s business and it all looks above board. The largest part of their finances goes to the Direct charity, while the second largest goes to awareness (yes bracelets and all). The third goes to their full-time employees and their trips back and forth to Africa. Then comes the production costs,The equipment, and office supplies. I will tell you renting and maintaining an office is expensive and they are not paying as much as one might think they would have to. My best friend works in photography and even that alone is about as expensive as the equipment these people use.
    Lastly I have never heard of an issue like this being resolved without the awareness of people. Including but not limited to the Holocaust (because believe it or not the killing was in the newspaper before we got involved), Rwanda ( look it up if you haven’t, it is fascinating), and Darfur. Those are a few examples that if you take the the time to research aren’t the only examples of this. So there are more steps than just awareness. So the test will be if the spend less money on awareness campaigns. Since Kony is wanted by the ICC and I can not imagine why these men would want to kill the kids to we shall see.
    Also I find the mention of the White Man’s Burden disappointing, Distasteful, and reeking of modern day pretension. I am mixed so it has come to my attention that I would not understand the concept.I do not smell the stink of imperialism nor do I see the fact that people who are white wanting to help black people in Africa as a sign of the white man’s burden. It bothers me to hear this when I read these comments, because sure why would white people want to help out any other race without there being an ulterior motive. I do not see any imperialistic undertones in these particular men though if you would like an example our own country, the good old USA, is an example of it. The new interpretation of the white man’s burden is the rich, which these men are not believe me if they were they would live better, wanting to better the lives of the poor whether they want them to or not. Only these men are only trying to stop Kony from kidnapping, rapping, or killing young children and then offering , not forcing, them a better education. They have not mentioned doing any other work. I have spoken to these kids and many of them cry when they talk about not being able to get an education. By the same token why is Oprah not being criticized for doing the same. Also many of those in Kony’s custody THAT ARE STILL CHILDREN, yes he still has kids not just semi-adults, can get help from charities in the region like WARCHILD who are there to help them. So if you do not trust and won’t give Kony 2012 a chance to prove themselves you can give money to these organizations, because they really need it.
    My main point is that I do not believe that the critics are making any substantive arguments against this organization. Excepting you no one has brought up the possible violence of the situation. Even that is speculative because there are only so many ways to find this man and the military is the only real option. Who else would bring him in. The people that they have said they interviewed seem to also think that the video still portrays this man as in Uganda. The organization says clearly that he is no longer in Uganda and has west. Yet he was still gathering these kids up until the point when the military, with the help of the US, was backed into hiding. So the point is now to capture him and have him stand trial.
    abcnews.go.com/blogs/…/president-obama-talks-about-joseph-kony/ here when asked President Obama make no mention of Killing Kony or putting him on trial. so I will have to do more research on this.
    I just think that anyone taking a strong stance against the IC is going to far, because there crimes are no greater and actually less than other major charities, especially given their mission. I completely understand anyone not giving to the IC because they are unsure of the charity, but the accusations that I am seeing are not enough real evidence to believe them to be a scam. If you want to see one of those check out PETA now they are an awful organization but they get a major pass.

  64. Thanks Laci.
    I’ll admit that I was swept away by the video (it has to be said, it was well done, and brought about the reaction it intended).
    Aaaaand then after I posted it on facebook, a friend linked me to a post saying why IC wasn’t all that (it wasn’t a well-rounded as yours though). More and more articles came out about how their finances were shady, and the reasons against military action.
    It’s kind of depressing that they were allowed to be called a charity with such a low percentage of donations going towards direct services, and they themselves earning well over the incomes of an American household – these kind of “charities” piss me off…

  65. I don’t think $30 (or £19) is unreasonable for a T-shirt, a bracelet, a stack of posters and a book. Neither do I think that spending 34% of donations on Uganda is unreasonable. Hello! Charities have things called overheads; marketing, staff salaries, premises etc. The ‘pink ribbon’ campaign spent $47 million on marketing in ONE YEAR ALONE. People seem to be pretty ignorant on how charities work. They are slick operations with sophisticated marketing strategies. And these strategies work (look at the pink ribbon campaign). Volunteers standing outside Asda shaking a money box isn’t all that effective……

  66. i feel like a lot of the issues you brought up were actually addressed in the film. not to mention the picture really doesn’t prove anything. it’s not like this group of people is trying to get funds to stir up problems in africa. i don’t really care that you don’t support the effort, but there are a lot of other factors that go into why IC does what it does. i promise there is no charity that sets aside 100% of its funds for their cause.

    • even he lives with his parents. But the facts stand from their fiaacninl statements in two thirds of their funds are spent on advertising while one third is going to direct services. But honestly those numbers almost need to be the way they are if this organazation is going to accomplish their goals, they need help from the United States government to stop kony, and the only way the government will assist in affairs that dont harm us as citizens is if people really do care and are informed of the monster kony really is. And I expect that the numbers will slowly change from advertising to direct spending once their message is accrost, which i think is spreading rapidly. #StopKony

  67. This is VERY informative. I applaud you for checking the facts and not just “jumping on the band wagon”. Kudos!

    • 2 years ago .Where people lost me (those who are aginsat the Kony 2012 campaign) was when I saw them talking about white man’s guilt and basically calling all of us who felt an emotional reaction misinformed and gullible. I saw people on FB that I know to be anything but globally-minded and caring and that only post about their next trip to Cabo, who were organizing fundraising events to support the campaign and taking action with their own resources. Then, all of these people (such as many of the people above) ride in on their high horse and make those of us who have newly heard about the situation and want to help feel stupid. I think this highlights a huge problem we have as Americans, we just can’t win. We react and went to help, well, we’re not helping through the right organization and the Ugandans look at us as being naive and paternalistic. On the other hand, we don’t help because the organization may not be ideal, then we’re heartless and cold.

  68. You basically described every single large Charity organisation, IC is no different for UNESCO or PETA, they all have parts of them we can criticise. Like the part where PETA kills the nearly all of there animals they capture, or that the UNESCO has an extremely bloated budget. In fact, why is know one blaiming the UN for not doing shit about Kony. Its been 20 years and they haven’t done anything. Criticising the IC is good, but they are not the only ones to blame in the situation.

  69. I find it interesting that when we were on a manhunt for Osama Bin Laden, who made open threats against the United States, so many people were anti-violence, anti-war, bring home the troops, etc… Not to mention that Kony may, at one time, have been the number one most wanted man on the ICC list, but there are numerous lists that don’t even have him currently listed in the top 10 but rather many other heinous world criminals whom most probably haven’t heard of. I am all for educating people on what is happening around the world, especially those of us in the United States who at times are so out of touch with reality. Just do yourself a favor and research and educate yourself further on all sides before getting wrapped up in a soundbyte or docudrama.

  70. At this point whether you are for or against the kony 2012 campaign, as long as you’re talking about it, you’re contributing towards the main goal of this film, which is to get everyone to know about Joseph Kony, the #1 criminal in the entire world. Whether you believe that this is a genuine attempt to get the world on board in stopping the worst criminal in the world, or just a couple film makers trying to sell tshirts to make money, you still said something about it; which will cause more people to watch it, and form their own opinions about it. You’re just another drop of fuel to the fire whether you realize it or not.
    personally i support kony 2012, i think its a great idea and i think it proves that words ARE powerful, and there are more people than you think willing to support a good cause. Just think, back in WWII, propaganda was being created to manipulate people into thinking Hitler was an amazing leader. Clearly, they were all fooled. But what would have happened if in WWII we had facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.? What would have happened if someone created a STOP HITLER 1933 campaign? Hitler was arguably the worst criminal/dictator who ever lived. And now Joseph Kony is taking his place. Of course their crimes aren’t the same, but they’re equally evil and inhumane. So why the hell not post this video to my facebook so other people can know who he is and post it for their friends to see. If awareness is what its all about, then sharing the video is the least I can do.

    • good boy derek. i’ll have nick give you a dog buicuit as a treat. i had aarledy watched and shared this video before i read this blog post. you are exactly the kind of person they want on bourd spreading the word, the more authers and writers and actors and people wiht an audiance mention it the futher it will spread the quicker this monster will be dealt with.

  71. if ANY charity blew up over night there is going to be people like this who oppose it. i say kudos to the creators of this film they achieved something that laci green (whoever you are) will most likely never achieve in your life time. if everyone was supporting BLUE 2012 you’d probably be saying well why not YELLOW 2012. get over it.

  72. Way to plagiarize half the article from one source without citing them. First of all your ‘research’ is outdated IC has responded to many of those critiques as another reader has commented. Second, all you are doing is following the ‘trend’ of hipster skepticism that media outlets have established making IC look more shady than they are. The 32% they do use for direct aid does not go through the corrupt Ugandan govt and they have clearly been successful in their publicity campaign. The so-called white savior comllex is also overstated since the video is simply addressing its chief target audience in the US. It seems to me like you’re the one trying to justify your inaction. Kthxbai

  73. I got as far as the first comment about atheists and I got confounded by the stupidity on display. Atheists? That is just the dumbest response to an intelligent argument I may have ever heard.

    Thanks for the info, I was suspicious after seeing the video and think I’ll look into this a little more closely now. And for the record I’m not an atheist.

  74. Ahhhh! I am so unbelievably confused on this whole subject now.. I was totally for it (without looking into it) and then became sort of against it after looking into it but I just have no idea what to believe nor can I truly find anything that’s going to make me believe one side or the other because the internet is full of false statements. Anyone know of any good books I can read about current Ugandan conflicts? Also I think we should still try to capture Kony no matter where he is or what he is doing now.. What if he’s making these crimes in other places now? I think if anything it would at least bring justice and more peace if he was captured. Can anyone give a good list of websites, journals, newspapers, or books that I can look into to really figure out what I want to do to help….
    Thank you.

  75. So this article suggests we sit back and not raise our voices against injustice in our world? Every plan to rid the world of hate will have flaws, because people themselves have hatred for something, and people are flawed. There will always be reasons to take the easy way out and do nothing. Then you can relax and keep focusing on the important issues like your bad hair day and what you feel like having for lunch, instead of the genocide taking place far from your home.

  76. Yall can call it what you want. If it is a scam oh well. You cant control what other ppl do. all you can do is what you think is right and act on it. thats just like when you give a bum some money, how do you know they arent just gonna get get a beer or drugs? you dont know, all you know is that you tried to help and thats what ppl who support Kony2012 are doing. You guys are so worried about “not being fooled” and being “smarter” than everyone. who cares? this doesnt mean your better than anyone…im sure yall didnt send any money to Haiti a few years ago cuz that was a scam too…

    • We don’t think it’s a scam. We just think it’s flawed enough not to support it. And no, I don’t give a bum money because I know he might spend it on something non-essential. I give a bum what he needs: food, water, shelter and a listening ear. This isn’t about being fooled, or being smarter or better than someone else. This is about reason. We want to help, but we want to help effectively.

      • so you dont give a bum money? so what do u do when your not carrying around food and water? and im sure youre know for giving bums a place to stay…If you say you have never gave a bum money youre lying….You can say all you want. Just let ppl do what they want and help they way they want to. At least ppl are trying to do something about it. Isnt that the only thing that matters?

        • No, we need people to realize what they are doing is sensible. We didn’t get the medical advances we have today just by ‘at least trying to do something’. We got there because a small group of people knew really well what they were doing. Just doing something isn’t going to get you anywhere. So yeah, I don’t give a bum money directly. Never have, never will. I spend my money on organizations known for their experience and effectiveness helping bums. In my experience they are the local religious institutions and the Salvation Army. Because even if only half of every dollar I spend goes to helping the bum effectively, it’s still better than all of it going to waste on say drugs when I give the money directly. Helping other people is awesome, but we should be sensible about it.

          • I like the quote you posted. Hatred is a lousy parnet, a terrible parnet. When you think of what so many children live with/through, it is truly heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing, we all need to be stirred from our comfortable, day-to-day worlds to make a difference. ~ Sheila

    • It is certainly true that the US has stepepd up its military engagement in Africa, both through the establishment of Africa and through Foreign Military Financing and IMET programs. This is largely a function of post-9/11 terrorism concerns, and (contrary to Branch) has very little to do with oil and resource issues.It is important to maintain some sense of proportion, however—and in this sense, overblown rhetoric about militarizing Africa is as misleading as is the KONY2012 video. Total US FMF to sub-Saharan Africa in FY2010 was approximately $18.8 million (or less than half the price of a single modern fighter jet). Total (sub-Saharan) African defence expenditures in 2010 are estimated by SIPRI at $19.5 billion. In other words, US military assistance accounts for less than 0.1% of African defence outlays. Indeed, Uganda alone spends 14 times more on defence than the entire US military aid budget for sub-Saharan Africa.

      • Exactly my thoughts evyneore forgot about Somalia and how that turned out . Even Iraq with the genocide. Situations like this sadly cannot be fixed with a YouTube video . Some force and bloodshed will remove this man from his place but the same people who support this will not condone the actions needed to remove this man . This is also a problem all throughout the country and when Kony is gone someone else will rise to do the same things . It is a internal government problem which has to be fixed first . I definitely believe this man should be brought to justice but it will not be a easy task as just signing petitions .

  77. Lets try to find reasons why I shouldnt help. Then lets put try to convince others why they shouldnt help.

    Look, if you want to help and send money, go for it. I’m supporting this cause. If you dont suppot it, please stop trying to keep people from helping. I dont care if i waist a few bucks trying to help stop a murderer. I’m trying to help, not trying to make reasons why i shouldnt help.

  78. Thank You laci for this article! You are really intelligent and the first “popular” person from the internet I read / watch who is against this Kony-campain. It is really an example how quickly people get manipulated…

  79. If you actually look up their vision statement, you will see that their main goal is to spread awareness of the issue with Kony and have a goal of “justice”. I don’t see harm in the Kony 2012 movement, it is free and does no damage. I think that the whole argument of raising awareness will make him “stronger” is quite silly… when a criminal likes this gets put in the spot light they flee & dwindle, they don’t make themselves more susceptible to capture. Yes most of the profits go toward the video, and the video is misleading in the sense that it isn’t current. But in my opinion there is no harm in letting the damage that took place be known; without this video, 40M plus people would still be clueless of the cruelty that took place in Uganda. The whole reason the numbers of abductions and attacks have decreased are due to Kony not being able to keep up with the forces of the ICC and fleeing for his own safety. IC’s main goal is not to fund Kony’s capture, they are just making sure everyone knows his name and demands justice so that this won’t get brushed off like so many other issues. I personally think it’s quite a strong display of leadership and passion how the makers have managed to get so many followers and use those numbers to sway our government to get involved. People don’t just wake up one morning and do all this work with the intent of pure monetary profit. For this reason, I don’t think its fair to attack the makers as money hungry “white saviors”. The way I see it, if you don’t like IC’s purpose than don’t donate, it’s simple. But don’t go out of your way to tell people with good hearts that are doing their best to make a difference through donating to IC feel like idiots. On the other hand, the Kony 2012 movement is something completely different, and as long as you see something wrong with the events that took place, there is no reason to bash the people who participate simply because it’s associated with IC. The message that should be taken is that no child deserves this treatment, and any child that has received it in the past should not just simply be forgotten because things are “better” in Uganda now.

    • ^This. Their main aim was to raise awareness – check. Skeptic or not, anyone talking about it is contributing towards Kony 2012′s goal and therefore supporting its cause.

      Raising money for IC will of course be a goal, if only secondary. It is a fact that charities poor hundreds of dollars into administrating the organization (mktg, salaries, overhead etc). This is why people should consider donating their time rather than money to the causes they support if possible. Besides, volunteering is personally much more rewarding than sending off money you’ll probably never see the direct effects of!

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  80. My favourite Facebook reaction is those who post a picture of CIA agent Dillon from the Schwarzenegger movie The Predator with the text “Gotta love this guy”. The reactions are hilarious and worrying at the same time, and very telling.

  81. So you wrote an article like this because you have been to the affected part of Africa right? Let’s forget about it because they aren’t in Uganda anymore…WHAT!!?! Let’s ignore who they are killing now? Is that what you support? Or are you just hopping on the trendy bandwagon of people who are calling KONY 2012 bullshit? You are nobody. You have no clue just like the rest of us who haven’t actually been there. I haven’t read a single account yet of someone who has been there to see this first hand. WAIT A SECOND I HAVE! SHUT THE FUCK UP! AWARENESS IS THE GOAL!!! GIVING MONEY TO THIS PROJECT IS SOMETHING PEOPLE DECIDE TO DO WITH THEIR OWN FREE WILL! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SUPPORT THAN FINE. DON’T DONATE! SETTING TIME ASIDE TO WRITE A FUCKING BLOG POST ABOUT NOT SUPPORTING SOMETHING THAT IS CLEARLY NOT OVER SHOWS YOU ARE SELFISH, COLD-HEARTED AND WANT ATTENTION….Isn’t that what blogs are? Getting attention because you are a selfish person feeding their ego off of other people’s approval? GET REAL.

  82. I think the bigger picture for everyone is what to do now, regardless of which side of the fence you sit on. I don’t know that the argument could be made that this has not been one of the most significant awareness campaigns in the history of the world, no matter if it is flawed or not. Should we just let it fizzle away because there is criticism of how its being run/delivered? I think that more focus needs to be put on this campaign, to make sure that its not all bs. There sure are enough people blasting it, that we could come up with some better ideas. Why not try to use the momentum of this campaign to do it the right way, so that the world can come together to discuss this issue to help solve it in a way that works WITH Uganda. I want to believe that as a society, we can come together when we feel injustice has been done on a scale like this. That is a world I hope we can become.

    Regardless of the campaign itself, there has been a monumental shift in the awareness on the planet. For the first time globally we have seen the world come together with a united voice to discuss this issue.

    I’ll leave you with this quote.

    “The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.” -Theodore Roosevelt

  83. I feel like there are better ways to raise awareness than the emotional blackmail that the filmmakers have put out on the internet. Exploiting a child to raise awareness about other children is rather counterproductive wouldn’t you say? Acting self-righteous because you shared a video on facebook or liked a status doesn’t really do anything, and hating those who look for more constructive outlets to help doesn’t either.

    For those who are criticizing Laci for being a “hipster”, perhaps you didn’t check that she provided a list of other respectable charities that are trying help just as much as the Invisible Children. When a charity doesn’t want to be audited, in my mind that brings up the question “what do they have to hide?” I feel that she has written a very thought provoking essay on the subject of Kony 2012 and she does credit to our human capability of critical thinking.

  84. Great information Laci, thanks. Just had a similar conversation with my 15 year old son when he told me about all the hype surrounding Kony 2012. I was able to share with him that social activism is good as long as you take the time to be informed about the real issues. Over simplified solutions only serve to make us feel like we are doing good while it does nothing to truly help people. Thanks for caring enough to really investigate the issues.

  85. Thank you Laci for that.
    During your web searches, things you should consider are the corruption of governments, the Ugandian oil industry (yep, Oil again!) and the struggle between USA and China to be the best trading partners with Uganda. Yep, Kony is the new bogeyman to get things done once we’re there.
    What was the plan? Underline a real problem (while considering your real interests), wait for the right time, make a movie, aim for the heart, ask for money (while blurring your view about what’s right and what’s not, and how to act things out accordingly), equip and seize, bring guns. TRY to get rid of the bad guy (even though he’s not really there anymore, try Congo for a while), follow a trail to other surrounding countries.. Kill people because they were trained to do just that and then YOU also become a threat to people in the area. Take control of the places you go to, break resistance and trade with the corrupt governments in place (you did the dirty job, haven’t you!).. Bingo, you’ve earned your rights to make money out of oil, again. Golf clap.

    What’s the good side to all of this? Let’s bring awareness about the fact that Washington knows that people have hearts and they use social networking tool as means to change things. (like in the film, duh). The idea of using an IDEAL (as in social justice, peace) as a force will turn against those who USE that IDEAL for economic reasons. Yes, our time will come, but our real «NOW» , for them will not be when they want it.

    Follow these links to get the details. (among many others)




  86. Thank you Laci.
    When i saw IC’s film, it touched my heart; i wanted to do something but then after getting out of shock i experienced, i started to think on it and saw that someone was not right; there was a mistake there… and thank you to make me be understand completely what was wrong there.

    • I think it is an excellent mdiuem for exposure. It allows the diamonds to be found in the rough. You just have to ensure that you get a little initial attention in order to built that necessary buzz to reach the tipping point as Malcolm Gladwell describes it. I also understand the opposing argument which states that mdiuems like youtube make it more difficult to get noticed because you need to wade through a whole bunch of garbage to find anything of value. Still, we’re better off with youtube because without it, people would be stuck with the generic, over-used mdiuems of radio and television which tend to stick with the status quo and rarely introduce lesser known artists to the masses.

  87. Mate its people like you that is the problem, your obviously a very negative person who tries to find negative things in anything you can. You are a absolute wanka plain and simple! Someone tries to do something positive and you have spent all this time trying to dig up dirt on them, you would prefer that he done NOTHING? Fuck head!

  88. I can’t believe out of all the great topics covered on the website, this post sparked the most comments :/

    About IC:
    “We can have fun while we end genocide”
    They’re nothing more than useful idiots…

    About Kony:
    He’s not a good person clearly. But we shouldn’t send troops overseas again, no more war for oil.

    • http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content.view&cpid=1359

      Charity Navigator doesn’t seem to be as critical of IC as Ms. Green implies. I find it a bit offensive (which I understand doesn’t mean much these days) to say that Kony 2012 has done ‘more harm than good’. While only 37% of their funding goes to their operations in Uganda, I support IC because it succeeded in raising awareness, and I feel that it’s a cause worthy of continuing, with or without the group, and even in the face of their co-executive’s recent melt down.

      As for the foreign policy aspect, I challenge those reading this to consider the US Gov’ts insertion of (mostly special operations) troops into Uganda as part of a larger Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine, as was done in Libya, and if all goes well, Syria. This doctrine allows for international coalitions to use appropriate military force, not to occupy or invade, but rescue and assist the victims of oppression who cannot help themselves.

      I’m not wishing for endless, global conflict. After the fiasco of Iraq and Afghanistan, I would like to see the United States finally learn how to fight smaller wars, and decide more effectively which ones to fight.

      Frustrating ambiguity unfortunately sets in even as I make this argument when considering the crimes of the UPDF itself, but It’s my hope that the United States forces involved can lead by example to dissuade and diminish this behavior in order to create an effectively disciplined military in Uganda.

      With that said, I admire Ms. Green’s vehement truth seeking and will be visiting the charitable organizations she’s listed in the near future.

  89. I appreciate you writing about this but I have trouble believing you when some of your facts are false. The Invisible Children website (http://www.invisiblechildren.com/critiques.html) addresses critiques and provides answers. I feel like you did not research this enough. (1) IC is working with the Ugandan government because coordination is required to find and capture Kony. They do not support any of the abuses that the government or army has committed. (2) IC is an advocacy and awareness group. They are attempting to raise awareness of Kony and the LRA, stop the LRA and protect civilians, and operate programs that provide protection, rehabilitation and development assistance This information is on their website. They divide they’re funds equally between these three objectives, because they are trying to accomplish multiple things using different angles. These are the two that most irritate me because I hear them so frequently. I wish people would stop critiquing IC because they are doing something. At least they are doing something!

  90. To David,

    We’re all entitled to our opinions. And it is great to see such lively discussion on the topic (although there are many other great subjects covered on this site). You don’t have to agree with Laci’s position, she’s just speaking her mind, backed by her research. I personally think she’s correct, I also think IC is doing more harm than good when they ask the viewers of their film to petition the government to keep troops to Uganda.

    In order to make my case, let’s do a little thought experiment:

    Assuming you’re an American.

    1. Imagine if Ugandan troops are here in the US on a law enforcement mission. Would you consider them as invaders? What if they’re only here on a small scale? Let say only one hundred special operation members? Would you still consider them as invaders?

    2. How would you feel if Libyan troops are here with the objective of “to assist victims of oppression who can’t help themselves”? For example the 300 OWS protesters arrested in Oakland in January, or the 700 arrested protesters in NY last October. Would you say that the Libyans are violating our national sovereignty? Would you change your mind if Libya only sent their jets here to drop bombs instead of sending ground troops? What if they leave as soon as our government is toppled and our leaders dead, would you change your position then?

    3. How would you feel if a non-American comes to our country to make a documentary about the faults in our own system (and there are many!), and when he goes home, he rallies and petitions his government to send troops to the US? Would you change your mind if the goal of the foreign troops is neither endless conflict nor occupation, rather a short, decisive war with efficient surgical strikes designed to take out the intended targets? What if the United States is sitting on a huge reserve of strategic material that Ugandans are after?

    I’m not a mind reader, so I don’t know what your answers will be, but I suspect that you and I will have the same reaction of aforementioned things are true. Let’s not kid ourselves, we wouldn’t want the hypothetical scenarios to come true. If they’re unacceptable to us, why do you think Ugandans will feel any differently when we send our troops to their country? Are we, Americans, just that much more self-respecting than Ugandans are?

    I cannot in good conscious support an organization (even if they use their money properly, even if their founder did not masturbate publicly) that openly advocates the occupation of another country, because I wouldn’t want my country to be occupied by foreign troops.

  91. …..I’m one of the idiots who was roped in by the glitz and glamour of KONY 2012. I’m young and naive, and while I usually do my research on these things, I didn’t think a charity with a solid cause could go too far wrong.
    God, after all the shit about IC emerged, I realise how wrong I was…
    I knew the Ugandan Civil War was over, but I thought it was important to get Kony’s name up in lights. I supported the charity with the best intentions, and feel so let down (kinda deserved the let-down for not doing my research!) by it all. I’m not proud that I may have inadvertently supported another rise of Kony’s wrath (more anti-Kony support= Kony possibly ups the violence and kidnapping in order to protect himself) and I feel like a right fauxtivist wally now :(
    Well, harsh lesson learnt. I now know I should be more cautious and wise about such publicity stunts in the future.
    Thanks for this insightful piece Laci, you always have maturity, less-headedness and wisdom in your blogs and vlogs, personality traits I admire and aspire to have one day <3

  92. To WWM:

    I won’t disagree that we’re all entitled to our opinions, and here’s my response to your questions, based on my research.

    1-Playing out your first scenario accurately would have to imply that the roles have been fully reversed, and these Ugandan Commandos were sent in to train and provide non-lethal equipment for those who hunt a criminal militia leader who regularly kidnaps American children and forces them to commit acts of violence against anyone he deems unworthy of his ideal country, and regularly has the freedom of movement to do so across national borders, say, US/Canada or US/Mexico. This is also assuming that for one reason or another, our many police forces and federal agencies have not succeeded in stopping him, requiring a dispatched military force. Finally, we would have to assume that even with the military hunting him, it still hasn’t been enough, and we have already had the assistance of NATO troops for quite some time. 100 troops under those specific conditions and given those specific needs could hardly be considered an occupation, regardless of what resources we’re sitting on. At that point, under those conditions, I’d be hard pressed to deny help wherever it came from, and Its my opinion that only the most ultra-nationalistic Americans who also happened to be unaffected by the conflict would disagree.

    2- For these two scenarios, I’ll only respond to them under the assumption that the roles have been reversed, that the aforementioned OWS protesters were killed as soon as they were arrested, that the OWS movement was regularly met with lethal gunfire and air strikes, and that any members of the military (myself included) who refused to commit murder where tortured or executed by way of being locked into their barracks and burned to death with hot oil. Again, if my country were that bad, I would welcome liberation with open arms, especially under a multinational coalition. And as for the question of if they were to leave as soon as the dictators were killed, Iraq can easily show us what happens when a foreign occupational army stays around too long, while Libya shows us how quickly a dictator can fall when all you do is even the playing field.

    3-Once again, I’m going to assume that this documentary produce is filming in a a hypothetical America that had the same problems as Uganda when IC first became active. As I stated in my first counter-point, this America would have to have a religious militia actively using kidnapped American children to engage in violent attacks against our law enforcement, our infrastructure, and our military, and it has become such a problem that international military support has already taken place, which still rendered failure. With all of those conditions already in place, yes, I would support more military assistance and precision strikes, provided that the Ugandan Commandos operated by a very strict and disciplined set of rules of engagement.

    Finally, I feel that Ugandans support our mission largely because I have friends in Uganda, and while I understand that I don’t speak for the entire Ugandan population, these friends have, for themselves and for me at least, confirmed my views.

    While I understand your point of view, I feel you’ve overlooked the myriad of variables that are included with these given conflicts, and I can assure you that I’m not kidding anyone.

  93. I dont understand why everyone is freaking out all we wanted to do was to put some signs up that say we want someone to catch Kony is that such a big deal????

  94. To those who say that Laci’s post is telling others to not support the Kony 2012 movement: This post is specifically about her personal conclusion about this entire subject, based on the research she did at the time, and she admits that the debate around Kony is incredibly confusing. In fact, even for many who are more fully informed about this topic, there is (or was) heated debate. Also, she supports many of her arguments (if not all) through research–which is a lot more than many of us can say for ourselves. If you notice the boldface sentences and phrases, a lot of them are centered on the idea of research and gathering information. I don’t necessarily oppose people who, through research and the reminder to themselves to keep an open mind, arrive to the conclusion that Kony 2012 is ultimately helpful–in fact, they may present some strong arguments, and maybe make the entire subject more clear to us. However, I am opposed to those who, through their own pride, assumption, laziness, etc. decide to not research into this topic and yet post inflammatory comments to those who are only attempting, through their own means, to shed light on the situation. Granted, this article is biased, but you’ll find bias in every single source.

    I haven’t done any more research on this topic myself for a while, so I guess I’m not in the position to blame anyone ._. But in response to the latest comment, the hype about raising awareness for Kony lies in the fear that by raising awareness, we may in turn trigger the US government to act rashly, potentially causing more harm than good. And while raising awareness is usually a good thing, if awareness is used the wrong way (without support, driven purely by emotions, etc.) it could be damaging. There’s a lot that I would’ve said on this subject if I got here earlier, but I guess I’ll stay quiet now =D

    Oh, and to those who said that she’s raising awareness by blogging about this, so it ultimately reaches the same objective as the Kony 2012 campaign, I beg to differ. She raises awareness in a different way, a reminder to us that we cannot take any information for granted, rather than the awareness that the Kony video made by encouraging people to blindly support them (at least, that’s how I took it). The “type” of awareness is different =D NOW I’m going to stay quiet.

  95. I used several of these points to explain to my friend why I didn’t support the campaign. Her reaction was pretty much “but it’s so horrible, and everyone always finds reasons to criticize everything. None of this means IC is a shady organization with ulterior motives. THOSE POOR CHILDREN.” *sigh* It’s frustrating when people completely fall for this campaign’s flagrant emotional manipulation.

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