Who is Laci Green?

I am a 23-year-old sexuality geek based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I run a sex positive education project called Sex+! Sex+ consists of a biweekly video series, a weekly live show, daily blogging, university lectures, and a peer education network. I also host 2 other webshows: a science news show for the Discovery Channel and a sex education series for Planned Parenthood.

A bite of Laci
I like hiking, reading, sun & water, traveling, meeting new people, cooking & eating good food, and creating cool stuff. Aside of my obvious passion for sex/gender studies, I am also fired up by politics, philosophy, science (especially brain and space), human behavior, government/systems, and world religions.

I get off on new ideas! My main driver in life is social justice (aka fairness and equality between humans). I consider myself strong-minded and ambitious and I will stop at nothing –NOTHING!– to make waves in our social landscape. MUAHAHA

These days I keep quite busy, although I do try to keep things on the chill side. I live with my partner in a cosy flat with a bright orange wall and a super strong wifi connection — all you need in life, really. Since I graduated in 2011, I’ve been exploring different directions I could take in my work and in my life. I am hoping for a future filled with more exciting projects, more social progress, and more chocolate fro-yo.

My background
-Began hosting & producing “Sex+” on YouTube
-Crisis counselor certification, emphasis on relationship abuse
-Peer sex educator at bay area high schools
-Implemented 5 peer-facilitated sexual health programs
-Facilitator of UC Berkeley’s Female Sexuality course
-Science education research apprentice at UC Berkeley
-Crisis counselor for the Family Violence Center

-Host, producer of Sex+ on YouTube
-Facilitator of Berkeley’s Female Sexuality course
-Crisis counselor, Family Violence Center
-Board of Directors for the ACLU of Northern California
-Participated in “Sext Up Kids!” Documentary, CBC
-Original research & thesis (abuse & systemic barriers to legal/social services)
-Graduated from UC Berkeley, Legal Studies and Education, Highest Honors, Departmental Distinction

-Host, producer of Sex+ on YouTube
-Visiting lecturer, Sex+ Live
-Sex+ online expansion: building peer education & translations teams
-Host, producer of A Naked Notion, in partnership with Planned Parenthood
-Host, writer for Discovery News, in partnership with Discovery Channel
-Visiting Host, producer for Sex World Records
-Board of Directors for the ACLU of Northern California

Why Sexuality?
Well duuhhh…because sex is awesome! It’s fun, it feels good, it’s a way to connect with others, to connect with ourselves, and it’s how our species continues. It’s also tied to more social ills than one might realize. Sexuality is certainly not just about sex….

Alas! Forward on my quest for vagina love (and all the other types of love too).