Onision the Slut Shamer

“Why is it that when you call people sluts….they try to convince you that they’re not sluts? Doesn’t that make their argument even worse?”

Meet Greg, aka “Onision”.

Many of you sent me this video this week alarmed at this douchebag’s overt slut shamin’.

I once made a video that went kind of viral about sluts. The arguments basically go like this:

1) There is no such thing as a slut. Not in life. Not in the dictionary. It’s a made up term for a made up concept…kind of like the n-word and other slurs.
2) “Slut” is a derogatory term used to degrade & shame an individual’s sexuality.
3) More often than not, the shaming is directed at WOMEN (by both men and women) and serves to keep her “in her place”.
4) The term “slut” contributes to rape culture. It is paired with the idea that some women don’t behave (“sluts”), and those women are pretty much asking for rape/harrassment/assault.
5) Though the mechanism does not operate fully consciously, the term “slut” is often used in response to perceived threat. Threatened by a woman taking control of her sexuality, jealousy, threatened by having less experience than her, feeling less desired than her, etc. It is an expression of discomfort with female sexuality on the whole.
6) Some women have responded to this oppression by reclaiming the term…takin that shiet back. I *personally* think it’s better left behind us. It is not worth reclaiming because it comes from a place of hatred for female sexuality.

But I’m still in solidarity with my fellow wimminz who prefer the former.

So, Greg decides that it would be a good idea to tell his viewers that having sex with more than 10 people before you’re 30 makes you a slut. A nice, positive message for his young audience.

Oh…and don’t come crying to HIM about being called a slut! It’s a dictionary definition, bitch. Not his fault for stating the truth! Maybe you shouldn’t have been such an enormous whore.

Or maybe….

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“Boycott Girl Scout Cookies!” said the Girl Scout.

If you’ve been keeping up with your viral videos lately, you may have come across the 14 year old Girl Scout named Taylor.

Taylor posted a video advocating for this year’s Girl Scout cookie fundraiser to be boycotted because Girl Scouts allows transgender girls to participate in the program.

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Twilight, Mormonism, and Meyer

hey all!

So, I realize that I haven’t been updating my site as much as some of you might like. To put you in the loop, my friend Allan & I are currently working on giving it a simpler, cleaner look. It’s been taking awhile because I’ve been kind of busy, but it’s coming! When it does, I will be using it more like tumblr and updating lots throughout the week.

For now I will continue to post my bonus vids & keep you updated as necessary!