What is Sex+?

The Down-Low
“Sex+” is a weekly YouTube video up every Saturday at 9AM Pacific Time covering various topics in sexuality, relationships, body image, gender, and related subjects. It is hosted by yours truly. Each topic is approached from a sex positive perspective with a social justice emphasis. While allowing every viewer to use their own voice, I encourage a critical approach to sex using reason and knowledge instead of fear and propaganda.

The Birth of Sex+

Once in college, I began working in public schools as a peer sex educator. Concerned about the prevalence of STD/STI transmission, soaring teen pregnancy rates, and negative attitudes about healthy sexuality, I began meeting with the health staff at various local high schools to formulate an after school program for students. My goal was create a safe space to discuss students’ sexuality, gender, body image, and their relationships. Often we discussed drug usage, violence at home, and homelessness as well. The after school program initially implemented at the underprivileged high schools proved to be a wild success, and they are still running under the operation of students themselves. In Fall 2010, I was accepted as a facilitator of a university-level Female Sexuality course which students can take for 3 units.

Naturally, I wanted to find a way to bring my endeavors for sex positive peer education to a wider audience. I was already making videos on YouTube and in late 2009 I decided to start a discussion about gender, sex, and sexuality.

2 Years of Sex+

As of 2011, Sex+ has been viewed on YouTube nearly 20,000,000 times. It is used in progressive high school and university classrooms across the country. Sex+ has received the praise of various scholars & media personalities. Now in its “terrible twos”, Sex+ will continue to mature with all of your enduring love & support! <3